The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1 Chapter 12 The Wealthy Second Generation

Sophie frowned slightly and looked at the little fairy with some confusion on her face. How could her race possibly be unknown?

It must be noted that high end luxury brands like Zafriase had access to the entire data bank of known species due to their ties to the upper-class clientele.

One could not shop from the Zafriase store using wealth alone as a certain level of connections or influence was required to even apply for membership.

The fairy could sense that Sophie was in a bad mood and hurriedly spoke again,

"We may not know your exact genetic make up, but your DNA has similarities to three potential species"

Sophie was now slightly intrigued by this information, her father had never spoken directly about her mother's race or how he met her.

Whenever she brought up the subject, the duke would quickly change topics and pretend that she never asked.

However, she had discovered that once a year her father would spend the day in his study looking at a strand of hair hidden away in a box under his desk.

Sophie would never forget the look of sorrow and pain that crossed his face when she had spied on him.

She never brought up the subject again.

"Okay why don't you tell me which species I resemble the most," Sophie replied.

The fairy acknowledged her with a small hum and the scanner reactivated and once again flashed a light through her body. Closing her eyes, the fairy then checked through the database a second time to filter for all potential matches.

A few minutes passed before she opened her eyes with a soft glow and spoke,

"Scanning through potential matches of DNA."

"Three species of genetic similarity found!"

"Human > 50 % genetic match, the client is a confirmed human hybrid"

"Mutated spider beast ->9% genetic similarity, low probability of second genetic parent"

"Shin'eall -> 20% genetic similarity, low to medium probability of second genetic parent"

"Warning: this species is a humanoid class race of the Insectoid empire"

"Threat level: Lethal"

"Click any option to find out more information about the race"

Sophie was not surprised by the first option as she had always known that her dad was fully human, and his family had been that way for generations. The other potential matches were a shock as they made no sense.

The mutated spider beasts were a low-class species of the insectoids empire that resembled horrific ten feet tall spiders with razor sharp fangs and deadly poison.

They had low intelligence and were simply wild animals. Unless her father had a death wish, he would not have sired a child with one.

But the last option with the twenty percent genetic similarity was even more improbable than the spider beast.

Despite the thousands of insectoid races, there were only a few humanoid species capable of intelligence.

These races were considered the leaders of the empire and had the strength to match. They were few in numbers and lacked the reproductive capabilities of their simple-minded brethren but made up for it in raw combat skills and strength.

The Shin'eall were one of these races who outwardly looked almost identical to humans were it not for their silvery eyes and transparent wings jutting out from their backs.

Members of this race were responsible for a genocide of a mining colony in the Andromeda system and the federation under public outrage had declared them as a lethal threat to be exterminated on sight.

Is my mom an Insectoid as well then? But how can that be possible!

There were some recorded cases in history of successful offsprings between humans and high-class insectoid species but by and large the two civilisations avoided each other save for in battle.

Her father was a commander in the imperial army for god sake!

How could he fall in love with the enemy?

Any child produced from the union would be seen as too human for the Insectoids and regarded with suspicion and fear from humanity.

A myriad of emotions flashed across Sophie's face, but she soon calmed herself down and issued instructions to the fairy,

"Using my identity as a black diamond member. purge the entire record of this conversation and remove the search of my potential race from the database."

It was unlikely that she would be able to conceal her heritage especially with the spider legs sticking out from her back but there was no need to have this information on file.

A clear mechanical voice rang out from the fairy as she replied,

"Permission to delete client's information."

"Client information classified as level two priority"

"Request granted all data has been purged!"

Sophie let out a small sigh of relief and leaned back on the bed with heavy thoughts racing across her mind.

She needed to have a long conversation with her father once she returned home, there was no longer the option of allowing him to change the subject.

"My dear client we can also use memory foam to make custom clothes for you using your body measurements" the fairy spoke up suddenly.

Sophie's eyes brightened immediately, and she was tempted to give the tiny fairy a pat on the head.

Why didn't she think of that option before!

There was no need to buy a premade set of clothing when the store offered custom clothes as an option.

She quickly sent in a large order for undergarments, a modified version of her school uniform, everyday clothes and a large cloak to conceal her body when she went out in public.

The fairy took all the orders faithfully and Sophie looked at the price of all the items and gasped in fright.

The earth federation used a currency called Enas and the cost of her clothes was equivalent to the rent of a large apartment in a first-rate city.

God it feels good to be a rich second generation!

She held up her black card and the tablet scanned it automatically and deducted the cost from her bank account. Sophie was unsure of the full amount of money on the card but only knew her father said she could probably buy a city.

"Will that be all for today?" the fairy asked.

"Yes this is all I need... thank you," Sophie replied with a smile. This virtual assistant was very cute and helpful, no wonder the model was so popular right now.

"It has been a pleasure helping you shop, and I hope to see you soon!" with a sparking grin the fairy clapped her hands twice and disappeared leaving a small light stream behind.

Having finished handling her main concern, Sophie relaxed and started to remove the dirty sheets from the bed.

There were a couple spare sheets under the bed, so she happily started humming while replacing the sheets.

Knock knock!

A loud tapping noise came from her door.