The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Everything Was Fake

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Her face was completely exposed to the camera with this glance!

When Yu Yuehan saw the woman in the video clearly, his expression changed and he immediately shot up from the chair.

“It’s not possible! It couldn’t have been her!”

Before the assistant could say anything, the child in the woman’s embrace seemed to have detected her anxiousness and she lifted her tiny head up as well…

Apart from Xiao Liuliu, there wasn’t another person who had a delicate little face that looked 70% similar to Yu Yuehan’s.

Xiao Liuliu really was the child in the video.

The person who was carrying her was someone unexpected, Nian Xiaomu!

Even though she had appeared on camera with a bare face, her outstanding facial features still were absolutely breathtaking.

Yu Yuehan had felt that her figure seemed a little familiar when she had first appeared in the video.

However, he had never linked that person to Nian Xiaomu.

He had once asked Nian Xiaomu about it, but she had claimed that she was still in an unconscious, vegetative state when Xiao Liuliu was sent to him.

How could a person in a vegetative state appear perfectly fine at the Yu Corporation and even manage to avoid all the surveillance cameras within the compound?

Even though the footage appeared to be a little blurry with the person standing far away, Yu Yuehan could still tell that it was definitely Nian Xiaomu…

However, the vibes that she exhibited were a little different even though she had the same facial features.

The gaze that she revealed when she turned around appeared to be very sharp.

She seemed to be a very vigilant and sensitive person!

“I didn’t believe that it was Miss Nian either. As such, I had investigated it right away and found out that the footage was authentic. It wasn’t processed in any manner, and it had been stored in the computer ever since it was recorded…”

The assistant reported cautiously, “I even engaged technicians to analyze the footage and extract individual photos of that woman.”

The assistant moved his mouse and opened up a photo album on the computer.

He placed the footage and photo album side by side on the screen.

Immediately, the screen was filled with numerous photos from the footage.

In every photo, one could clearly see that the woman who had carried Xiao Liuliu in the footage looked at least 90% similar to Nian Xiaomu…

That must be her if she did not have a twin sister!


Yu Yuehan rewound the footage and watched it again.

The person in the footage was one whom he was familiar with.

However, if the woman in the footage was indeed Nian Xiaomu, this would mean that whatever she had told him previously was a lie…

Yu Yuehan did not allow his imagination to run wild and only spoke after he had calmed down, “I trust her. I will let her explain this matter to me herself.”

It was only camera footage.

He shouldn’t doubt her and think that she had other motives for getting close to him.

Furthermore, she could not recall anything from the past. There was a possibility that she was not the person in the footage, and they just happened to look alike…

“Not just this, Young Master Han.”

As the assistant stepped forward, he shifted the mouse and opened up another video.

He started to explain.

“At first I did not believe that Miss Nian had anything to do with this matter either. As such, I sent people to the bank to investigate again. In the end, we found the footage from the surveillance cameras, from three years ago, in the cloud database of the bank and managed to restore them.”

The footage from the surveillance cameras had already started playing when the assistant finished speaking.

The surveillance cameras had clearly captured footage of the day when Nian Xiaomu rented a safe from the bank.