The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Not This Sentence

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Yu Yuehan stood behind Nian Xiaomu. Before he had a chance to react, she had already finished watching the two videos. Dazed, she stood rooted to the spot in front of the desk.

She went into a trance for nearly 10 seconds before she turned around and looked at Yu Yuehan.

Was he in a bad mood because of these two videos?

The moment Xiao Wei noticed that the situation didn’t seem right, she immediately forward and explained herself, “Young Master Han, you only have to compare the person in the footage with her now and you would realize that I wasn’t the one. I had nothing to do with this matter!”

She was really afraid now.

Right now, she did not dare to think of all the splendor and wealth, and only wanted to leave as soon as possible.

How could she still keep her cool when she saw that Nian Xiaomu had appeared?

She wanted to identify that she was the woman in the footage and try to absolve herself from any responsibility.

When she noticed that Yu Yuehan did not speak, Xiao Wei pointed her finger at Nian Xiaomu and screamed again, “Haven’t you already verified everything? I wasn’t even in the country back then, and you had also inquired at the hospital and knew that she wasn’t unconscious at that time. Young Master Han, she is the one who has deceived you!”


Nian Xiaomu’s expression changed slightly when she heard what Xiao Wei said.

Lowering her gaze she stared at Xiao Wei, and in a low voice asked, “What did you say just now?”

“I said that you are the person in the footage…” Xiao Wei was shocked when she saw her aggressive stare and she spoke in a much softer tone.

However, Nian Xiaomu frowned and said, “Not this sentence!”

Xiao Wei: “I, I, I…”

Xiao Wei seemed to return to her previous state when she was interrogated to the extent that she choked on her words. She was so nervous that she was unable to utter a single word for a very long time.

Instead, the assistant standing by her side couldn’t help himself and explained on her behalf.

“We had already checked with the hospital and understood that you were indeed hospitalized for treatment three years ago. Your attending physician was Tan Bengbeng, but the thing is, you were not unconscious, nor did you have a medical history of being in a vegetative state. Instead, you had fully recovered and were discharged after being hospitalized for a month.”

Nian Xiaomu shuddered when the assistant had finished speaking.

Astonished, she lifted her head to look at him. She seemed to have heard something unimaginable.

She was discharged from the hospital after receiving treatments for merely a month…

“The footage on the computer was captured three years ago and two years ago respectively, the time when you went to the bank to rent a safe, as well as the time you personally took Little Miss to the Yu Corporation.” The assistant added when he noticed that she was staring blankly and had not uttered a single word.

“I had taken her there…” Nian Xiaomu seemed to have been possessed as she lowered her head and repeated the assistant’s words.

She understood every single word that the assistant had said.

However, why did she not seem to understand the meaning behind anything…

Nian Xiaomu bit her lips and turned around again to look at the footage on the computer.

Indeed, the woman in the footage looked exactly like her.

Even if she wasn’t standing here, one could definitely see that the person was not Xiao Wei if they took a closer look.

However, instead of questioning her, the first thing that Yu Yuehan had done was to check on Xiao Wei…

He believed her.

Or rather, he chose not to believe that she was the person in the footage.

For some reason, Nian Xiaomu suddenly felt a twinge in her heart.

The image that she saw when she entered the room earlier on flashed past her mind.

She was the reason he had lost control and hurt himself…

Even though she had felt that she was the most suspicious one after watching the two videos, he did not question her and silently handled everything by himself instead…

As Nian Xiaomu walked forward, she tightly grabbed onto his little finger and said, “Yu Yuehan, I don’t remember it. I don’t remember going to the Yu Corporation nor renting a safe from the bank. I am not lying to you.”