The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Your Queen is online

She raised her head subconsciously and saw Fang Zhenyi's hand. Before her hand reached his chest, he had already held her hand back.

"Young Master Han, my hand hurts from the way you are grabbing me!" Fang Zhenyi lamented with a change in expression.

She retracted her hand hurriedly when she saw his annoyed look and continued to massage his shoulders.

However, her eyes continued to be glued onto the cup of red wine in his hand; her eyes revealed an ardent anticipation when she saw him bring the wine glass to his thin lips.

She seemed anxious, as if she wanted him to finish the whole glass.

Nian Xiaomu knitted her eyebrows.

She had been acquainted with Fang Zhenyi for more than just a few days, so Nian Xiaomu knew that something was wrong with that expression of hers.

Just when she hesitated and pondered if she should stop him, Yu Yuehan looked up slightly.

No sooner said than done, she had completely forgotten about her vow to stay far away from him and barged into the room in one breath. It was as if Nian Xiaomu had pulled a tendon in her brain.

"Something is wrong with that wine! Don't drink it!"

"..." With the wine cup in hand, Yu Yuehan paused briefly.

A smirk seemed to form at the corner of his mouth when he saw Nian Xiaomu barge into the room.

He moved the wine cup away slowly. With raised eyebrows, he asked, "Oh?"

From his calm expression, he did not reveal any sense of astonishment with regard to her sudden appearance.

On the other hand, Fang Zhenyi's expression changed in an instant when she heard what Nian Xiaomu saidFang Zhenyi had a guilty conscience after all.

"Nian Xiaomu, what nonsense are you talking about? I know that you have been resentful toward me, but you need to have evidence to back up what you have said. Aren't you afraid of retribution for making trouble out of nothing?" Fang Zhenyi weakly squeezed out two teardrops as she said this and tried hard to look like she was full of grievance.

Nian Xiaomu retorted, "... Pure looks, but evil heart!"

Fang Zhenyi's acting was so good that she should have been an actress; it was a waste for her to be a nurse.

She was definitely the kind of actress who deserved an international Oscar award!

However, Nian Xiaomu's heart still sank when she noticed that Yu Yuehan had not spoken a single word.

Did he not believe her?

Fang Zhenyi became complacent once she nabbed the chance to do so and asked, "You don't have evidence? I bet that you destroyed my reputation on purpose in front of Young Master Han because you are simply jealous of me!"


"Young Master Han, look at her..." Fang Zhenyi wanted to continue her pitiful act, but Nian Xiaomu walked up in front of them. She took the wine glass from Yu Yuehan's hands and placed it in front of Fang Zhenyi.

"You want evidence? Easy. Since you don't want to admit that something is wrong with the wine, please drink the whole glass."

Fang Zhenyi: "...!!"

Her face turned pale when she saw the wine glass, and she did not dare to take the glass from Nian Xiaomu.

"What? Didn't you say that I have wronged you? Why are you afraid of a glass of wine?" Nian Xiaomu closed in a step and raised her head; she looked like a queen with that formidable aura of hers.


"You were so confident of yourself just a moment ago. Why are you terrified now? Or do you know what the wine contains, hence you do not dare to drink it?!" Fang Zhenyi was dumbfounded by Nian Xiaomu's continuous interrogations.

She stood pasted flat against the wall. When she met Yu Yuehan's deep eyes, she panicked and knelt down with a thump.

She crawled toward him.

"Young Master Han, I really have no idea what she is talking about. It must have been her... it must have been her. She wants to frame mehow else could she know the entire situation so well..." With her face filled with tears, Fang Zhenyi grabbed ahold of the legs of his trousers pitifully.

A pot calling the kettle black!

Nian Xiaomu was fuming terribly. Just when she wanted to say something, she heard Yu Yuehan's apathetic voice the moment she raised her head up.

"Drink it."

"..." Fang Zhenyi was stunned.

The next second, she saw Yu Yuehan shift the entire bottle of wine on the coffee table right before her.