The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 731

Chapter 731 A Perfect Dream

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Yu Family villa.

The butler had just carried Xiao Liuliu in from the car after picking her up from the kindergarten. The moment the tiny ball of cuteness heard that Nian Xiaomu was at home, she ran into the villa excitedly.

“Little Miss, slow down in case you fall!” The butler followed behind anxiously.

He watched as she strode forward with her tiny legs and dashed to the living room.

When she had searched around the living room but did not find Nian Xiaomu, the delicate little face collapsed and she looked at the butler pitifully.

“Where’s Mommi? Did Daddi wrongly get his hands on her?”


Nian Xiaomu had already come downstairs before the butler could reply. When she saw Xiao Liuliu in the living room, she called out to her.

“Mommi!” Xiao Liuliu sprinted towards her happily.

She threw herself into Nian Xiaomu’s embrace and reached out to hug her neck.

Then, she lifted her tiny head carefully and scanned her surroundings vigilantly to check if Yu Yuehan was at home.

“Your daddy is not around, it’s us against the world today.” Nian Xiaomu held her little head and planted a kiss on her tiny face.

Carrying the happy Xiao Liuliu, she accompanied her for her meal and bathed her, then, when she was sleepy, she lay on the bed with her and read her bedtime stories.

Nian Xiaomu held onto a children’s fairy tale storybook as both mother and daughter leaned against the headboard.

Xiao Liuliu muttered as she listened, “Why is Daddi not back yet?”

“Weren’t you pleased that he wasn’t home earlier on?” Nian Xiaomu paused in her reading and lowered her eyes to look at the squishy figure nestling in her embrace.

Xiao Liuliu dropped her tiny head and seriously thought it over. Then, she answered her with a childish voice, “I’m not totally happy that I got Mommi on my side because Daddi is not at home to compete with me.”


Yu Yuehan, quickly, come and take a look.

Your daughter’s life goal is to attack you.

Are you surprised? Are you shocked?

“I am missing Daddi, shall we give him a call?” Xiao Liuliu cooed as she put up an adorable look and rammed her tiny head against her chest.

Nian Xiaomu might have believed her if she had overlooked the craftiness that hid beneath that pair of glistening eyes.

However, she took a look at the time and realized that it was indeed getting late.

Yu Yuehan would usually return as quickly as possible after he had finished at work, and yet he still wasn’t home, and it was late.

Nian Xiaomu thought of his expression this afternoon when he had left the house and felt something weird about it; it seemed like something bad had happened, and yet he could not tell her about it…

She placed Xiao Liuliu down and told her to lie down properly.

Then, she picked up her cell phone and got ready to give Yu Yuehan a call.

However, someone called her before she could make the call.

She spaced out for a full three seconds when she saw the caller ID on the screen before she answered the call.

“Miss Nian, Young Master Han has drunk a bit too much and he is now unconscious. Do you happen to have time now to come over and pick him up?” An unfamiliar male voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

Just when Nian Xiaomu raised her eyebrows in doubt and was about to ask him who he was, Yu Yuehan’s voice suddenly sounded from the phone.

“Don’t call my fiancée, I am not drunk… I don’t need others to fetch me…”


“Where is he now? Send me your address.”

After Nian Xiaomu hung up, she called the butler in to look after Xiao Liuliu before she hurriedly changed her clothes and rushed to the hospital.

When she reached the hospital, she stared at the VIP ward number on her cell phone and suddenly seemed to regain control of her mind.

She paused in her steps.

Shouldn’t he head to a pub to drink?

Yu Yuehan had come to a hospital to drink instead. What’s going on?