The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1 Chapter 2 The History Of The Earth Federation

The futuristic pod shuddered slightly, and a humming noise could be heard from the walls around Sophie.

She glanced around in panic but only a small screen popped out from the table and an empty bar with the words 'Enter Student Number' appeared.

Sophie looked at the number on her wristband before quickly typing in the combination. The numbers hovered on the screen briefly before disappearing and her wristband vibrated slowly in response.

"Welcome to the central hub of the library!" a voice rang out.

"What data would you like to search for?"

Sophie leaned back on the chair and contemplated what information should she look up first. She scanned through her new memories and sorted out what knowledge she knew and what she needed to confirm, then hesitantly called out,

"Search the history of the earth federation"

A small ding was heard in response and the mechanical voice replied to her.

"Accessing data banks on Earth Federation"

"Security level five detected... Information partially approved!"

The inner surface of the pod lit up with colourful lights and a wall of text hovering in the air appeared in front of her.

Sophie poked her hand in the direction of the words and saw that her arm passed right through as if it were merely an illusion.

She smiled in amazement at how crazy and different the technology in this world was.

There was then a scene of a young girl inside the pod of waving her hands around a couple more times like a child discovering a new toy until she gradually settled down and listened to voice beginning to read the text.

"Around the year 2050 the earth was in a state of collapse, the population had exploded to over fifteen billion and the agriculture industry was unable to keep up.

Small and large scale wars over the limited resources increased until nuclear weapons began to get involved.

Entire major countries such as America, China, Russia and India had been destroyed by social unrest and strife.

Mankind was entering a new dark age and many historians believe the end of humanity was upon the people living in that era.

Until they came.

An alien race called the Draxes landed on planet Earth in the year 2089 and were amazed by the life forms inhabiting it.

They kidnapped and studied human physiology and discovered that humans had a latent talent for cultivation the likes of which had never been seen before.

Although humans were weak at birth compared to the other races of the galaxies, their ruthlessness and will to survive were unmatched.

The Draxes were a non-humanoid race of serpent creatures who enslaved other races to fight wars to expand their territory.

The mighty Draxi empire stretched from the Milky Way to the Andromeda system. They brought a mighty fleet of over seventy spacesh.i.p.s and captured the remaining population of humans on earth then left for their home planet.

The human army experiment was a resounding success for the military might of the empire.

Although not every human was able to cultivate, there were those with talent that could rise from qi body to qi spirit and all the way to the void stage.

Of course, any human capable of reaching beyond was culled swiftly to avoid an uprising.

Or so it was believed.

The humans fought war after war for their new overlords and became known for their fierce nature across the system. Several hundreds of years had passed and the Draxes grew arrogant and corrupt.

There was no longer a drive for conquest by the leaders of the empire and humans were now seen as an unnecessary tool. The order then came from the upper ranks to kill all the humans in the armies.

This was a fatal mistake.

What the Draxes did not know was that mankind had never seen them as benevolent masters that they would die for.

No matter how many years went by, a slave was still a slave. Several sub factions had formed over the years with the goal of independence and liberation from the Draxi empire.

Some considered methods of peaceful protests while others wanted violent liberation.

When the revolution begun and the Draxes soldiers brought their plasma rifles to execute the rebel humans, they were quickly overrun and killed by a surprise attack.

The humans had teamed up with the other enslaved races such as the Servies, Mandolesa and Quafes who would later in history be known as the co-founding members of the Earth Federation.

The Draxes were unprepared and the buildings on the home planet of Litheia were razed to the ground.

Quickly the call for reinforcements from the space fleet were sent but what use is it when the captain of the ship is a Draxe but the entire crew are humans.

Most of the sh.i.p.s rose up in mutiny and overthrew the commanding crew present, then mankind decided to...."

"Information restricted!"

"So, what happened to the Draxi Empire?" Sophie asked curiously.

"Information restricted!"

Sophie frowned at the red words flashing across the screen, there was so much to absorb from the story, but the most important part was apparently locked behind level one security clearance which she did not have.

"Continue the history and show all available information," Sophie commanded in a rough tone.

The voice hummed as the computer scanned through all security cleared data to present the rest of the history lesson.

"By the year 3000, every planet of the former empire was [redacted] by the command of the Earth Federation and therefore deemed inhospitable to life forms.

The four different races each have their own home planet and are required to send certain numbers of their population to join the imperial fleet.

Humanity had conquered hundreds of small planets,exoplanets and moons as well as eighty five major planets and two supernovas.

There is now direct conflict between three major empires, the Federines, Insectoids, Unova and the Earth Federation over territory disputes in certain star systems.

(Full list of territory disputes can be accessed separately)."

"The noble houses of humankind produce the strongest cultivation talents and are genetically and naturally superior to the rest of humanity.

Nobles remain the shinning light of the universe and will lead humanity to hegemony over all who oppose us!"

There was a short spiel of propaganda at the end of the text, but Sophie paid it no mind as questions danced across her mind over what she had learnt.

Why was the information about the end of the rebellion restricted?

What happened to the survivors of the Draxi Empire?

Sophie groaned in frustration over the apparent lack of answers present to her. She resolved herself to ask her father these questions when she returned home during the winter break.

The Royal Academy was equivalent to high school back on Sui Meng's earth.

It was a prestigious school on the planet of Gaia where the royal family of humans resided. There were no commoners present in the school and only the upper rank nobility was allowed inside. Sophie as far a she could tell was the only hybrid present in senior year.

There were no pens in her bag but Sophie withdrew her tablet and begun to jot down a few notes of information so she could read it over when she went back to her dorm. When she finished, the wall of text flashed a few times before disappearing and a search inquiry bar replaced it.

Sophie was going to research information on cultivation but was struck by a wave of sleepiness, so she decided to come again tomorrow instead. She packed up her little bag and exited the pod while yawning heavily.

There was a gasping noise outside the pod and Sophie looked up to see a group of pretty noble girls. One of them smiled merrily and called out to her,

"Well... well...if it isn't the inhuman garbage!"