The Sacred Ruins Chapter 594

Chapter 594 The Dark World


Qin Luoyin had fallen into the purgatory!

The universe was startled by this news. After all, she was the sixth beauty under the starry skies, and one of the few most powerful people in the younger generation of the universe.

Ordinarily, she was already a star who was bursting with popularity, and now that this happened, it brought huge impact.

At the same time, there was also news about the destruction of Chu Feng.

According to the Dameng Pure Land, Qin Luoyin had used the forbidden incantation at the crucial moment, and with the supreme technique of Dameng Pure Land, it had opened the gate of the purgatory and dragged Chu Feng into it.

This time, although Qin Luoyin succeeded in killing the demon, she had also inadvertently fallen into the danger zone.

This was what the Dameng Pure Land had told the world. Those important people of the spiritual race and the deity race also consentedthey claimed that they were watching the battle in the outer domain.

This naturally led to an uproar because many people had a good impression of Qin Luoyin. They were her admirers, but not everyone was blindly convinced by this statement.

“Are they really going to hide the truth? I like fairy Qin a lot, but this time, she was indeed very passive. She was dominated by Demon King Chu at first, but how did she succeed in killing him at the end?”

“I saw it clearly. Didn’t Qin Luoyin get caught alive by Chu Feng? Why did Dameng Pure Land, the Spiritual race and the Deity race say that Fairy Qin won?”

“What do you know? Fairy Qin was indeed losing at first, but at the last moment, she successfully cast a curse with the intention of taking him down with her. And that is why she succeeded in killing the demon. Of course, she was destined to die too. What a pity, a flawless goddess with peerless talents has disappeared from the world just like that, never to be seen again.”

In the starry sky, all parties were in dispute.

The saint helped in the battle, but no one saw it and they wouldn’t get caught because there wasn’t any evidence.

However, a lot of people believed that there definitely was a saint involved. Even the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, the old donkey and other natives of the earth in their eye were raining curses. They were saying that the saints of the outer domain were a group of Jun To eggs and that they had attacked shamelessly on the sly. It was even worse in the outer realms; a lot of people in the starry sky thought that there were saints intervening and it had affected the final result.

“This is too wicked. Chu Feng is already dead, but he still can’t rest in peace. It was obvious that he suppressed the descendant of Dameng Pure Land and went to hell together with her, but in the end, someone forcefully distorted the truth and said that they successfully killed the demon. What’s the point of such a lie?”

“Hey, they are hiding the truth from the masses because they wanted to wipe off the truth, but this kind of battle result isn’t won so easily, I don’t think most of the people will believe it.”

“That’s right. Although the clairvoyance system at the outer domain didn’t catch the scene where the saints attacked, we can still find some clues from it!”

The starry sky was flaring up. There were a lot of sayings, and in the end, the truth about this battle sparked an intense discussion.

“Damn it, I’m furious. Brother Chu Feng dying in the battle like that was already unjust, he fell only because of those bullsh*t saints came to intervene. And now, they want to deprive him of his success. This group of saints is way too shameless.”

East sea, Mount Eternal. The black yak, Yellow Ox, and the Manchurian Tiger were pissed off and were filled with anger.

In the battle at Mount Kunlun, they blood purged every race and then immediately rushed to Mount Longhu to pick up Chu Feng’s parents because they felt that the people of the outer realms were unscrupulous. They were afraid that these people would resort to every conceivable means.

Although Yao Yao warned them that the evolvers from outer domain couldn’t enter Mount Longhu, she had already left and nobody knew what would happen.

“Could they be more wicked? The purgatory area isn’t something that an evolver of the younger generation can open. Chu Feng’s death is truly unjust!”

Finally, an important person in the starry sky started to talk, it was exactly the founder of the origin beast platform, Lin Qi. He stood out and even wanted to make public a scene that was caught by the heaven’s eye.

The debates were dying out at this point and no longer so intense.

Most of the people believed that Chu Feng’s death was because of the intervention of the experts, that an important person from the outer realm had taken the field personally and changed the situation.

