The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 90

Chapter 90: The way their brains short-circuited was the same

"You do need to get ready, to explain this to me." Yu Yuehan turned to sit down on the sofa. His expression was cold and stern.

Cheng Xiulu looked down on the document that had been thrown onto the floor, her smile freezing.

A streak of panic swept across her face.

She managed to rapidly calm herself down.

No way. She had been very cautious and had not had any interaction with Fang Zhenyi. He should not be suspicious of her.

It must be regarding something else.

Cheng Xiulu put on a smile again and coolly picked up the document. "What important matter could it be that sent you here, Yuehan...?

Yu Yuehan only looked back at her, but did not reply.

The atmosphere became somber.

Cheng Xiulu sensed that something was not right and hastily opened the document to take a glance. It only took a glance to wipe the smile off her face.

She flung the document away.

"I was framed, Yuehan! I don't even know that Fang Zhenyi. How could I have given her that drug!"

As Cheng Xiulu slipped into panic mode, her flustering eyes narrowed the next second when she spotted Nian Xiaomu standing behind Yu Yuehan.

"Was it you? You must bear a grudge against me because I punished you last time, Nian Xiaomu. You must have made up tales about me and told Yuehan to purposely make me the scapegoat, right?"


Nian Xiaomu was still wondering why Yu Yuehan had suddenly wanted to come to the small courtyard.

She was gaining some understanding of what was happening, but when she heard Cheng Xiulu's words, she almost spat in her face!

Even this could be her wrongdoing?

It was no wonder they were in cahoots. The way their brains short-circuited was the same.

Nian Xiaomu looked back at the raging Cheng Xiulu and bent over to pick up the document that had landed in front of her. She glanced through it, and her lips curled into a sneering smile.

"It only mentioned Fang Zhenyi, the drug composition, and its effects. There was no mention of what happened. Isn't Madam too eager to clarify matters?"

After what had happened last night, Fang Zhenyi stayed in the hospital.

No one in the Yu household knew about this besides Yu Yuehan's assistant and the butler.

The small courtyard had not been informed, so how did Cheng Xiulu get news of it?

Unless she had been waiting for updates after she gave the drug to Fang Zhenyi.

That was why she could so quickly and so clearly figure out that Yu Yuehan had come to interrogate her when she saw him!

"I..." The color on Cheng Xiulu's face changed.

She had not thought that her anxiety would give her away or that Nian Xiaomu would catch on to it so quickly.

She continued by muttering some incoherent explanation, "Yuehan, I haven't stepped out of the small courtyard since your grandma's birthday party. Everyone in the small courtyard can be my alibi. This matter has nothing to do with me. You have to believe Small Aunt..."

"Of course you don't need to step out of your house. With money, it is all too easy to hire someone to run errands for you," scoffed Nian Xiaomu with her arms crossed.

She finally understood why this second lady had found her to be an eyesore since the first time they met.

It turned out that it was because she was Fang Zhenyi's stumbling block.

In other words, that Fang Zhenyi had been Cheng Xiulu's informant all along...

With this thought flashing in her mind, she immediately looked up to look at the man sitting on the sofa.

Was this the reason he suddenly wanted to fire Fang Zhenyi?

What about her?

Did this mean that he trusted her since he was willing to allow her to keep looking after Xiao Liuliu?

As if he had sensed something, Yu Yuehan suddenly looked up and turned toward Nian Xiaomu.