The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Bad taste!

While watching her put on an obedient front, images of the contents of her diary entries flashed before him.

Even in her dreams she had threatened to cast a curse of impotency upon him...

If not for the fact that she had put in a lot of effort looking after Xiao Liuliu, he definitely would have strangled her to death!

He would not allow her to show up in front of him now and because of her...

Something came up in Yu Yuehan's mind, and he suddenly frowned.

Nian Xiaomu felt a chill go down her spine. When she met his displeased eyes, she wondered how she had offended him.

Unless something else had happened last night?

Surely it could not be because she had a bit to drink, got so tipsy that she couldn't hold back, and took advantage of his beauty?

"Young Master, Fang Zhenyi is here and wishes to see you," the butler respectfully announced after walking in from outside.

When his gaze swept past Nian Xiaomu, something was not right with his facial expression.

Not knowing what was wrong with herself, Nian Xiaomu patted her nose.

"Mmm?" Yu Yuehan's eyes darkened as he asked indifferently.

The butler immediately understood his reply and quickly bent over to speak, "I will tell her now that Young Master is not free and ask her to leave immediately."

When the butler disappeared from the dining room, Yu Yuehan's face became indifferent again, and he continued to eat his breakfast.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and quickly pulled out a chair to sit beside Xiao Liuliu.

She looked down at her food and could not resist looking up at him.

It was really the same. The only difference was the mutilated bacon...

She shuddered at the thought!

She decided against talking to him and lowered her head to finish her food.

When she was done with breakfast, Yu Yuehan had already left the dining room.

Nian Xiaomu let out a sigh of relief and carried Xiao Liuliu out of the room.

Just when she reached the door, she saw Fang Zhenyi waiting there and clutching the butler's hands.

"Please help me one more time, Butler. Let me see Master Han! Otherwise, please help me plead with Master Han. I really need this job, so please ask him not to fire me..."

Nian Xiaomu stopped in her tracks and looked up in surprise.

Yu Yuehan was going to fire Fang Zhenyi?

Before Nian Xiaomu could understand what was going on, Fang Zhenyi spotted her. Fang Zhenyi stepped past the butler and charged at Nian Xiaomu.

"Nian Xiaomu, was it you?"


"Did you say something to Master Han to make him fire me? You want Master Han all to yourself..."

Fang Zhenyi rushed forward, but before she could lay a finger on Nian Xiaomu, she was stopped by the butler.

With a look of annoyance, he issued a warning to her.

"No one dares to disobey Young Master's instructions. Today is the last day for you in the Yu villa. If you continue to be unreasonable, I will make you leave right now!"


When she heard that she might be immediately chased away, Fang Zhenyi quieted down instantly.

She threw a look of indignance at Nian Xiaomu, then turned to leave in a huff.

Nian Xiaomu hugged Xiao Liuliu more tightly in her arms. When the butler turned toward her, she finally realized why the butler had looked at her so strangely.

Surely the butler did not also think that it had been her doing that led to Fang Zhenyi's sacking?

She was innocent!

Yu Yuehan was an alien being; who knew what he was thinking in his heart.

However, Fang Zhenyi and Nian Xiaomu had never ever gotten along. The way Yu Yuehan handled this matter suited her very well. He deserved special credit!

"Strange. That iceberg usually does not have good taste. Why did it suddenly change for the better?" Nian Xiaomu muttered under her breath. Suddenly, she felt a gust of cold air blow past.

She instinctively turned around. Upon seeing Yu Yuehan standing right behind her, the smile on her face instantly froze!