Of course, the hidden truth that the group of saints had intervened wasn’t publicized. If this news were to really spread out, it would definitely cause a huge commotion. To have the saints of every race joined hands to plot against a member of the younger generation, it would be a scandal which, once leaked, would cause many people to lose their standing.

The biggest scandal wasn’t revealed, but a lot of people knew that Chu Feng was incredibly formidable and he had made some important persons uneasy. Therefore, they wanted to harm him.

“Unfortunately and sadly, the planet once ranked the eleventh in the universe, after declining for endless years, has produced a rare immortalsprout, but in the end, he was harmed by someone.”

In the starry sky, there were all kinds of clamor.

“It would be wonderful if, one day, Demon King Chu can come back and sell all the offsprings of those saints for revenge. This time, even I feel angry for him, it was very unfair.”

“What a pity, it’s certain death once one enters the purgatory. It’s no longer possible to see Chu Feng alive.”

“I heard that Dameng Pure Land is finding someone and preparing to join hands to open the purgatory and rescue Qin Luoyin. Maybe Chu Feng can follow them and escape.”

“Stop dreaming, if they really want to open the purgatory again, that means that Chu Feng is certain to die. How would Dameng Pure Land let him get away? They will definitely seize that opportunity to eliminate him completely. Besides, how could the people who had fallen in be alive? Including Qin Luoyin, no one can hold on till being rescued!”

Kunlun, purgatory.

After the huge crevice had closed, Qin Luoyin was dragged by Chu Feng and they fell in together, swallowed by the pitch-black abyss.

And then, he felt a strenuous churn as though the sky was spinning and the earth was going around. He was suffering from a great energy shock and his entire body was about to be ripped apart.

In this process, Chu Feng seemed to see corpses as big as a planet lying in disarray within this deathly still dark space.

On the way, he rolled violently and knocked against some corpses. At the same time, saw some meteorites that were utterly broken, but he couldn’t see clearly because they were covered by the darkness.

He didn’t know if it was a misconception or if those things were real.

In this process, he suffered rams from all sides and his entire body felt like it was going to break open. He was coughing up mouthfuls of blood. At last, he could hold onto Qin Luoyin no longer and the two of them were separated.

Most importantly, he could barely look after himself as he was struck severely on his way down. His body was nearly broken into two.

He reckoned that Qin Luoyin should be more injured than him or she might already be dead because while they were falling into the dark abyss, he had used her as a human shield once, causing her to run into an unknown object. He felt that she might be riddled with fractures by now.

He had no tenderness towards her because they were opponents. Moreover, those saints of Dameng Pure Land that plotted against him like this. It was truly despicable and vile.

“I can’t wait to become a saint and have genuine control over my own fate instead of being manipulated by others. At that time, I’ll go into space and kill that group of shameless saints.”

This was Chu Feng’s thoughts while he was falling. He was very resentful because if it was a fair battle, he would have fought fearlessly. In the end, however, he was plotted against by those saints from the outer realm. He wished he could battle once again at the heavenly vine and kill the saints.

However, he knew that ever since he beheaded Luo Hong, those saints were afraid of the consequences and would no longer give him another golden opportunity.

After another hit, Chu Feng could no longer control his body because he couldn’t fly here. He thought he was knocked by a meteorite and his body was going to shattered.


And then, while he was falling, he felt an ancient lance which had been left here since an unknown age penetrating his bodyblood splattered everywhere as his body spasm.

Damn it!

Chu Feng was indignant, but he was starting to blackout. He didn’t know where he would fall onto, and the process was too painfulhe was either crashing into or getting pierced by ancient weapons. He could die at any time.

At last, he passed out. Even someone as tough as him couldn’t stand this, and his body was so injured that it had nearly shattered.

After an unknown length of time, he finally reached the ground and smashed a deep hole in the ground, splitting the earth apart.

He felt great pain as if all of his bones had been broken. Chu Feng stretched his arm with difficulty and took a long time to sit up. He didn’t even know how long he had passed out.

It was pitch-dark here.

After Chu Feng got up, he found himself suffering from serious injuries. His arms and calves were deformed, clearly, his bones were all broken, and his body was drenched in blood.

