The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Nonsense You Are Mine

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At the departure gate.

Shangxin’s bodyguards and manager retreated to a spot close by and allowed her and Nian Xiaomu to spend some time alone.

The two of them bade farewell to each other reluctantly and did not realize this: On the second level of the departure hall that wasn’t too far away from them, a familiar figure was leaning against the railing and was staring fixedly at the people below.

He covered his thin lips and muffled his light coughs from time to time.

He didn’t seem to be in good condition with his pale looking face.

“President Tang, you are not in good condition to head out and the doctor has instructed you to rest. You have been busy stabilizing the overall situation in the company for two days and have not had the time to rest. And now, you are here at the airport early in the morning to send someone off. I am afraid that your body will not be able to take the strain…”

The assistant who was beside Tang Yuansi reminded him.

Tang Yuansi had already thrown a sideways glance at him before he could finish speaking.


The assistant quietened down and remained still.

He could only help Tang Yuansi pour a cup of hot water when he saw that he was coughing again.

When he returned with the cup of water, Tang Yuansi was still standing in front of the railing in his original position continuing to stare at the people below.

His eyes were filled with an unwavering deep, gentle love.

The assistant’s heart felt awful as he looked at him.

He had been working for President Tang for many years.

Who would have thought that a person who was so decisive in the business field would do such a thing for the person he loved.

He would rather endure the pain by himself and allow the other party to hate him than become a burden to her.

It was a little heart wrenching for the assistant to watch; he couldn’t help it and walked forward to urge him.

“President Tang, Miss Shangxin is right below. Since she loved you so much, her heart would only ache and she would not despise you even if she knew about the condition of your body. Why must you hide it from her?”

Tang Yuansi did not turn around when he heard this. However, his gaze dimmed slightly.

“I was never afraid of her hatred.”


“I was afraid that I couldn’t give her any promises, yet she would have to sacrifice her entire lifetime of happiness.” Tang Yuansi’s voice sounded a little husky and it seemed that he had been coughing for quite a while.

As Tang Yuansi closed his eyes slightly, the images of both of them when they were young seemed to appear before him.

At that time, all of his family members were gathered for a meal and the two of them were the only ones away playing in the courtyard.

He was holding onto fresh flowers and was weaving a garland.

His Xin’er was wearing a beautiful princess dress. As she sat on the bench of the courtyard, she stared at him with her chin resting on her hands…

“Do you like it?” His dark eyes showed a reflection of her figure as he finished weaving in the last flower.

He had become quieter and quieter as he was sick all year long, he had such a regal bearing that he seemed like a true blue nobleman.

“Yes I like it, but this seems to be a princess garland.”

“You are my princess.” He said casually. Then, he gently put the garland on her head with a loving gaze.

As Shangxin touched the garland on her head, she replied with a smile so sweet that one’s heart seemed to fill with sugar just by looking at her. “I am not a princess, I am a human.”

“…” He seemed to be lost in his thoughts as he stared at her.

“Brother Xiaosi, it is written in the books that there are good people and bad people in this world; there are also people who are neither good nor bad. What kind of a person are you?”

“… A good person.” He replied absentmindedly.

The next second, the svelte figure of the girl appeared close before him.

As she poked her face with her fair fingers, she smiled like a little fox who had succeeded in her tricks and said, “Nonsense, you are mine.”


Nonsense, you are mine…

He was still very young back then.

He only felt his heart rate increasing and did not realize that he had been flirted with.