The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Who would take responsibility

The sudden kiss knocked Nian Xiaomu into a senseless daze.

His cool breath was filled with a possessive streak.

His gleaming black eyes were dark to the core, just like the color of ink. It was so frightening!

This was different from the previous time they had accidentally touched lips. This time, he was taking the initiative.

The moment he touched her, her sweet scent almost made him lose all self-control...

"Yu...Yuehan..." Nian Xiaomu had fallen into a stupor for a few seconds, but she now snapped back to her senses.

She turned her head to the side and hollered at Yu Yuehan, "Jerk!"

Out of kindness, she had come upstairs to save him, but he actually took advantage of her.

By the time Nian Xiaomu was done cursing, she realized that the person standing in front of her was looking very strange.

Especially his eyes...

They looked as if they were going to rip her apart!

She took a deep breath and felt that her chest was starting to feel hot and heavy.

She quickly recovered from it.

"Wake up, Yu Yuehan! There is something wrong with the incense in your room!"

She had only been in the room for a short while, yet she was already reacting to it. Yu Yuehan had been in the room for so long. Surely he wasn't...

Dead meat. Fang Zhenyi was gone.

She was not going to have to help him extinguish the flame right?!

When Nian Xiaomu thought of the possibility of that happening, her eyes went wide with shock. She mustered all her strength and tried to push him away.

Her strength, however, was more like a tickle to him.

It had absolutely no effect.

She decided to give it her all and opened her mouth to bite him!


With his thin lips stinging in pain, he frowned as his eyes recovered a sense of consciousness.

He looked down at the person in his arms, then turned over and got up very quickly.

He pressed down between his eyebrows and breathed in deeply.

When his breathing had become regular again, his expression changed.

There was really something wrong with the incense!

When Nian Xiaomu saw that he suddenly looked different, she hurriedly turned and ran to the side of the room to draw the curtains and open the windows as quickly as possible.

A cool wind blew into the room and calmed down the man on the sofa.

She turned around and walked toward to the bed to put out the incense.

When she was done, she discovered that she was standing all the way inside the room.

To get someone to help, she would have to walk past him.

However, the way he had looked just now...

Nian Xiaomu's animated eyes stared straight at him.

"You've got to bear with it Yu Yuehan. If you really cannot deal with it, you can head over to the bathroom. However, do not expect me to help you into the bathroom. I've got no strength left."

Even if she had strength, it was not a good time to be too near him.

If she was not careful, she would be eaten clean. Who would take responsibility for that?


Hearing that, he lifted his eyes and glowered at her.

His eyes were still as dark as they were before. His fists were clenched so tightly that they had green veins popping up.

He was relying on his formidable self-control to curb his natural physical reaction.

He suddenly reached out to the wine glasses on the coffee table and slammed them against the floor.

The loud crashing of the wine glasses gave Nian Xiaomu a fright.

She then looked up in surprise. Was he thinking of cutting himself to maintain a sound mind?

She felt a strange sensation stirring in her heart.

What was going on?

As this thought flashed in her head, the butler came rushing into the room the next second.

"Young Master, are you all right? This is..."

True to his reputation as a top-notch butler, the butler immediately figured out what was happening once he took a glance at the situation in the room. He turned and called the family doctor right away, then brought an ice-pack for Yu Yuehan...

Nian Xiaomu stood rooted the ground with her mouth agape.

So just now, he was only using the loud crashing sound to get the butler's attention?

What about cutting himself to maintain a sound mind, what stirring in her heart...

She looked up and met his scornful eyes. Then, she realized that... she had been tricked again!