He operated the breathing technique to heal his injured body, shrouding it in a white haziness.

In an instant, the sound of bones joining up rang out inside his body and he once again felt a sharp pain. One had to know that he now had a strong constitution, and his bones were very hard to break. But this time, the condition of his injuries was actually so serious.

What made Chu Feng speechless the most was the fact that some parts of the armor were forcibly rammed into his flesh and the wounds were especially serious. There were even metal armor pieces stabbing into his body.

Some time ago, he had caught quite a number of divine sons and saintesses. Before he sold them, he robbed them of theirspatial braceletsand obtained a lot of secret treasures. Naturally, there was no lack of sturdy armors on him.

Who would have thought that the armor would, on the contrary, injure him during the fall? He was speechless.

Chu Feng quickly took out an object from the spatial bracelet.

It was the stone box he had picked up at the foot of Mount Kunlun with the three seeds inside.

When the purgatory opened, Chu Feng had felt something different from the stone box. Even though it was inside the spatial bracelet, he could still sense a slight fluctuation from it.

He was grimacing as he held the stone box. He discovered a faint light on the stone box, and one of the corners was glowing with veined patterns resembling a heavenly diagram!

He opened the stone box and saw the three seeds inside, still as before.

Chu Feng knew that it was the stone box that changed.

His heart trembled a little because when he picked it up, it was very ordinary and no different from ordinary stonesthere was no luster at all.

Back then, Chu Feng thought that the three seeds were rather exceptional, however, he had never thought that even the stone box was also unusual.

Right now, how could he not see that this thing must have secrets!

Chu Feng sat with his legs crossed for quite some time. The breathing technique’s effect was extremely good because his bones had been restored to its original position and the wounds had healed. He clambered up soon afterward. An ordinary person would have been bedridden for months, but he could immediately move around.

At this moment, his eyes erupted with flames, glowing ever more resplendent in the dark. That was his Fiery Eyeshe wanted to find out what kind of place he had arrived in.

As expected, he saw the scenery clearly. It was a boundlessly vast open space with no end in sight. Deathly stillness, serenity, and lack of vitality were like the everlasting themes of this place.

It was like a wasteland, but the soil was dark red and there was no border.

And then, he looked up and was deeply in shock because there were a lot of meteorites floating in the air. Some of them were larger than mountains, and others only the size of a millstone. There were too many to count from the bottom to the end of the sky.

He finally understood why he was constantly struck and badly injured on his way down. It was because there were too many suspended matters.

Other than meteorites, he also saw some enormous weapons lying across the space abovesome were very normal, but some werethousands of feet long, all broken and rusty.

He frowned a little. Even he couldn’t fly in this place, but these things were actually hanging in the air. It was indeed very strange.

Chu Feng searched for a long time here, trying to look for Qin Luoyin, but he ended up empty-handed. He came to a higher place, opened his Fiery Eyes, and glanced toward the distance.

Soon, he discovered something astonishing. In a certain direction, at the end of the horizon, there was a faint light. He pondered a little and strode forward.

Chu Feng found out that, although he couldn’t fly, he could still usethe World’s End Near at Handand other secret techniques.

He trotted hundreds of kilometers at great speed, and he found that the faint lights had become even brighter. Then, he sped up even more.

Just like that, he rushed all the way and traversed hundreds of kilometers. The lights grew brighter and rushed high into the sky.

“What was that? There was actually a bright land in the middle of a dark abyss?” Chu Feng was surprised.

He rushed forward again and covered thousands of kilometres. He was deeply amazed that this strange and deathly still land was actually this big.

After running for some distance again, he finally saw the brilliant light in front. It had lightened up the place and a lot of the floating meteorites could be seen.

“That is” Chu Feng was shocked. Afterward, he went dozens of kilometers foward until he saw thoroughly what was in front of him.

It was a tremendous old city glowing with dazzling lights. The light beams rushed into the horizon, emitting powerful rays of energy.

There was actually a radiant city in the middle of a dark abyss, showering the world with light. It was really too bizarre.