The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Best Male Lead Yu Is Here

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Why must he drink?

Yu Yuehan pulled out the chair and sat down. As he calmly stretched his long, slender legs, he shot a chilly glance at Tang Yuansi.

“Is this what friends are for?”

Tang Yuansi’s face turned a little paler as he replied with a low voice, “She’s left.”


“I was the one who forced her away, I watched her leave, right before my tear-filled eyes. You might not know this, but she is not a weak and vulnerable girl. She is very strong, and she would not cry easily even if she had suffered a grievance. However, I don’t know how many times she has cried because of me…”

Tang Yuansi’s emotions had been held back when he left the airport, until the time when he was back in the hospital.

He could not tell anyone about it.

He dared not get too emotional.

Yu Yuehan had made the right guess.

He could not die now.

He must at least hold on for another month, or three months, or maybe even longer so that she would believe that their break up had nothing to do with his illness.

No one knew that his heart had already withered the moment he witnessed her departure.

In the end, he still lost the bit of something that he had wanted to keep…

A resentful look showed in her gaze when she left.

Perhaps, she would only scoff and say that he had deserved it when she received the news of his death in the future.

“This is your choice.” Yu Yuehan raised his sharp eyebrows and did not express an opinion of his own.

Tang Yuansi opened his lips and said, “Yes, this is my choice, I don’t regret it.” Then, he reached out and picked up the cup of water before him.

With a mournful look and a hoarse voice, he said, “However, not regretting it doesn’t equate to not being upset about it.”


As Yu Yuehan stared at the cup of water in his hands, he did not say anything and picked up the glass of alcohol before him. Then, he clinked glasses with him and gulped down the contents of his glass.

The spicy spirits passed through his throat and brought about a burning sensation.

When Tang Yuansi saw that he had drunk the liquor, he poured him another glass without another word.

“We’re not returning without getting drunk.”

“Stop joking, are you talking about getting drunk with plain water?” As Yu Yuehan said that, he picked up the second glass of liquor and continued drinking.

Helping Tang Yuansi to vent his emotions was one of his motives.

But for the other one…

It was easier to do things when he was drunk…

It had already been a few days since he had hugged Nian Xiaomu to sleep.

Every time he was about to have her in his arms, Xiao Liuliu would appear with her tiny bolster and Nian Xiaomu would eagerly head out to coax her daughter.

If things were to go on like this, would he still need to be engaged?

He might as well shift to the hospital and be a monk with Tang Yuansi.

“You’re a brother!” Tang Yuansi suddenly turned very relaxed; it wasn’t sure if he had come to terms with death or the fact that he would no longer be a burden to Shangxin.

He picked up the cup and gulped down cup after cup of water with Yu Yuehan.

“Don’t worry, I have already sent my men to look for the person you asked me to find. After we find that Mr. Cardi, you can get engaged to Nian Xiaomu without worries. At least one of the two of us can attain happiness…”


Yu Yuehan him shot a glance.

The person who had obviously drunk plain water seemed like a drunk man as he called the assistant in to tuck him into bed.

He stood up from the chair and adjusted his coat.

Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly had double vision in his eyes.

“Young Master Han, do you need someone to take you back?” Tang Yuansi’s assistant asked worriedly.

Yu Yuehan was about to decline the offer when he suddenly remembered his motive and sat back on the chair again.

He removed his coat and tossed it to the side.

Reaching out, he tugged at his necktie and even unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt.

After he had managed to style a disheveled look for himself, he took his cell phone from his pocket and passed it to the assistant.

“Give Nian Xiaomu a call and say that I have had a drink too much.”