The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Young Master, where are your gentlemanly manners!

Nian Xiaomu, who was beyond nervous at the start, took less than three minutes before she loosened up her stiffness and got into the groove.

Following his steps, she managed to catch up to the rhythm of the music.

A graceful sense of beauty penetrated her every movement.

It was so stunning that it was impossible for the audience to shift their gazes away from her.

Yu Yuehan's hand that was holding on to her waist tightened silently, and he stared at her pixie face with lowered eyelids.

She seemed to be very excited; a smile started to show on her tightly pursed lips along with the rhythm.

Her innocent smile looked silly, just like a kid's.

However, it did not appear to be her first time dancing because her steps seemed to be very familiar with this dance...

Even she herself was perhaps unaware that her dancing had already exceeded the scope of the basic dance steps that he had taught her...

Especially that twirl just nowshe had already fabulously completed it before he had a chance to remind her of it.

He saw an indescribable illusion that she had already broken away from his control even though he was still holding on to her hands...

Did she really have an outstanding gift? Or was she trying to conceal something on purpose?

Yu Yuehan's eyes flickered. He tossed all of his thoughts to the back of his head and held her hand tightly, concentrating on their dance.

The waltz had been chosen for the opening dance of the party.

A remix combined both the Slow Waltz and the Viennese Waltz together. Right from the slow moves at the beginning to the faster pace in the middle, it required a high level of coordination for both the tempo as well as the rapport between the two dancers.

Nian Xiaomu had completely morphed into another being by the end when compared to her shaky moves at the beginning.

Under Yu Yuehan's guidance, she resembled a dancing fairy spinning around continuously at the center of the stage...

Her cream-colored skirt swirled in the air.

Numerous screams and applause could be heard from the audience due to her enchanting dance moves.

When they finished the dance, the atmosphere in the ballroom was at its tipping point.

Everyone put down their wine cups, stood up from their seats, and gave a huge round of applause.

"That was so amazing!"

"The rapport between the two was so perfect, as if there was only one dancer. It was so beautiful!"

"I also want to dance with Young Master Han..."


At the center of the stage, Nian Xiaomu's thin and frail body was still leaning against his chest. A layer of perspiration beaded on her forehead.

He was still holding on to her hands tightly, and his arms were still on her waist.

Both of them were breathing heavily.

Their heartbeats seemed to be beating even more intensely compared to normal times.

"Young Master, my performance was good, right?" asked Nian Xiaomu after she heard the praises surrounding them and came back to her senses.

When she noticed that his complexion did not seem right, she tried to back away subconsciously. However, he held on to her hands tightly with no intention of releasing them.

Then, he forcefully fastened her into his embrace.

With narrowed eyelids, he stared intently at her with cold and brutal eyes.

Goosebumps emerged from her entire body when she met his sharp gaze.

Had she danced very badly?

Nope, everybody was obviously praising them, so it shouldn't have been that bad.

Why did he put on a look of displeasure then? Was he planning to go back on his word and not give her the reward?

Wouldn't she take a loss for going all out just now during the dance?!

"Young Master, although... maybe... perhaps... my performance wasn't that good, but I have at least completed the task. Shouldn't you keep your promise..." Nian Xiaomu wanted to subtly remind him of the reward. She racked her brains and tried to think of another way of expressing this.

Before she finished her piece, the hands that held on to her arms loosened all of a sudden.

Then, before she had the time to react, he turned his back on her and left immediately.

"Young Master..."

Where were your gentlemanly manners when you abandoned your dance partner on the stage and left by yourself?!


Nian Xiaomu raised the hem of her skirt and chased after him hurriedly.