The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Had She Been Deceived Again?

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In the neat and tidy kitchen.

The man who wore the apron was standing upright in front of the cooker. Instead of a ladle, he was holding onto a pair of chopsticks and was calmly flipping the steaks in the pan.

Nian Xiaomu stood on tiptoe and stole a glance inside.

The steaks were delicately cut into the shape of a heart.

He had obviously done some practice cutting!

He seemed to have added other ingredients as the steak smelled extremely fragrant the moment he started to cook.

It made her want to salivate just by smelling it.

He had placed two plates on the clean counter ready.

The dishes were even plated with nicely cut broccoli and cherry tomatoes, as well as two roasted baby potatoes!

Good gracious!

The standard of the steaks was so good that they could definitely pass off as a masterpiece by the top chef of a restaurant!

If she had not personally seen Yu Yuehan flipping the steak in front of her, she would have suspected that the kitchen had some secret passage so that a chef could sneak in and help him do all the cooking.

Surely Yu Yuehan had seen her figure appearing in the kitchen.

However, he did not turn around and calmly continued to flip the steaks in the pan.

He didn’t seem a bit like a kitchen killer with his skilled actions.

Had she been deceived again?

Wait, but that’s not right.

She had previously asked him if he knew how to cook the time when she nearly burnt his kitchen down, and he had clearly replied that he had no idea at all…

How did he know how to cook within a blink of an eye?

Are there crash courses for cooking?

Nian Xiaomu refused to believe it and searched the entire kitchen.

She could not even find the shadow of a rat, much less one of a human.

Yu Yuehan was the only one in the kitchen.

And so, did this mean that he really was the one who had cooked the steaks?

The medium to well-done steak was ready before Nian Xiaomu could work out what was happening. After it was placed on the plated dishes, a white cloth was used to wipe the edges clean—there you go, a couple of top-grade wagyu steaks!

The steak emitted a mouth-watering fragrance.

With a swift movement, the second steak left the pan…

Nian Xiaomu was already on the verge of kneeling down and calling him Daddy by the time he walked to her with the two sets of heart-shaped steaks.

With a peaceful look, Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and spoke, “Eating foods with high calories can help to soothe your emotions when you are not in a good mood. Noodles wouldn’t work, so I prepared steak for you instead.”

If one did not look closely, the look of guilt that flashed past his eyes was barely noticeable.

He was similar to Nian Xiaomu.

The only thing he could cook was pan fried steaks.

When he was younger, his grandma had forced him to learn how to cook as she felt that he was too aloof, and was afraid that he would fail to woo girls in the future.

Normal steaks would not do, they must be heart-shaped.

It was said that girls would be totally devoted to good looking guys, especially if they knew how to cook heart-shaped steaks.

Yu Yuehan had once scoffed at this sentence.

Yet now, when he saw Nian Xiaomu staring at him with a pair of gleaming eyes, and realizing she had taken him as an idol, he suddenly felt that his grandma was indeed a woman with an acute foresight…

When Yu Yuehan saw that she had stretched her hand out to take the steaks from him, he lifted his arms slightly and positioned the food to a height that she could not reach.

“Do you want to eat?”

She panicked but could only glare at him.

Opening his mouth slowly, he said, “Give me a kiss and I’ll let you eat them.”

He had originally assumed that Nian Xiaomu would not agree to it. However, before he could finish speaking, Nian Xiaomu had already stood up on tiptoe and gave him a peck on his left cheek.

Before he could snap back to his senses, she cupped his right cheek and gave that a peck too.

She planted two more loud kisses.

At that moment he was stumped for words, she took the plates of steak from his hands and ran out.

He could still hear her muttering when she reached the entrance.

“I couldn’t believe my ears, that was actually such a simple condition…”