The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Brother Steady Yourself We Can Win This

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What happened to the gentle and delicate wife as promised? Why did it turn into a series of “A Tigress In The House?”

Did she not feel sorry for him at all when he was so drunk and unconscious?

He felt that she was taking the chance to revenge him, judging from the force of the two slaps that she had given him just now…

The assistant noticed that the situation didn’t seem right and spoke up immediately, “Miss Nian, Young Master Han has drunk half a bottle of hard liquor by himself. He isn’t pretending, he really is drunk!”

As the assistant spoke, he pointed to the bedside cabinet where a liquor bottle sat with only a few drops of liquor remaining in it.

It was hard liquor, people with a low tolerance level would get drunk by just drinking one glass of it, much less an entire bottle.

It would be normal for Yu Yuehan to get so drunk since he had so much of it in fact, it would be weird if he wasn’t drunk.

When Nian Xiaomu heard what the assistant said, she remained silent for a moment—it was impossible to read what was on her mind with that calm and undisturbed look of hers.

The most frightening part was the stillness in the room.

The assistant wasn’t the only person suffering as Nian Xiaomu remained silent the entire time.

Yu Yuehan, who was sitting slumped against the chair, was so shocked that he nearly jumped up from the chair when he heard her shouting at him to head home with her.

If it wasn’t for his strong will, he would not have remained seated on the chair, not to mention his superb acting skills.

However, he could not guess what was going on in her mind if she continued not to say anything.

Did she believe the assistant’s words, or not?

At this point, the assistant was finally smart for the first time and inquired, “Miss Nian, are you unsure of carrying Young Master Han back by yourself? If you don’t have the strength to help him back, I can take the two of you downstairs and help you to call a cab.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu lifted her eyes and cast a glance at him but still did not speak.

Just when the assistant was getting perplexed, she suddenly squatted down.

Then, she started to whistle leisurely.




What kind of situation was this?

The assistant appeared to be utterly dejected from the look on his face.

“Miss Nian, you…”

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to help me, I am the best at whistling. He will surely have the urge to urine if he has drunk so much liquor, you can wait and see if you don’t believe it. He will wake up very soon.” After Nian Xiaomu finished her sentence, she reached out for the other chair in the VIP ward.

She sat down calmly and continued to whistle.

In less than a minute, Tang Yuansi, who had gulped down plain water for the entire night, was the first one to be defeated.

He pulled off the IV tubes and staggered toward the washroom.

Worried, the assistant followed behind and stood guard at the entrance of the washroom.

Yu Yuehan, who was flopped on the chair, was the only one left in the hospital ward.

As he listened to the familiar whistles beside him, his extremely handsome face turned from drunken red to purple, and was faintly transitioning into a dark purple color…

Green veins popped up on his forehead, and upon closer inspection, his exceptionally relaxed body had already turned stiff.

Even though he was trying his utmost to appear normal, he felt like a million huge elephants seemed to have trampled his heart…

“Shhh, shhh”

Nian Xiaomu was still whistling leisurely as she sat on the chair.

Tang Yuansi, who had just emerged out from the washroom, couldn’t help it and dashed back in again when he heard her voice.


This voice was definitely poisonous!

Yu Yuehan actually held it in for a long time…

Tang Yuansi came out of the washroom for the second time, supporting himself by leaning against the wall. With a gaze filled with respect, he stared at the particular someone who was still sitting motionlessly on the chair and he silently saluted him in his heart.

Brother, steady yourself! We can win this!


A loud thud sounded.

Yu Yuehan’s upright body had fallen off the chair…

Fallen off…