The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 729

Chapter 729 I Wouldn't Trade For Anything In The World

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Could he retrieve his steak and make her a new offer?

He should have been direct and requested to sleep with her just now—what’s with the kissing?

Even a girl was more imposing than he was. Shouldn’t he be ashamed of it?

Yu Yuehan walked into the dining room. As Nian Xiaomu sat at the dining table, she did not give him a chance to regret it and had already started eating the food.

“Yu Yuehan, I am being serious, the steak that you cooked wins the top chefs’ award in western restaurants.”

Nian Xiaomu continued to praise him as she ate.

“The key point is the love in it, not just the taste. I really wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.”

“Get to the point.”

“The main point is, can you cook it for me frequently in the future?”

… Dream on!

Actually, that wasn’t too impossible…

Yu Yuehan thought of something and his dark eyes flickered slightly. Just as he was about to speak, his cell phone rang.

He glanced at the phone screen and the expression on his face turned a little ugly.

Reaching out, he cupped the back of her head and opened his thin lips. “I have something on and I need to head out. What will you be doing later on?”

“I’ll be giving Bengbeng a call. I am worried about her, her trip overseas for an academic conference seemed a little too long, and she hasn’t been in contact with me at all. Furthermore, since she happens to be overseas now, I want to seek her help in finding information about Mr. Cardi.” Nian Xiaomu replied obediently.

She knew that Yu Yuehan was already helping her to look for him, but Mr. Cardi’s identity related to her family background.

She really wanted to get everything clarified as soon as possible.

Yu Yuehan did not say anything when he heard this and stroked her head lovingly.

He only stood up after he kissed her on the cheeks and instructed the butler to get the car ready.

He left in no time.

When he reached the hospital, Tang Yuansi’s assistant was already one step ahead and was waiting downstairs.

He went forward and greeted Yu Yuehan respectfully as soon as he saw him walking over.

“Young Master Han, President Tang is waiting for you.”


Armed with a somber face, Yu Yuehan bypassed the assistant directly and without a single word, walked into the elevator.

By the time he reached Tang Yuansi’s ward, he did not see a dying and half-dead someone.

On the contrary, the person before him seemed to be in good condition.

Even though he still looked a little pale as he lay on the hospital bed, he appeared to be more energetic than the previous time they had met.

There was even an opened bottle of hard liquor at his bedside, with two glasses placed in front of him.


Was he planning to forsake his life and drown his sorrows in alcohol after losing his love?

“You are here.” Tang Yuansi hid the subtle tears beneath his eyes when he saw him.

He sat up on the bed and reached out for the bottle of liquor.

He poured some liquor into the glass that was nearest to Yu Yuehan.

After he placed the bottle of liquor down, he picked up the jug and poured himself a cup of hot water.

Yu Yuehan did not understand what he was doing.

What the hell?

A glass of hard liquor versus a cup of plain water. Was he joking with him?

He understood his point the next second when he caught the pain beneath Tang Yuansi’s eyes.

He must have wanted to drink that glass of liquor, eh?

Unfortunately, based on the condition of his body, he might just breathe his last if he were to get himself drunk right now.

Tang Yuansi had taken great pains to send her away. If he died now, the clever Shangxin would surely understand everything that had happened once the Tang Family announced his funeral arrangements.

After she knew that everything was merely Tang Yuansi’s tactics, to chase her away, to grant her happiness, all the arrangements that he had painstakingly planned would be for nothing.

He would not die a peaceful death if this happened.

As such, he could only endure his crumbling emotions.

With all the suppressed feelings in his heart, he could only “vent his anger” on someone with a partner of his own since he couldn’t even drink alcohol.