The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 727

Chapter 727 The King Of Strategy

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“It’s fine, it’s fine. The knife has fallen off.” As Nian Xiaomu met his gaze, she bent her back swiftly and picked up the knife from the floor.

She washed it and continued cutting the vegetables.

After Yu Yuehan was certain that she was fine, he withdrew his gaze and went back to sort his documents.

Less than three seconds later.

“Ping…” Another loud thud.

The lid of the pot had fallen off this time.

Over the next three minutes, Nian Xiaomu dropped the knife, pot lid, ladle in succession… She overturned a pot of water, then toppled a bottle of soy sauce…

The entire kitchen had turned into a disastrous scene.

Yu Yuehan closed his laptop and placed it conveniently on the table. Then, he worriedly went into the kitchen.

After he scanned the bunch of ingredients in front of him, he finally stopped his gaze on the obviously, distracted someone.

“I might have been up too early today and I am feeling a little tired. Wait for me for a while longer, I can cook the noodles for you…”

“Don’t cook, I am not hungry.” As Yu Yuehan said this, he went forward with an aching heart and got ready to pull her out of the kitchen.

The next second, she lifted her head pitifully.

“But I want to have noodles too. Can you cook it if I am not cooking it?”


Yu Yuehan nodded his head when he met her huge, watery eyes—it was as if the demons and gods were behind this move.

Before he could realize what he had done, Nian Xiaomu had already removed her apron in lightning speed and put it back onto his body.

She fastened a bow for him with swift actions, then she patted his chest.

The pitiful look in her eyes just now was long gone as she gestured with her hand.

“All the best!”

When she realized that her reaction might appear to be too cheerful, she put on an expression of a weak little woman again and stared at him helplessly.


The butler was one step from returning to the kitchen when he saw that Yu Yuehan had taken charge.

On the other hand, Nian Xiaomu had a relaxed look and was sitting with her legs crossed as she played games on her cell phone. She was even cracking nuts between her teeth…

His pair of old eyes nearly popped out of the sockets from the intense staring.

It’s a dark and mysterious world!

The aloof, pampered Young Master of the family was actually cooking.

If the Matriarch happened to see this…

Before he could form the thoughts in his mind, Yu Yuehan’s chilly voice had already sounded from the kitchen.

“This would be the end of your job as a butler if a fourth person knew about this!”


Indeed, it’s easy for one to die an unnatural death if they knew too much.

“Hmm?” Nian Xiaomu killed the game on her phone when she saw Yu Yuehan standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

Pretending to be disappointed, she propped her head pitifully, and in an extremely devastated manner said, “Shangxin was the one who introduced me to this game to help me to relieve my stress. It hadn’t crossed my mind that she would have left when I just started to learn how to play it…”

It made one’s heart ache.

When she saw Yu Yuehan walking back to the kitchen again, she opened up the game and continued with her battles.

She still continued to pay attention to the progress in the kitchen as she played her game.

She had heard that Yu Yuehan knew everything except for cooking.

However, she did not know how much he could cook.

She knew how to cook noodles at the very least—this man wouldn’t burn the kitchen down, right?

It was his fault for speaking sarcastically to her when she was sad.

Was the goddess such a good target to bully?

A gentleman’s revenge is never too late…

Nian Xiaomu sat at the dining table gleefully and continued to play her game. However, she started to feel a little uncertain when she did not see Yu Yuehan coming back for a long time.

She looked in from the dining area but he was nowhere to be seen.

Where was he?

Could something have happened to him…

When Nian Xiaomu thought of this, she anxiously stood up and placed her cell phone down. Then, she walked toward the kitchen.

She was left completely stunned when she reached the entrance of the kitchen and got a clear view inside!