The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Breathtaking Shocked

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Nian Xiaomu squatted on the bed in the master bedroom and watched helplessly as Yu Yuehan’s figure disappeared from view. She did not dare to utter a word.

When she thought that he had really gone, she got down from the bed excitedly and dashed to the door.

She put her face against the door frame and stuck her tiny head out to take a glance. When she had confirmed that he was gone, her eyes sparkled.

She had managed to dodge the bullet!


However, what important information did the assistant have, that he would come over to report at this late hour?

He seemed to have something really important to report judging from his look earlier on.

As Nian Xiaomu bit her lip, she could not hold back her curiosity and stepped out of the master bedroom.

She couldn’t help it, she followed Yu Yuehan and saw that he had gone into the study.

A sudden thought suddenly to her just as she reached the door— what if he wanted to drag her back to sleep with him after he was finished his work?

The most important thing for her right now wasn’t to poke her head into frivolous affairs, but to run for her life!

When Nian Xiaomu thought of this, she turned around decisively and dashed back to the master bedroom. After she grabbed hold of her cell phone, she turned her head and ran downstairs.

Xiao Liuliu’s room would be the safest at this point in time!

Yu Yuehan, who was in the study, had no idea that the person in his room had already sneaked away.

He had placed his focus entirely on the USB that his assistant had produced.

The assistant plugged the USB into the computer. Very soon, a lively young boy, who was running about on the field in front of the Yu Corporation, appeared on the computer screen.

His laughter was extremely infectious.

Apart from the running little boy, a young mum, who was constantly following him around, could be seen in the footage as well. Judging from the footage, the child’s father should be the one who was taking the video.

The entire video was circling the mother and son.

The field in front of the Yu Corporation was massive and there was a fountain ahead too. As such, it attracted many people to take photos there.

The family video had started its shoot there too.

However, the location of the shoot was geared toward places with less people at the later parts of the video.

“I have tried asking the person who shot the video, they remembered that they had shifted the location of the shoot to the back as there were too many people at the main entrance. They did not expect themselves to have taken a video of that scene!”

The person who had brought Xiao Liuliu to the Yu Corporation was probably worried that he/she would be captured on surveillance cameras. Thus, he/she did not enter by the main entrance and chose the side gate with fewer people instead. However, that person certainly did not expect that he/she would bump into a family of three who was shooting a family video.

As the assistant spoke, he dragged the icon to the marked position.

The little boy was still in the image. However, a very slender figure who was ordinarily dressed had appeared behind him and she seemed to be holding a huge, bulging sack in her arms.

In the beginning, the distance seemed to be a little far and one could only identify that the person was a woman. However, as the video played, gradually the person in the video appeared to be clearer and clearer…

One could clearly see that she was a very young woman.

That wasn’t a huge sack in her arms—she was carrying a child!

The child’s tiny head was resting on her shoulder and his/her looks could not be clearly seen.

However, Yu Yuehan immediately sat upright on the chair when he saw the child’s clothes.

He remembered that attire!

Xiao Liuliu was wearing that exact set of clothes when he saw her for the very first time.

However, the woman’s profile was blocked as the child was resting on her shoulder.

He did not have a clear view of her face.

Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes narrowed as he stared fixedly at the computer screen before him.

As the video continued to play, the woman seemed to realize that someone was looking at her and just before she entered the Yu Corporation, she finally turned around to take a glance.