The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Surely something wasn't right!

She wouldn't make the same mistake twice!

In future, she was going to hide as far away as she could once she heard his name. That way, she would not offend him and land herself in trouble.

As Nian Xiaomu decided her future plans, she continued to lie still on the floor until she heard footsteps leading upstairs. Then, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She opened the door and walked out.

She was about to pour herself a glass of water when she saw Fang Zhenyi carrying a tray out of the kitchen.

Seeing Nian Xiaomu, Fang Zhenyi's face changed. Her eyes were not as vicious as before, revealing a sense of panic instead.

"Why are you here?" Nian Xiaomu frowned as she took a glance at the red wine on the tray that Fang Zhenyi was carrying.

Hadn't Fang Zhenyi already been sacked? By now she should be packing up to leave the Yu villa.

Yet, she was still in the mood to drink red wine?

"Of course you'd want me to leave right now. Why, the butler asked me to deliver red wine to Master Han and bid him farewell at the same time. Are you jealous?" Fang Zhenyi fluttered her lashes as her expression turned arrogant. She took two steps forward and blocked Nian Xiaomu's path.

"You better be careful. If you knock over Master Han's red wine, even selling yourself off would not be enough to pay for it!"


Nian Xiaomu was now very sensitive to the words "Yu Yuehan." When she heard the wine was his, she instantly stepped to the side.

When she recovered her senses, she looked up and saw Fang Zhenyi's figure going up the stairs. Then, she gave herself a smack on the forehead.

She had only been tortured by Yu Yuehan for one day, yet she was already terrified. How useless of her!

Pouting her lips, she entered the kitchen to pour herself some water.

As her gaze swept past the wine cupboard, images of Fang Zhenyi's expressions filled her head.

Every time this woman saw her, she would act like Nian Xiaomu was a feuding enemy. Today, however, she was so "gentle," and left after only a few snide remarks.

If she did not remember wrongly, in the morning when Fang Zhengyi heard that she was going to be sacked, she was prepared to rip the skin off of Nian Xiaomu.

Something was not right.

Surely something wasn't right somewhere!

Biting her lips, Nian Xiaomu carried her cup of water out of the kitchen.

Images of the time when Fang Zhenyi had threatened her about leaving the Yu household flashed past her eyes...

Fang Zhenyi had not turned up to the nurse recruitment interview at the Yu household to look after Xiao Liuliu.

Her target all along had been... Yu Yuehan!

This brazen thought flashed in her mind.

Nian Xiaomu put her glass of water down on the coffee table and turned to run upstairs.

She dashed to the door of Yu Yuehan's room and was going to knock on it when she saw that the door was ajar...

Yu Yuehan's tall figure was lazily slouched on the sofa, and he was sitting with his legs crossed.

The handsome face that was distinguished by a defined jawline was tilted to the side, accentuating his deep-set features. His whole presence exuded a regal aura.

He was mindlessly swirling a glass of red wine in his hand, and she was unsure if he had already drank some.

Nian Xiaomu's heart pounded in that instant. She was just about to ask him not to drink it when she saw that Fang Zhenyi, who was giving him a massage, stood behind him...

"Master Han, do you like this intensity of pressure?" Fang Zhenyi asked in her nauseatingly affectionate voice.

Yu Yuehan did not push her away and only replied, "Mmm."

Although it was just one word, it was a very rare response for someone as cold as him.

This gave Fang Zhenyi great motivation to slide her hand down from his shoulders to his chest...

When Nian Xiaomu saw what was happening, her eyes narrowed.

There was a stuffy feeling in her chest, as if something was crushing it.

To think that she had rushed upstairs because she was worried that he would be harmed by Fang Zhengyi.

From the looks of it, it seemed like she was being too nosy.

Nian Xiaomu grated her teeth and was just about to turn to leave when she heard Fang Zhenyi suddenly let out a loud shriek!