The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Family of three goes out

Nian Xiaomu could sense her insecurity and gently patted her on the back while humming a lullaby to her.

In a short while, she had fallen asleep.

That small, beautiful face was rosy even when fast asleep.

The long eyelashes resembled small fans that opened wide on her face.

The adorable little girl felt like a soft cuddly ball in Nian Xiaomu's arms.

The reason why Xiao Liuliu was more insecure than other children, even though she appeared lively and cheerful, could be due to the fact that she had grown up without a mother.

It was even more apparent when she was sleeping.

Watching how obedient she looked, Nian Xiaomu felt her heart ache for Xiao Liuliu. How could her mother bear to abandon such a cute baby?

Nian Xiaomu lowered her head and kissed the little girl's face before tucking her in under the covers.

She waited for her to fall into a deep sleep before leaving the room.

When she returned to her own room, she felt extremely exhausted, like her bones had given way.

She plonked herself onto the bed, wrapped the blanket over herself, and decided to sleep for a long, long time.

However, when she shut her eyes, Yu Yuehan's devilishly handsome face and that suffocating kiss appeared before her...

Swiftly, she sat up in her bed again. Lifting her shoulders, she took a sniff of herself.

Was it her illusion? Why did she feel that her whole body was filled with that iceberg's scent...

She must be possessed!

Nian Xiaomu kicked the blanket off and got out of the bed. She picked up a set of clean clothes and walked into the bathroom.

Turning on the shower head, she felt the funny thoughts in her head clear away as the cold water fell onto her face.

As she adjusted the tap, the water quickly became warm.

The mist in the bathroom rose and filled the entire area.

Her svelte figure was partly hidden, yet partly visible.

Shortly after, Nian Xiaomu was done and turned off the shower head. As she reached out for the bath towel, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, and her hand stopped in midair.

Her eyes lowered to the scar on her abdomen.

There was a scar across her lower abdomen that was the length of a finger. From the look of it, it could be a burn scar.

Her hand stroked it casually before she quickly grabbed the towel to wrap herself up.


Knock, knock...

The incessant knocking on the door hounded her ears annoyingly.

Nian Xiaomu had had a late night, and her head was left with only one thought: to sleep until the end of the world!

Although she could hear the knocking on her door, she did not think twice about grabbing a pillow to cover her head and to continue to sleep.

The knocking persisted, followed by the butler speaking up, "Nian Xiaomu, Young Master and Little Miss are already awake. How can you still sleep!"


She could not be bothered in the least with who was awake. Even if the Heavenly Emperor were awake, that would not stop her from sleeping.

"Young Master said you have only 10 minutes to get ready. Otherwise, you should be prepared to leave the house in your pajamas!" the butler's anxious voice spoke up again.

"..." She refused to listen to the nagging.

Nian Xiaomu rolled over in her blanket and was going to continue to sleep. Yet, in the next second, the butler's words automatically replayed in her head.

Her body stiffened, and she hugged her pillow to sit up.

Scratching her head, her face aghast in shock.

She crawled out of bed and rushed to the door to open it.

"What did you just say, Butler?"

She had to have been half-asleep. Why would Yu Yuehan call on her when he was going out?

With a look of annoyance at her unbecoming bed hair, the butler pulled a long face and explained, "Little Miss has recovered from her injuries and wanted to accompany Young Master to the office. Obviously, you have to go along with her."