The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 77

Chapter 77: No one loves an iceberg

She seemed to enjoy leaning against someone else's chest, especially when she was sleeping.

As long as someone got close to her, she would be like a child full of insecurity and seek a hug.

Before he could push her away, she had already found a comfortable position in his arms and leaned against his chest.

When she was sound asleep, she looked innocent and harmless.

Yu Yuehan's outstretched hand stopped in midair.

He gazed at her for a long time. Eventually, he chose not to push her away. He allowed her to hug him, and they stayed this way for a long time without moving.

In his mind, flashbacks of how she had acted while in the Yu villa appeared.

If she were to be cleared of any suspicion, why was her background information devoid of any details?

Everything that she had done so far had been unpredictable.

However, if she was an informant, then what about her genuine concern for Xiao Liuliu?

Plus, the way she looked now...

Yu Yuehan lowered his gaze and watched how she was holding him while sleeping soundly. His eyebrows knitted together until they formed a line.

If she was really an informant, then he would want to punish her for her boss' sake!

Yu Yuehan rubbed his temples with his hands and did not let himself be bothered by this meaningless matter. He swooped her up and turned to walk out of the nursery room.

"Young Master..." The butler had been waiting outside. He was about to step forward when he saw Yu Yuehan come out, but then he saw that Nian Xiaomu was in Yu Yuehan's arms.

His face was filled with astonishment!

"Nian Xiaomu, how dare you make Young Master carry you..." The butler was still hollering at her when he felt that he had been struck by a frosty glare.

He could only watch with his mouth agape as Yu Yuehan carried Nian Xiaomu into the bedroom.

He raised his hand to pinch his old face.

He had served Young Master for so many years. When had Young Master ever been so gentle toward girls? Why hadn't he noticed it before?

Nian Xiaomu's bedroom was right next to Xiao Liuliu's.

Yu Yuehan gently placed her onto the bed. She appeared to be displeased about leaving his warm embrace and pouted her lips.

One hand was still holding on to his sleeve and unwilling to let go.

His eyes narrowed and brushed her hand away. The next second, he saw her turn, roll to the side of the bed, and grab his thigh...

His whole body stiffened!

He was about to push her away when he realized that her head was rubbing against his thigh, just like a kitten waiting to be petted by her owner.


Could she look any worse when she slept?

Did she even know what connotation this action meant to a man?

Yu Yuehan looked at the girl who was sound asleep and unaware of what she was doing. He gritted his teeth, bent down, and yanked her hand away.

He tugged at it a few times, but was still unable to release her grip.

He growled in frustration, "Let go, Nian Xiaomu!"

Once he spoke, she not only let go of him, but also rolled over a few times to the other end of the bed before curling into a ball.

Slightly shocked, his eyes revealed a sense of bewilderment.

The next second, he heard her mutter, "No one loves an iceberg..."

Yu Yuehan: "...!!"

She was annoying him and really not pretending to sleep!

Yu Yuehan felt a stirring sensation in his chest and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

He chose not to strangle her in her sleep.

He only shot her dagger-like stares. In the end, he couldn't stop himself from tucking her in with the blanket before turning to exit the room.

He had just stepped away when something on the table caught his eye and stopped him in his tracks.

He turned and saw that there was a diary notebook that was flipped open.

He stealthily walked forward and reached over to pick up the notebook.

The neat handwriting of a girl filled his eyes...