The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Nian Xiaomu Youve Changed

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“I know that the information about many butlers in large families is kept confidential. However, it is not to the extent that there is no information on any of his employers. Unless Mr. Cardi had always served the same family or his information had been hidden by someone after his death… However, there isn’t even a cause of death. I wonder if he is even dead.”

Nian Xiaomu was tapping on the edge of the laptop as she frowned and thought.

When she was engrossed, it was as if she was gleaming.

Yu Yuehan was staring at her and his eyes were filled with fondness.

He knew that she was smart and her thinking would always coincide with his.

However, there was one part where their thinking differed.

He felt that Tan Bengbeng was hiding something…

“I will get someone to check further, it is getting late. Don’t you have to have to get back to work tomorrow? Let’s sleep now.” When Yu Yuehan said “sleep” his eyes lit up.

Nian Xiaomu did not need to think to know that his “sleep” and her definition of sleep did not have the same meaning.

At times like this, she would rather him be drunk.

She could stuff a pillow into his arms and then he would sleep obediently.


“How can I sleep, I am so worried. Although my matters are not urgent, Tang Yuansi and Shangxin’s matters are! Shangxin left!”

Nian Xiaomu was agitated.

She glared at Yu Yuehan.

“Why were you at Tang Yuansi’s place? Do you know something and are hiding it from me?”


Someone once said, don’t ever bring up the past in front of women.

When they start to bring up the past, admit all your mistakes and never talk back.

After a bit of coaxing and acknowledgment of your mistake, all will be fine.

Absolutely! Never! The one thing that must not be done, is quarrel with them.

Because, at the end of the day, if the quarrel is lost, the consequence will be twice as bad.

If the quarrel is won, then congratulations, you will be single again.

All in all, when they bring up the past, there can only be two results.


Or worse.

Yu Yuehan’s gaze flickered and then he answered calmly, “About Tang Yuansi’s illness, I just found out about it too. I didn’t ask if it was serious. He was feeling down and asked me to drink with him. You saw the end results, I was very drunk and I can’t remember what he told me.”


“If I wanted to hide it from you, why would I ask you to come and fetch me?”

“Didn’t you say that you were drunk? And now you are saying that you asked your assistant to call me to fetch you?” Nian Xiaomu questioned him.


Nian Xiaomu, you’ve changed.

In the past, as long as Nian Xiaomu saw his face, she would be mesmerized by it and would never suspect his words.

Now he was standing right in front of her and she was only concerned about Shangxin?

“Speak, what is the matter with Tang Yuansi? Is he terminally ill? Is that why he kept rejecting Shangxin? If that is the case, I will have to…”

“Then, all the more reason why you shouldn’t meddle in this.” Yu Yuehan continued his sentence calmly.

He looked at Nian Xiaomu’s shocked gaze, ran his hand through her hair and held the back of her head.

He rubbed the back of her head.

“Don’t be so rash, he just doesn’t love her anymore and they broke up. There aren’t that many reasons.”

“… So, if in the future, you don’t love anymore and want to break up, will you do that to me too?”