The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1 Chapter 3 A Sharp Tongue With No Strength

Sophie frowned slightly as she scanned slowly across the group of noble girls standing before her with unfriendly gazes.

They were clearly asking for trouble and the residual memories from past experiences with these types of nobles caused her hands to tremble slightly in fear.

Sophie took a deep breath to calm down, then swiftly hid her hands behind her back to prevent the girls from seeing any signs of weakness.

"Excuse me trash! Get out of here as fast as you can!" one of the girls yelled at her with a commanding tone.

"Can't you see miss Leona wants to use that pod?" another girl chimed in.

Mocking laughter rang out from the group and Sophie curled her hands into fists, her old personality may have simply lowered her head and left immediately but Sui Meng was a firm believer in repaying good with kindness and evil with a firm fist.

"Firstly, I need to find out which one is the group leader," Sophie muttered slowly to herself.

There were six young noblewomen before her with each having otherworldly beauty and figures. In an era of interstellar travel, it was common for babies to undergo genetic modification and rewrite of their DNA to improve physical prowess and appearances.

Hence the attractivity levels of everyone Sophie had seen was much higher than what Sui Meng was accustomed to back on her earth.

She could not tell who the leader was based on looks alone so she quickly checked each girl's uniform in turn.

There was the answer!

Five of the girls wore the red uniforms with the silver streaks that she had seen on the students in the middle of the hall while the girl in the center of the group was proudly wearing a white uniform with eight stars stitched carefully across her forearm indicating qi body stage eight.

The girl had curly purple ringlets and a haughty expression on her face, she had not said a word yet but was gazing at Sophie with emotions of disgust and hatred flashing across her eyes.

She had a slender figure with dark chocolate skin that made her look exotic.

Sophie racked her brain to try and figure out the identity of this girl as despite having fused personalities, many memories were locked away and required active searching to be accessed. She was unsure of this was a side effect or would the memories be gradually unsealed without effort.

Suddenly a person's name flashed across her mind and an expression of rage surfaced on Sophie's face which was luckily hidden by the long hair covering her looks.

The noble girl's name was Leona Braveheart who was also the heir to a duke house.

She used to be Sophie's playmate when they were little girls but when they entered middle school together that all changed.

Sophie was mocked relentlessly by the students around her for her strange ears and pupils and her friend Leona was also teased as well.

Leona at first, was reluctant to give up on the years of friendship but gradually the outside pressure began to wear her down and she met with Sophie to break off all ties.

Leona was haunted by the understanding smile that Sophie had given her when she had decided to abandon her best friend.

This filled her heart with a sense of guilt and remorse whenever she saw Sophie sitting alone in class isolated from the rest of her peers. Over time these feelings warped into a sense of hatred and blame.

It was all Sophie's fault! How dare she look at her with blaming eyes!

The apparent lack of cultivation talent that Sophie possessed led Leona to reassure herself that she had made the right decision.

In reality this was all in Leona's head as Sophie did not feel anger or hate towards her former friend, the only emotions she felt were hollowness and loneliness.

"Don't just stand there like a mute, hurry up and apologies to Leona for wasting her time by using the library!" a sharp voiced echoed out from the crowd, snapping Sophie from her dazed expression.


The Sui Meng side of her personality rose to the forefront as her body straightened up immediately and walked towards the group of girls with a confident expression on her face and a grin.

"Pardon me, could you perhaps be taking to myself?" Sophie asked politely.

"Well as far as I can tell there are no other hybrid disgraces in the academy so who knows?" this time Leona replied for the group with a sarcastic tone.

A crowd of curious onlookers had long since gathered and were watching the show eagerly to see the hybrid trash get put in her place.

With Sophie's identity as the daughter of a duke, they could not personally bully her without fearing the retribution of her father.

It was a different story for nobles from houses ranked duke and above as the old ancestors of their houses would not get involved in struggles between the younger generations.

Sophie lifted her long hair out of her face and the girls were shocked by her delicate and seductive features. She smiled gently with an expression of innocence and purity that would make both men and women's hearts skip a beat.

Sophie looked at the follower who called her an inhuman trash and spoke loudly in a calm voice.

However, the words she then uttered shattered the peaceful image instantly and made all the onlookers gasp in shock.

"How does it feel to be seen as a proud young noblewoman when all you are is a pathetic dog?"

She then turned to Leona who was overlooking the scene as if it had nothing to do with her and continued in the same careless tone,

"It is almost impressive how you manage to surround and train these bitches to obey your every command."

"Well like servant, like master I guess"

Deathly silence.

The calm sense of quiet reigned across the library with an almost surreal atmosphere, none of the nobles present would ever use such crass insults in public. Leona and her clique did not even know how to react.

Why was the script all wrong?

Truthfully, they had not come looking for Sophie at the library but had come to research new cultivation techniques for the upcoming class evaluation.

It was one of Leona's followers, a girl by the name of Mary who saw the hybrid outcast exiting a pod to the right of them, so they made the decision to mock her a bit.

Leona gave a mocking sneer and spoke, "Well guess you are good with words, aren't you? If only your cultivation was as good as your insults."

Only a single palm was raised, but Sophie felt a strong sense of danger from the hand before her. Leona focused slowly then extended her fingertips into the air then slashed towards Sophie with a smooth practised motion.

A beam of white light rushed out from her palm and before Sophie could react in time, it collided directly into her chest.

Sophie was knocked down roughly to the ground and tumbled about seven meters before her back landed against the walls of a pod with a dull thud.

The metallic taste of blood entered her mouth and she slowly wiped her hands across her lips to get rid of the traces.

What she did not realise was that when her bloodstained hand touched the necklace on her chest which absorbed the droplets of blood with a soft bluish glow.

Harsh laughter rung out from the surrounding crowd which stung Sophie's ears, everywhere she looked there was a person standing there with a mocking look.

It was no wonder that under this environment the original host turned out weak and cowardly.

Life for hybrids was not even bad in the rest of the federation, they were generally considered part of the human race and had the same rights as the common folk. However, they could never be part of the nobility and the ruling class.

Sophie stood up, withstanding the pain and agony coming from her chest and spat out a few words at the mocking girls,

"In the class evaluation pray to whatever gods you worship that you don't have the misfortune to face me."

She turned to Leona and flashed a small smile and spoke softly,

"I did see you as a friend all those years ago and I never blamed you for the decision you made but now I will personally ensure you give up that uniform."

Sophie turned around after the declaration, not caring whether Leona acknowledged it or not and limped out of the library.

She cut a lonely but proud figure who swayed from side to side but with sheer willpower refused to fall before she made it back to the dorms.