The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 721

Chapter 721 A Facade That A Goddess Must Put Up A Reserved Image

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Even though Shangxin was signing autographs for her fans amongst the crowd, she would still look up from time to time and take photos with the rest. However, she was constantly glancing to the side and looking at the passersby from where she stood.

She did not say it out loud, but she was still hoping to see the man she had loved for so many years one last time, even if she had decided to let go of the relationship.

It didn’t matter if he was simply there to send her off…

However, she had already been at the airport for half an hour.

She stood at the most obvious spot in the airport, she would rather be surrounded by the fans than walk away—that was just because she was worried that he would not find her if he did come.

However, her long wait came to no avail.

She was the dumb one.

Why would she resort to leaving if he cared about her?

There was nothing else she could do since she had already decided to leave…

“I’m sorry but we will have to stop the autograph session today. I need to head into the boarding gate now, everyone please stay safe on your way back home.” Shangxin passed the last autographed poster to her fan and gestured to her manager.

The manager quickly understood what she meant and ushered the fans away together with the bodyguards.

Shangxin retained a low-profile and the fans who truly adored Shangxin were very considerate.

All of them waved goodbye to her the moment they heard that she would be entering the boarding gate soon.

“All the best Shangxin, we will be awaiting your return!”

“I love you, my goddess, you must take good care of yourself!”

“My goddess, I will support you forever…”


Words of encouragement filled her ears as Shangxin bowed politely toward the direction of her crowd of fans.

Her eyes turned slightly red.

She would forever remember this group of people who had once touched her heart even if she would not be returning in the future.


Nian Xiaomu only hurried forward to greet Shangxin when she turned a corner with fewer people.

A smile finally showed on Shangxin’s face when she saw her walking over.

She removed her shades and hugged her.

“I thought that you didn’t have the time to come over.”

“I was definitely coming, especially as I had promised that I would send you off.” As Nian Xiaomu held her face with both hands and stared at her delicate facial features, she couldn’t help it and bent forward for a kiss.

Shangxin stopped her before she could kiss her.

“This is a public area and the fans have not left yet, we might be the ones who would appear on the headlines tomorrow if someone managed to take a photo of you kissing me.”

Furthermore, she was never involved in any gossip or rumors even though she had started her career so many years ago.

People might just distort the facts and take it that the top model doesn’t like men, but women…

Nian Xiaomu did not manage to kiss her and replied, “That’s a pity then, I was still thinking of giving you a good kiss before you leave. Otherwise, I don’t know how much longer I’ll have to wait before I can kiss you again.”

Her tone of a little hooligan was too hilarious.

“Do you speak in this manner to Young Master Han too?”

Shangxin could almost imagine Yu Yuehan trying his best not to vomit blood as his lips twitched, just like a man suffering from a stroke.

“Of course not. I still have to put up the facade of a goddess, I act in a more reserved manner before him!” Nian Xiaomu replied with a grin.

Her animated eyes seemed to curve into a line from all the smiling the moment she thought of the man she loved.

There seemed to be a galaxy of stars in her eyes and it seemed exceptionally charming.

Shangxin was most familiar with that gaze.

She had once behaved like this when she saw and thought of a particular someone…

Her gaze dimmed when she thought of Tang Yuansi and she tried her best to hide the disappointment in her heart.

An unconcealable look of envy showed in her gaze toward Nian Xiaomu.

She wasn’t a greedy person all she wanted was for the person she loved to love her back. However, this wasn’t to be…