The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Well, that's something impressive

In the office, the chilly atmosphere did not seem different from the usual.

However, he knitted his eyebrows at the subtle burnt smell that floated between his breath.

He removed the jacket of his suit and threw it aside conveniently onto the sofa meant for guests. After which, he strolled toward the lounge.

Before he even reached the lounge, he saw the assistant standing at the door with a confused look on his face. When the assistant spotted him, he opened his mouth and seemed to have something to say. He didn't manage to speak his thoughts, but the expressions on his face was amusing.

"What happened?" Yu Yuehan frowned and opened his thin lips.

The assistant wanted to answer him when Nian Xiaomu ran out of the kitchen with a spatula in hand.

When she saw Yu Yuehan, she smiled with squinted eyes.

"You are done with your meeting? Go and wash your hands firstthe food will be ready soon!"

"..." Yu Yuehan stared at her red face, which was probably caused by the smoke in the kitchen, and narrowed his eyes.

"Young Master, also..." The assistant at his side had wanted to say something, but Yu Yuehan was already making his way to the lounge.

His gaze shifted toward the dining table subconsciously.

On the table were the "trophies" which Nian Xiaomu had spent two hours fighting for.

"Make way, make way! The soup is pretty hot!" Yu Yuehan walked to the front, but before he could take a detailed look at the dishes, he saw her making her way out of the kitchen and carrying a bowl of soup with both her hands.

She passed by him and placed it on the table with a thump.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief and lifted her head up with excitement after removing her apron.

"Successfully accomplished!"

Yu Yuehan: "..."

Although she had done plenty of things that were unimaginable previously, he had never seen her carry an expression that was so happy like this one.

She had only prepared a meal todaywasn't she overly excited?

When he saw her look, his expectations toward the meal were greatly increased. With a twist of his head, he glanced at the dining table.

However, his expression turned weird in a second after just a glance.

"What is this?" asked Yu Yuehan, pointing at a black mess on the table.

Nian Xiaomu lowered her chin. With a glance, she answered, "Fried fish. I remembered to get rid of the fishy smell as well as season it, but it seems like I didn't control the heat wellit's a little charred."

"..." It was so charred that he could not make out that it was a fish, yet she still said that it was only a little charred?

Yu Yuehan wrinkled his brows and pointed to another bright red plate.

"And what is this?"

"Sweet and sour pork ribs. This was my first time making it, but I did check the recipeit's just that I seem to have added a tiny bit too much ketchup..."

She had not added a tiny bit moreshe had added the entire bottle of ketchup.

Yu Yuehan had given up on his questions and scanned the dishes on the dining table.

Other than the plate of boiled vegetables that was still recognizable, he could not make out any of the other dishes.

Even this plate of vegetables, which he had managed to recognize, had turned into withered, yellowed leaves from the original emerald color due to overcooking.

"Are you planning to feed me this?" asked Yu Yuehan with his deep eyes; his face clearly looked solemn.

He had originally expected a sumptuous feast, but what was before him now was a set of dark and sinister cuisine.

Nian Xiaomu panicked when she heard him, "Don't judge them just because of their appearance. Perhaps they will taste good!"

"Have you tried?" Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows and asked.

"... Nope."

"So your intention is for me to be a guinea pig?" Yu Yuehan spoke in a chilly voice and stared at her. It was as if he would break her neck the moment she nodded her head in agreement.

As the two of them stood in confrontation, a soft and tiny figure had just awoken and was walking toward them.

Standing on tiptoe, she lifted a piece of fried omelette with her tiny fingers and stuffed it into her mouth when she saw that there was food on the table.