The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Was He Really Not Here?

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Yu Yuehan seemed to have detected the chauffeur’s gaze as he lifted his eyes gradually and met his eyes in the rear mirror.

The chauffeur immediately shuddered all over and said, “Young Master, my eyesight is bad and I didn’t see anything just now. Same for my ears, I am hard of hearing!”

It was only then that Yu Yuehan looked at him with satisfaction, he continued to lower his head and stared at the person nestled in his embrace.

Yeah, he didn’t do anything in the first place, he merely caste a polite look at the chauffeur.

Warning? That wasn’t even his style.

Nian Xiaomu had a deep sleep.

She even had a dream.

In the dream, she returned to the courtyard that she frequented when she was young.

There were many strawberries, and there was a swing there that she loved to sit on to do her drawings.

A good looking boy, that she had once seen, was on the drawing board…

She loved to sneak out to play too.

If her carer did not allow her to go out, she would climb over the walls.

The fences were extremely high, but that wasn’t a problem to her—she was very skinny and she could squeeze through them.

She could do it until one time, when a man with an air of royalty, suddenly walked up to her as she was squeezing out of the fences. He called out, “Liuliu”; she was so shocked that she got stuck there…

She could not squeeze out of the fences no matter what.

Just when she wanted to get a closer look at the man, a fire started behind her.

It was a huge fire and it kept on burning.

When she turned around to shout for the members of the Xing Family to run away, she realized that the image behind her was no longer the courtyard that she was familiar with. There were only four parts of white walls instead…

Someone kept on shouting beside her as well: “Liuliu, hurry and run, run…”


Nian Xiaomu was roused from her sleep by a cell ring tone suddenly sounding.

Alarmed, Nian Xiaomu turned around to look at her side, but realized that Yu Yuehan was no longer there.

Instead, the butler seemed to be standing guard at the door.

When he heard the movement in the room, he knocked on the door and only entered when he heard her permission to do so. “Miss Nian, Young Master has gone to the office. He instructed me to tell you not to head there in a hurry as you haven’t had much rest over the last few days. He also said that he will help you with leaving the company.”


Nian Xiaomu sat on the bed and gripped onto her blankets—her face had turned slightly pale.

Her entire mind was stuck in the dream and she remained zoned out.

As she took a look at the time, she realized that she didn’t have any recollection of falling asleep after she got out of the car and headed to the room to tie up all the existing leads with Yu Yuehan.

She had not expected herself to sleep through till the next morning.

The dream earlier on…

It had been a long time since she had such a dream…

Soon after, she thought of something and jumped off the bed.

Nian Xiaomu changed into another set of clothes as quickly as possible, she grabbed her bag and called a cab to the airport.

The moment she walked into the departure hall, she saw numerous fans of Shangxin carrying fan boards as they huddled together in a crowd.

Shangxin, who looked awesome in any outfit she wore, was decked in casual attire. Sandwiched in the middle of all her fans, she was giving autographs and taking photos with them.

Her manager and bodyguards were dutifully controlling the crowd.

All of them had assumed that Shangxin was merely going for an overseas trip and would be back very soon.

All her fans were smiling excitedly and no one could read the sadness beneath her eyes.

Nian Xiaomu was the only one who knew that Shangxin had been hurt very badly, and that there was a high chance she might not return…

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu paused her steps, and scanned her surroundings in the bustling departure hall.

She was reluctant to accept the fact that she did not see Tang Yuansi, and looked around again.

Tang Yuansi must have heard the news that Shangxin was leaving the country.

Was he… really not here?