The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Bony In Reality

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On the other side.

In the hospital ward.

After Yu Yuehan personally watched the assistant make the call, he retrieved his cell phone with a devilish smile.

“Did she appear to be extremely anxious, as if she couldn’t wait to rush over here and pick me up?”


He had not sensed that.

Instead, he had heard subtle sounds of teeth gritting.

The assistant was wondering if he should tell Yu Yuehan the truth.

After thinking about it, in the end, he decided to protect his life, and replied tactfully, “From her tone, Miss Nian did sound a little anxious.

The arc on the side of Yu Yuehan’s lips curved to an even greater angle when he heard this.

He leaned his entire body lazily against the seat and waited for Nian Xiaomu to pick him up.

This was the first time he felt that it wasn’t too good for a man to be too overbearing.

He was one such example—how could he enjoy the pleasure of having his lovely wife-to-be take care of him if he did not pretend to be drunk…

Yu Yuehan had already plotted everything in his heart.

Nian Xiaomu would surely be extremely worried about him when she came over later on, and he would only have to seize the opportunity and act like he was in an awful state for her heart to ache badly for him.

She might just agree to everything he requested later on when they were home…

“Yu Yuehan, can you not laugh in such an annoying manner in front of someone who has just fallen out of love, aka me?” As Tang Yuansi spoke in a chilly tone, he told the assistant to raise his pillows as he could not fall asleep.

“A man’s words are kind when death is close. My advice to you is that a man who tells lies in front of a woman will not have a good ending!”

He himself served as a real-life example.

He had watched as the love of his life left him, while all he could do was to bury his love toward her in his heart.

He would not let her know until his death…

“That’s not considered falling out of love, that’s suffering the consequences of your actions.” Yu Yuehan reached out and swept away the dust on his trouser legs. Just when he wanted to say something else, he heard footsteps coming from the corridor.

He felt nervous.

He moved his body hurriedly and sat slumped against the chair, just like a blob.

Then, he gestured at the assistant with his gaze.

Just as the assistant snapped back to his senses, a knock sounded from the hospital ward.

The next second, Nian Xiaomu pushed the door open and entered the room.

She paused in her tracks when she saw the man who had sunk into the chair. Immediately, she twisted her head and studied the ward.

In the end, her gaze landed on Tang Yuansi, who was lying on the hospital bed and a sprinkle of blaze showed beneath her eyes. Soon after, a monstrous anger took over that gaze.

She rushed forward to Tang Yuansi without a word asking, “Why are you here?”



Where was his fiancée?

Why did she not head forward to show concern for him when she saw his unconscious state but was instead worried about others?

Could she hear his heart breaking?

It had been broken into tiny pieces and nothing could mend it.

However, he was supposed to be a drunk man now and he would be exposed if he suddenly stood up now to question her…


He must hold it in!

He would see when Nian Xiaomu recalled that she was here to pick him up.

“Wait a second…”

Nian Xiaomu seemed to have thought of something as she retreated a few steps backward and sized Tang Yuansi up again.

He was looking very pale.

Even though he was trying his best to hide his discomfort, Nian Xiaomu could still see that he was not in a very good condition.

And so, did Tang Yuansi not appear at the airport today because he was sick?

Could the reason he rejected Shangxin be related to his illness…

Tang Yuansi let out two light coughs and spoke faintly, “Miss Nian, your Young Master Han is over there.”

His slightly hoarse voice interrupted Nian Xiaomu’s thoughts.

Then, she suddenly remembered that she was here to pick Yu Yuehan up.

As she walked forward, she reached out in a perfunctory manner and patted his handsome face. “Stop pretending, get up and let’s head home.”