The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 744

Chapter 744 That Isn't Me

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In the President’s office, on the top floor.

The atmosphere here was a lot worse than the public relations department.

It seemed as though all the pressure in the entire building had been concentrated in this area, the air was filled with a smothering atmosphere.

When the assistant brought Xiao Wei in, Yu Yuehan was sitting in front of the office table.

Staring at his computer screen, last night’s videos were playing repeatedly.

Upon hearing footsteps, his eyes narrowed. He raised his head slowly and looked at Xiao Wei coldly.

“Young, Young Master Han…”

In the past, Xiao Wei had been bribed by Wen Yadai and had posed as Xiao Liuliu’s mother to con a sum of money.

However, she was exposed and taken away by the police for investigation.

In comparison to the crimes committed by Wen Yadai, what she had done was not as serious. Hence, she was released after being detained for only a short while.

She had learnt her lesson, had turned over a new leaf and did not expect Yu Yuehan to send people to look for her.

Xiao Wei thought that he was unwilling to let go of the past. Hence, when she entered the office, her face was pale and her legs felt weak.

Even her voice was trembling.

Before Yu Yuehan spoke, she quickly cut in. “Young Master Han, I have realized my mistake. I was hospitalized for many days and was detained for so long. I really learnt my lesson. I work diligently every day and even go to the elderly welfare home to help out when I am free.”

Upon hearing that, the assistant stepped forward.

“Young Master Han did not call you here to punish you. Whatever has happened, the court has already issued a verdict. If he wanted to seek revenge he wouldn’t have waited till now. Young Master Han wants to ask you a few questions, if you answer truthfully, nothing will happen.”

“I’ll say! As long as I know, I will answer everything!” Xiao Wei heaved a sigh of relief the moment she heard that they did not want to seek revenge. She was very cooperative.

The assistant brought her forward to look at the two videos.

Looking at the person in the video, Xiao Wei was stunned and looked at the assistant confused.

“That isn’t me.”

“Are you sure it’s not you? The women in the video looked at least 50% like you.” This time, it was not the assistant who spoke but Yu Yuehan.

Xiao Wei’s words destroyed the lie he created for himself.

Even though he knew, he refused to admit it.

“It really isn’t me. The person in the video does look like me but she is a lot prettier. Furthermore, there is a date on the first video. Two years ago, I was traveling alone overseas on a low-cost international tour to many European countries. When this video was taken, I wasn’t even in the country, how could it be me?”

Xiao Wei shook her head profusely.

Then, she thought of something and spoke out of doubt.

“Even though the person in the video is not me, you guys have seen her before. I remember that day at the Yu Family villa, the person who revealed that I was not the mother of Little Miss, that woman looked exactly like the person in the video. Why don’t you guys investigate that instead.”

Not long after she had finished speaking, the assistant hung up the phone and walked back.

“Young Master Han, I called the tour company. Two years ago when Little Miss appeared at Yu Corporation, Xiao Wei wasn’t in the country.”

It really wasn’t her…

Even Xiao Wei could see that the person in the video looked like Nian Xiaomu, how could Yu Yuehan not tell.