The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Kiss Vs. Kiss

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An insecure shrimp state? She was clearly in an invincible state, hiding a ticking bomb in her arms.

He was the one who would be blown up…

When Nian Xiaomu met his eye, she grabbed Xiao Liuliu into her arms and lay down again, explaining weakly, “I accidentally woke her up when I was going downstairs just now, so I could only bring her up to sleep together… I swear I really woke her up by accident!”


Her eyes were gleaming and in them, there was a trace of slyness, Yu Yuehan’s gaze deepened.

Even though he knew that she was lying, he could not bear to expose her.

The two videos he had watched in the study flashed through his mind.

His eyes gleamed.

Looking at the mother and daughter hugging each other, his gaze softened, and without saying anything, he took off his jacket and threw it aside. He lay on the bed and reached out to hug both of them.

“Go to sleep, I will stay with you both.”

The next morning when Nian Xiaomu woke up, there was nobody beside her.

She looked at the time, it was only seven in the morning.

Not only had Yu Yuehan gone, but Xiao Liuliu had gone too.

She got out of the blanket and tidied herself up a bit. She put on a jacket and went downstairs.

At the top of the stairs, the ridiculous conversation between father and daughter could be heard from the living room.

“Daddi, go and wake Mommi up!” Liuliu exclaimed, “I will reward you with an egg for breakfast tomorrow!”

“If you go, I will reward you with two eggs.” Yu Yuehan replied.

“If you go, I will add another kiss from the little princess!”

“I can add another kiss from the king.”

Xiao Liuliu’s face turned red and she pouted her lips as she was about to lose. “If you go and wake Mommi up, I will give Mommi to you tonight!”

Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed. “I… you win!”

Yu Yuehan put down the little girl in his arms, stood up from the sofa and turned around. Then, he saw Nian Xiaomu standing at the staircase stunned.

Putting his hands in the pocket and grinned. “You’re awake.”

“…” She continued to be stunned.

Yu Yuehan walked to her, held her hands and brought her to the dining area.

“Let’s eat breakfast together, after breakfast we will take Xiao Liuliu to kindergarten.”


Hearing what he said, Nian Xiaomu became more surprised.

Both of them needed to work, it was always the butler who took Xiao Liuliu to kindergarten.

He only fetches her occasionally when he is back from work early.

Why does he suddenly want to send Xiao Liuliu to kindergarten today?

Looking at the back view he left her, why does she find him a bit strange today?

When the three of them finished breakfast and were preparing to leave, she asked.

“Yu Yuehan, are you okay?”


Nian Xiaomu froze when the question was thrown back at her. She swung her hands in the air. “Never mind, let’s go.”

Nian Xiaomu relaxed after confirming that there was nothing wrong with him.

They went to work together after taking Xiao Liuliu to kindergarten.

Recently, Nian Xiaomu had taken many days off due to the Xing Family matters.

The supervisors had taken charge of everything. Seeing her return, they all came out to welcome her.

“Inform the teams to sort out the cases in hand, we will have a meeting in ten minutes.” Nian Xiaomu put everything else aside the moment she entered her working environment.

The Public Relations department also became very lively due to her return