The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 735

Chapter 735 It's Impossible To Continue The Acting..

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That simple sentence seemed like a clap of thunder that rang loudly in her ears.

It was as if Nian Xiaomu was afraid she had heard it wrongly as the hand that was holding the cell phone tightened.

Even Yu Yuehan, who was still pretending to be drunk, had paused and turned around to look at her.

The look in his dark eyes was dense and complex.

This call had come at a bad time. He had thought that he would be able to reap his returns after acting for an entire night, but was in the end defeated by a mere phone call…


However, Tang Yuansi and himself had tag-teamed and even they could not find the person that Tan Bengbeng had mentioned. As such, now that they had some information they would have to settle this important matter first.

The night was still young, he could afford to wait.

As Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes, he walked back to Nian Xiaomu’s side and drew her slightly stiff body into his embrace.

Nian Xiaomu only snapped back to her senses after he transmitted the warmth on his palms to her body.

“Where is Mr. Cardi? Send me the address, we will go and look for him now!”

“No need for that.” Tan Bengbeng interrupted her and added on slowly in a tranquil tone, “He is dead, he passed away three years ago.”


Nian Xiaomu did not expect such an answer and her face turned a ghastly pale shade in an instant.

The only person who might know her family background was dead.

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and forced herself to calm down. “Bengbeng, could you have identified the wrong person? The members of the Xing Family had said that Mr. Cardi was in good health. You have seen photos of him, and you could see that he was only in his sixties…”

“I had already confirmed the identity so there shouldn’t be any errors. His cause of death is unknown at this point in time and I will email other relevant documents to you later on. Besides that, I have already checked out the school that you told me to investigate, and no one knew of a person named “Liuliu”. Could Shangxin have remembered your name wrongly?”

Tan Bengbeng spoke in the same calm tone that she would usually speak to her patients in the hospital.

Nian Xiaomu frowned disapprovingly and said, “Shangxin might have got it wrong, but she wasn’t the only one who said it. Even Fan Yu addressed me as Liuliu. This name must be real!”

“But I really did not hear of anyone named Liuliu in Angel.” Tan Bengbeng replied with certainty.

Things could turn out to be a little tricky in this case.

The truth that was about to be revealed had gone back to square one in an instant.

Nian Xiaomu was originally full of hope, but her hopes had been dashed. She appeared to be a little disappointed when she hung up the call.

She had even forgotten to ask Tan Bengbeng when she returned to the country…

Instead, she received a text message from her on her cell phone after they ended the call.

[You can only better grasp the happiness you have now by not being stuck on past events. Do it slowly.]

This was Tan Bengbeng—cold on the outside, full of warmth on the inside.

Nian Xiaomu swiftly sent her a text message before she looked up and looked at Yu Yuehan.

She was originally worried that he would not understand their conversation since he was drunk. However, the eyes that she met when she lifted her head were extremely sober and calm.

His naive and drunk look had disappeared without a trace.

He lowered his head slightly when he heard what Tan Bengbeng had said; he seemed to be pondering over something as he folded his arms…

He had a serious look on his face and his eyes were filled with a light that she did not understand.

After that, he seemed to have noticed Nian Xiaomu’s gaze as he paused slightly in his actions and he lifted his head.

Immediately, he got ready to activate his best actor mode…

“Yu Yuehan, if you dare to pretend that you are drunk now, I will press your head into the bathtub when you’re bathing and treat you to a serving of a sobering drink!”