The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 724

Chapter 724 I Am Not Crying

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She was waiting for him.

She was intentionally walking very slowly because she was waiting for him.

She even turned around from time to time, hoping that the person she wanted to see would appear behind her…

Tang Yuansi clenched his fists. Straining every nerve in his body, he did not even try to control himself as he turned around and walked toward the direction she was headed.

Just as he took his first step, the violent change in emotions caused pain in his heart, and he instantly squatted on the ground.

He forcefully grabbed the railings with both hands, and watched as her figure walked further and further away from him…

She still refused to give up and turned around to search the departure hall again, even though she had already stepped into the entrance of the security checks.

Her palm-sized face had a reluctant to leave look.

An unreconciled look flickered in her eyes as she held her tears back.

“Xin’er…” Tang Yuansi felt a tightness in his chest.

That was the darling whom he had protected since she was young, the gem whom he had never once allowed anyone to bully.

However, it had never crossed his mind that he would actually be the one who had caused her to shed so many tears one day…

There was a split moment when Tang Yuansi endured the pain and stood up as he walked toward the escalator in a hurry to catch up to her.

However, his body could not keep on and he fell down on his knees before he could reach the escalator!

The blood completely drained from his face as he gripped his chest firmly with his right hand…

“President Tang!”

The assistant rushed forward and tried to help him up, but Tang Yuansi reached out and pushed him away instead.

Shangxin’s figure had already disappeared from view when he lifted his head again…

She had left.

Based on her character, it was very likely that she would not return in her lifetime.

At the departure gate, Nian Xiaomu had a similar desolate look on her face.

Nian Xiaomu could evidently feel the disappointment and pain in Shangxin’s heart, as she watched her figure disappearing from view and thought of her tear-filled eyes right before she left.

It wasn’t her wish to leave, but she no longer had any reason to stay here…

Nian Xiaomu’s heart ached when she thought of this.

She felt even more awful the moment she remembered that it would be very difficult for the two of them to meet each other again.

While she was sniffing, a huge, warm hand suddenly covered her eyes from behind.

She forgot to struggle when she recognized that familiar smell.

The next second, he was right up close behind her.

Yu Yuehan frowned slightly when he felt the heat on his palm.

“Shangxin has left and even Tang Yuansi didn’t cry. Why are you crying?”

Was she about to perform a big “teary farewell” in this huge airport if he did not pick her up?

Nian Xiaomu immediately grabbed the big hand that was covering her eyes. Turning around, she retorted vehemently as she stared at him with her red-rimmed eyes. “Don’t mention that stupid ass jerk Tang Yuansi to me! Did he even cry? He didn’t even come?”

“Tell him to look at how reluctant my dear Shangxin was to leave. He is simply a cold-hearted jerk! Would Shangxin have chosen to leave the country if not for him? My heart hurts just thinking of it; what wrongs did such a delicate beauty like her do to him, that he would destroy her like this…?”

As the person in front of him continued to babble non stop, Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes flickered and he swept his gaze past the departure hall before him.

The next second, he looked toward the boarding gate at the second level—it seemed like the hunch of a man, but at the same time, that was also a spot where one would strategically stand.

His gaze landed directly at the position Tang Yuansi was standing at earlier on.

At that moment, however, no one was there…

By the time he looked down again, the person before him had already stopped her cursing and was explaining in a deadly earnest manner.

“Yu Yuehan, sand went into my eyes earlier on. I did not cry.”