The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 98

Chapter 98: The eyes and eyebrows have some resemblance

The family background of the Wen Family was pretty good. In fact, Wen Yadai herself was a top graduate from a prestigious university.

She was highly professional in publicity and public relations.

Regarding her personal image, there was nothing to nitpick either.

She carried an extraordinary aura just by standing there. Furthermore, she had an appropriate sense of propriety when dealing with interpersonal relationships.

There were also very few slip-ups for the cases that she handled; she was the publicly known and successful career woman of the Yu Corporation.

Even Yu Yuehan was more courteous toward her compared to others.

Wen Yadai collected her gaze, handed the proposal to him without missing out on the admiration that flashed beneath his eyes, and said, "The details are all inside. I need 15 minutes to present them to you."

"..." Yu Yuehan did not agree immediately. Instead, he turned his back and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

Only now did Wen Yadai notice that there was actually another woman present in his office.

Moreover, she was an extremely beautiful woman.

Her eyebrows were already dark without being drawn, and her features were delicate as well. In addition, her vibrant pair of eyes seemed to speak on their own.

However, she was not gaudy in her beauty. Instead, her beauty was very clean and refined.

One could not shift their eyes away from her with just a single glance...

Wen Yadai narrowed her eyes and asked, "She is?"

"Bring Xiao Liuliu to the restaurant first. Order the food while waiting for me," instructed Yu Yuehan. He did not answer Wen Yadai's question, but stared directly at Nian Xiaomu.

At the same time, he allowed the assistant to send her and Xiao Liuliu off.

Wen Yadai was stunned at this gesture.

From what she remembered, Yu Yuehan would never show concern for other women, except for his daughter.

However, even though it was just 15 minutes, he had not wanted the other party to wait for them and allowed them to head to the restaurant first.

She knitted her eyebrows when she saw Nian Xiaomu's departing silhouette, but was back to normal after just a second.

Looking at Yu Yuehan, she said, "This is the updated proposal. There is also another set of executive reports in my office. I will go retrieve them right away."

"Okay." Yu Yuehan took the proposal from her. He walked to his desk, pulled the chair out conveniently, and sat down.

He browsed through the document before him rapidly.

Wen Yadai turned and walked out of the chairman's office.

Just as she reached the stairs, she saw Nian Xiaomu preparing to enter the elevator with Xiao Liuliu in her arms.

They seemed to be very intimate with Xiao Liuliu leaning against Nian Xiaomu's chest and hugging her neck with a hand.

It was a kind of intimacy that Wen Yadai had never witnessed before.

In just a wink, their silhouettes disappeared from sight with the opening and closing of the elevator doors.

A look of astonishment flashed across Wen Yadai's eyes.

Even before stepping foot into the public relations department, she overheard many discussions.

"What background does that woman have? What do you guys think? She actually managed to have Young Master Han bring her to the office personally."

"Their relationship must be very close. I heard that Young Master Han even specially stood outside the office just to wait for her. I wonder what secrets the two of them share with each other."

"Is it real or fake?"

"Of course it's real! There were so many people present at the scene who witnessed it. Plus, haven't you realized that even though she and Little Miss do not look alike, their eyes and eyebrows have some resemblance?"

"Do you mean that that woman is Little Miss' biological mother?"

Ahem! Someone coughed intentionally when he saw Wen Yadai, who wasn't standing too far away from them.

At that moment, all the voices vanished.

"Why are all of you gathered here gossiping when you are supposed to be working? Does the public relations department in our company have nothing for all of you to do?" Wen Yadai walked up and spoke with a solemn voice.

The groups of people scattered like birds and beasts in an instant.

Just when Wen Yadai was about to enter the public relations department, the image of Nian Xiaomu carrying Xiao Liuliu at the elevator from before floated into her mind...