The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 73

Chapter 73: I agree! I agree to it!

Before Yu Yuehan had the chance to speak, Matriarch Yu continued, "Double salary is nothing, and there should be more rewards!"

More rewards?

Nian Xiaomu nodded her head enthusiastically!

Her elated mind could not be hidden as joy shone in her eyes.

Yu Yuehan had rewarded her a doubled salary the moment he spoke.

Since Matriarch Yu was his grandma, she certainly would not be too stingy with her rewards.

What if she rewarded Nian Xiaomu with a tripled salary...

Jackpot, jackpot! She felt that she was on her way to a brand new pinnacle in life!

"Other rewards?" Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows. With his sparkling eyes, he seemed to be thinking about what else to reward her with.

Before he could speak, Xiao Liuliu, who had been eating obediently in her chair, suddenly lifted her head, "I know, I know!"

Her small, soft, and mushy body slid down from the chair.

She thudded toward Nian Xiaomu with her short legs and rushed into her embrace, requesting to be carried.

The next second, Xiao Liuliu pouted her tiny lips and planted a kiss on Nian Xiaomu's cheek!

With curved eyes full of joy, she said, "Daddi, a kiss is the reward!"


Nian Xiaomu was still in a state of shock when she turned her little head toward Yu Yuehan.

"Daddi, didn't you say you wanted to reward Pretty Sister?"

Nian Xiaomu: "...!"

She was completely unable to guard against the shock that came just like a hurricane.

Astonished, she held Xiao Liuliu tightly and looked at the man beside her.

Yu Yuehan stayed seated in his chair and leaned against the back of the chair lightly, tilting his handsomely crafted face slightly.

His thin lips pouted a little, revealing some sexiness within them...

Perhaps affected by what Xiao Liuliu said, Nian Xiaomu actually stared at his lips subconsciously, lost in thought.

Yu Yuehan was also someone who felt surprised.

He was surprised that he had actually forgotten what action he should carry out next when he heard what Xiao Liuliu had said.

Just like this, he stared at her cheek that had been kissed by Xiao Liuliu.

She seemed to be very shy, her crimson red face blushing redder and redder. It was so red that blood seemed to seep out from it...

Streaks of ambiguity started to silently spread in the air.

Amid the strange atmosphere, the assistant suddenly brought the program list for the party, went forward, and said, "Young Master, it is time for the opening dance. According to your request, we have invited a professional dancer to be your dance partner..."

"No need for that," Yu Yuehan raised his lips and interrupted his assistant.

The image of Nian Xiaomu playing the piano on the stage flashed past his mind.

Breathtaking was an understatement of the performance that he had witnessed.

He was very curious nowhow many secrets did she hold exactly?

Yu Yuehan briefly tidied his suit with his long and slender fingers. Then, he stood up calmly and extended his hand toward Nian Xiaomu.

"You will dance with me."


Looking at the hand that was extended before her, Nian Xiaomu was so stunned that she nearly flattened Xiao Liuliu, who was in her arms!

Where was the reward as promised?

Why did it become a punishment all of a sudden?

Or was it that the reward he referred to was actually for her to accompany him for a dance? He might as well give her a kiss...

Wait, no! How had she been misled by Xiao Liuliu?

She would rather not get any rewards!

When she finally came back to her senses, she immediately straightened her back. With her most solemn attitude, she said, "Young Master, I really don't know how to..."

"It's just a dance. You will get an additional month of salary as a reward."

"..." She couldn't betray her principles because of money, although she really wanted to do so.

"Two months worth of salary as a reward," Yu Yuehan said slowly. He seemed to see through the struggles on her face, and the corners of his mouth rose.

"..." She needed money and needed it badly, but if she agreed just like this, wouldn't she appear to have a lack of integrity?

"Three months worth of salary as a reward. If you are unwilling, then..."

"I agree! I agree to it!" Nian Xiaomu stood up in a jiffy and replied to him without any hesitation.