The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Deceptive and petty

Hadn't, hadn't he left already?

How had he suddenly appeared behind her...

Had he heard everything she said regarding his poor taste?

In that one short second, Nian Xiaomu's mind devised more than a hundred ways to run for her life.

In the end, her feet felt like they were tied to lead weights, and she was unable to move even a step. She could only watch him walk toward her, step by step.

His icy, ferocious, and hawk-like gaze swept past her.

Take the initiative to apologize?

Or refuse to confess to the end?

Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to speak, Yu Yuehan coldly narrowed his eyes and walked past her.


It was only a false alarm.

Before she could finish a silent celebration in her heart, the man who had walked to the door of the villa stopped.

Without turning his head, he spoke to the butler and instructed, "Nurse Nian might be too idle. Ask around the villa if anyone is unwell and get her to treat them."

Nian Xiaomu: "...!"

So he was indeed a deceptive and petty man! He would not let her off!

He wasn't even embarrassed for taking revenge for a personal grudge.

Nian Xiaomu wanted to protest, but Yu Yuehan did not give her the chance to. When he was done speaking, he walked out of the villa and entered the car.

The car door closed shut as the car began to drive off away from the Yu villa.

It was only after the petite figure in the living room could no longer be seen anymore that Yu Yuehan lifted his head. His eyes should have been burning with rage, but they were beaming with delight.

Even the corners of his mouth were slightly lifted upward.

The way she looked when she was jumping mad kept replaying in his mind.

She was obviously feeling indignant, yet she was too guilty to reason it out with him.

The assistant, who was driving in the front seat, saw his boss smiling and tightened his grip on the steering wheel in fright. "Are you in a good mood today, Young Master?"

Hearing that, Yu Yuehan's curled lips froze slightly.

Very quickly, he narrowed his eyes and glared at his assistant coldly.

At that moment, the assistant wished he could give himself a slap.

Why did he have so much to say?

"Young Master, didn't you say before to keep Fang Zhenyi because she is of use to you? Why did you suddenly fire her?" the assistant asked curiously.

"..." A flash of light swept across Yu Yuehan's eyes.

He thought about the entries in Nian Xiaomu's diary.

No matter what identity she might have, she was indeed looking after Xiao Liuliu with all her heart.

At first, he thought that she would be happy if he fired Fang Zhenyi. In the end, she criticized him for having poor taste.

Yu Yuehan's eyebrows knitted together as he tried to curb his emotions. Picking up a document, he began to look through it.


In the Yu villa.

The responsible butler actually checked with every single person in the villa.

He gathered all the people with large and small ailments, especially those who needed their wounds to be treated and dressings changed, and sent them to Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu worked from morning to night, feeling even more exhausted than the time she had performed volunteer work..

Before the night turned dark, she was already sprawled on the sofa and so tired that she could not even move.

"Butler, if another person were to appear, you would have to send me to the hospital first..." Nian Xiaomu uttered breathlessly.

In her heart, she silently cursed Yu Yuehan.


She had only made one teasing remark, and he actually tortured her for a whole day!

Thankfully, Xiao Liuliu was especially obedient. Xiao Liuliu could see that Nian Xiaomu was working hard so not only did she not throw tantrums, she even kept serving Nian Xiaomu water so that she would not die of thirst.

"Young Master!" A chorus of greetings resounded outside the door.

Nian Xiaomu felt a shock through her body. She leaped out of the sofa and ran into her room without a word.

With a loud slam, she shut the door.

She nervously leaned against the door, carefully listening to what was going on outside.