The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 72

Chapter 72: A reward? A reward!


Turning around, Cheng Xiulu gave a ferocious slap to Cheng Caimei's face.

Her movements were so fast that no one present was able to react in time.

"To think that your father had spent so much money just to send you abroad to study. I didn't expect you to be so useless that I actually fell for your trick!"

"Auntie..." Dumbfounded, Cheng Caimei covered her face and stared at her aunt.

"Don't call me your auntie! I don't have a niece like you!" Cheng Xiulu pushed away Cheng Caimei's hand that was grabbing on to her and looked up at Yu Yuehan.

"Yuehan, I was deceived earlier on and did not expect Meimei to be pampered to the extent that she became this ignorant and incompetent. She was mostly at fault for Xiao Liuliu's incident, so I will not have any opinions on how you want to punish her."

When he heard this, Yu Yuehan raised the corner of his mouth; he seemed to be smiling or was he not?

She wanted to cut their ties in such a hurry.

She was indeed a fabulous aunt, so nice that she could fall out with her own niece in such a short period of time.

Yu Yuehan did not say anything. He twisted his head and looked at Cheng Caimei, who was weeping so hard that her face was stained with tears.

Nian Xiaomu felt apprehensive when she saw that expression of his.

Would this man feel sorry and decide to simply forgive the beauty that had experienced grief?

As she was debating whether she should speak up and give him a reminder, he withdrew his gaze, opened his mouth coldly, and said, "I remember that the both of you have to be punished together for this wager."

"..." Cheng Xiulu's face turned ghastly pale!

Her heart was filled with thousands and millions of regrets; she was truly muddled. How could she have trusted Cheng Caimei and agreed to such ridiculous terms?

She was the Second Madam of the Yu Family after all.

She was still waiting for Matriarch Yu to personally acknowledge her status at the party tonight.

Wouldn't she be a joke if she was chased out of the Yu Family alongside Cheng Caimei now?

However, she was the one who personally agreed to the wagerYu Yuehan would never give her the chance to go back on her words...

Cheng Xiulu completely panicked.

"Yu Yuehan, I was also deceived by Meimei just now. Could you give me a chance on behalf of..." Cheng Xiulu wanted to ask Yu Yuehan to give her another chance on behalf of their years of kinship. At the thought of this, however, what kinship did she have with Yu Yuehan?

Not only did they not have any affectionate kinship, but their presence was also like a thorn in Matriarch Yu's heart.

They constantly reminded her of her husband's betrayal.

It was already very nice of Yu Yuehan not to suppress them in the past!

But now, she was the one with no self restraint who had offended him...

Cheng Xiulu had wanted to seek Matriarch Yu for help, but stopped when she finally realized this fact.

She could only stare helplessly at her husband.

"Nonsense!" Yu Huiwei's face was very unsightly; he had not expected things to end up like this.

He finally looked at Yu Yuehan after he chided Cheng Xiulu.

"If you agree to bet, you must accept losing. Indeed, both of them ought to be punished. However, your Young Aunt is my wife after all. If you chase her out of the Yu Family, isn't this too..." Yu Huiwei had not finished his sentence, but pleading could be sensed from his words.

"Why don't we throw her out of the party, let her return to her room, and detain her for a few days so she can reflect upon herself?!"

"Huiwei..." Cheng Xiulu's face turned pale with fear when she heard that not only did her husband not speak up for her, but he even agreed to chase her out.

Even with the honorable status of Second Madam of the Yu Family, how could she continue to have a footing in the Yu Family if she was thrown out of the Yu Family's party?!

"How dare you still speak? Do you really want to be permanently chased out of the Yu Family?" Yu Huiwei stared at her and gritted his teeth fiercely.

When Cheng Xiulu heard that she would be chased out of the Yu Family, she was speechless with shock.

She could only watch as the bodyguards "invited' both herself and Cheng Caimei out...

"Punishing a mistake and rewarding an achievement are indeed part of the rules of the Yu Family," said Matriarch Yu leisurely as she looked at Yu Yuehan with smiling eyes.

"So, how do you plan to reward my Xiao Mumu?"