The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Gossip!

Nian Xiaomu: "...!"

She did not want to eat anymore. She wanted to hold on to him and perish together!

"Do you have something to say?" Yu Yuehan threw a glance at her disgruntled face, raising an eyebrow as he challenged her.

"I already said that I did not know how to cook, but you insisted that I do it. Of course you have to bear the consequences!" Nian Xiaomu mustered her courage and tried to talk it out with him.

When it concerned financial matters, she was not going to give in easily.

They had to reason it out!

"I remember that you said you did not know how to play the piano when I asked you last time." Yu Yuehan walked toward her and lowered his gaze at her. "You said you didn't know how to dance when I asked you to."

Nian Xiaomu's animated eyes fluttered, and she asked, "What do those have to do with cooking?"

"Logic has proven that your words are unreliable," Yu Yuehan concluded nonchalantly.

"..." He sounded so logical that she had nothing to rebuke him with.

That was why he had not believed her and insisted on her cooking for them.

Wasn't it fair then that she had to pay for burning down his kitchen?

Why did she feel that something was not right...

Before Nian Xiaomu could figure it out, his long figure had stepped past her and out of the kitchen. He then waved to Xiao Liuliu, who was in the room.

"Pretty Sister wants to treat you to a meal. Do you want to come?"

"Yes!" Xiao Liuliu's face cheered up when she heard that she did not have to eat the burnt food on table. She immediately ran out of her corner and flew into his arms.

The father and daughter quickly teamed together and walked out of the rest lounge hand in hand.

Nian Xiaomu was left behind, standing rooted to the ground and trying to figure out when she had agreed to treat them to a meal.

Weren't they trying to talk things out logically?

"You're wrong, Yu Yuehan. I am Xiao Liuliu's nurse, not a nanny. I'm not in charge of cooking..." Nian Xiaomu regained her composure and tried to catch up to him.

She had just stepped out of the rest lounge when she saw the assistant push the door open and enter.

"Master Han, Manager Wen is here. She's waiting outside." As the assistant spoke, a svelte figure walked in from outside.

Her light makeup accentuated her alluring and glamorous looks, which were pleasant to look at.

She was dressed in a black and white business suit that defined her curvaceous figure very well. At the same time, it added an air of confidence that career women possessed.

At that moment, however, that face was full of worry.

Her gaze fell on Yu Yuehan, and she stepped right past the assistant to stand in front of him. "Yuehan, I heard that you were feeling unwell and was about to visit you at the Yu villa."


To think that there was someone who would dare to call the iceberg so intimately by his name.


While Nian Xiaomu was sorting out what kind of relationship the two of them had, she saw Yu Yuehan avoid the hand of the woman that was almost about to touch him. In a subdued voice, he replied, "I'm fine."

The indifference in his attitude was like he was speaking to a stranger.

"You don't look so well..."

"I thought you were urgently looking for me regarding work matters, Manager Wen?" Yu Yuehan cut her off coldly, and the look on his face hardened.

There was a streak of annoyance in his expression.

Manager Wen was startled by what what he said and sensed his displeasure. She quickly dropped her look of concern and reported, "I have just spoken to Director Chen of Sheng Da Technologies. They are very satisfied with our promotional marketing plan. There are a few details that will require your approval. If there are no other questions, we can sign the contract right away!"

Sheng Da Technologies was their most important partner. The person in charge of the promotional work for this new collaboration was Wen Yadai.