The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1 Chapter 34 The Challenge

"Alright is everyone ready to go to the arena?" the homeroom teacher asked.

"Wait! Wait! Sorry teacher I'm a bit late!" Sophie shouted as she dashed into the classroom.

There was a bit of delay at the housing complex as the receptionist did not recognise her after the change and thought that she had stolen an ID wristband. It was only after undergoing a biology scan that she managed to drop off her stuff and sprint to class.

"How dare you come so late on such an important da." the teacher trailed off as he saw Sophie's appearance.

Sophie walked to her seat with her head held high as whispers erupted from all around the classroom.

The original host hid her facial appearance behind long hair and tried to keep a low profile, but Sui Meng was far more outgoing.

She even relished the attention.

Katarina had personally given her a makeover the week before her return to school which had caused her father to give her a long lecture on the dangers of men when he saw her new look.

Later that night, Sophie gazed at her reflection in the mirror and just had one thought.

I am hot as hell!

Sophie had an imposing height of six feet, so she now towered over the shorter students. Her body was voluptuous with curves in all the right places which swayed gently from side to side as she walked to her seat.

Strangely enough the spider legs looked natural on her body and even gave a peculiar sense of charm.

But it was her face that provided the most appeal.

The golden eyes shone eerily, and her beautiful face gave off the image of a poisonous rose that could lead anyone into a fatal attraction.

"Dondon't let that happen again," the teacher managed to stutter out.

Sophie sat down in her chair quietly and just observed the students sneaking glances at her. Some looked on in disgust at her spider legs, some were staring with l.u.s.t at her bountiful chest and some were simply curious.

After a few minutes, the teacher resumed his speech as if nothing had happened although the tips of his ears were slightly red,

"I will now confirm the students who have registered for the class evaluation. Just say present if you consent to participate. This will be your final time to drop out."

"Thaely Bakins"


"Jose Prisnaer"


"Brandy Hally"






"Sophie Peterlor"

"Present!" came a lazy reply.

There was a short pause as the teacher seemed shocked for a moment but he simple shook his head and dismissed the class to head to the arena.

He had seen too many students over the years who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth and it appeared that this hybrid girl was the same.

As Sophie streamed out of the room with the rest of her classmates, she spotted the original host's best friend Leona whose sneak attack in the library was still fresh on her mind.

She pushed her way through the crowd and grabbed her shoulder roughly. Leona gave a startled look and confusion appeared on her face as she stared at her former best friend.

How did she get so pretty?

Jealousy bubbled up in her chest and she quickly spat out a rude greeting,

"What do you want hybrid?"

Hatred and sorrow filled Sophie's mind and her hand shook involuntarily. These were the remnant emotions of the original host who saw her only friend betray and then bully her relentlessly just to get popular.

She lowered her head to hide the expression in her eyes and muttered some words that made Leona boil over with rage.

"I will personally eliminate you from the class evaluation if you ever face me. Consider this a challenge for all the years of being your punching bag."

"Fine I accept! How could I ever lose to a cultivation waste like you?" Leona fired back.

Sophie could still feel the lingering emotions of the original host and her eyes turned cold. If you did not want to be her friend, then so be it but why bully an innocent girl.

"And Leona."

"What?" came the impatient reply.

"I hope it was worth it," with that parting remark Sophie melted back into the crowd.

Leaving her former friend staring at her back with a trace amount of guilt.

Sophie followed her classmates until they arrived at the grand arena of the Royal Academy. She could not help but whistle in admiration. The arena was like an enormous stadium with comfortable memory foam seats for spectators and several fighting rings with domes of different environments.

It was quite loud as the class evaluation for the seniors was attended by students of all grades as a form of motivation and school spirit.

The class evaluation was held in a tournament format where the participants would be separated into groups for the initial stages then progress to a battle royale finale. With twenty-five participants, there would be five groups where the students would undergo a series of one on one duels

This would all lead to the finals where the top two in each group would then advance and also be guaranteed a spot in the university entrance exam.

Weapons were provided by the school with blunted edges to prevent serious injuries as well as healers present in the case of accidents.

With the top five students automatically qualified, there was a restless atmosphere among the remaining students and some even cursed themselves for not being brave enough to sign up.

Principal Yang had not confirmed this news officially, but the gossip has already spread around the school.

Three of the five geniuses were in the qi spirit realm while the highest level of cultivation now present in the class evaluation was only qi body.

Rumors and secret betting began to circulate about who else would manage to steal a spot.

All of the remaining members of the prestigious group had signed up which was fifteen in total, followed by nine members of the regular class and then Sophie being the lone wolf of the black uniforms.

Principal Yang noticed the senior class had arrived so he cleared his throat and spoke a few words of encouragement,

"My dear students! You are the proud noble sons and daughters who rose above the common masses by virtue of your talent and bloodline. As the principal of the Royal Academy it is my pride and joy to commence this class evaluation tournament!"

"The winner of the tournament will receive 4000 Enas and two rare cultivation manuals!"

"Also, as you all have probably heard, the top five students of the prestigious class have been directly selected to go to the university entrance exam"

Gasps echoed around the assembly as even Sophie raised an eyebrow at the generous reward, but the news of five extra spots was also interesting.

The money was not much in the eyes of the wealthy students, but rare cultivation manuals were still quite precious especially for lower nobility families.

"All the participating students please check your wristband for the group assignment!" he continued.

Sophie felt a small buzz on her wrist and she quickly opened tapped on her band to access her tournament grouping.

Group five with the members; Leona Braveheart, Sophie Peterlor, Brian Cyan, Stacy Greene, Seth Flanigan

Four members of the prestigious class!

This was nothing more than a death group. There was an imperceptible frown on Sophie's face as she sensed that there was a hidden scheme behind this.

Or just some really bad luck

Fortunately, the person had no idea that her cultivation level had risen and was now approaching the qi spirit stage. The only fighter who could give her a challenge among her competitors would be Leona.

Sophie leaned back on her chair and relaxed slightly while ignoring the mocking glares being sent her way.

She did have to wait long for a confrontation as Leona swaggered over with a grin and said,

"Looks like I don't have to wait so long for a fight hybrid sc.u.m,"

The group of noble girls behind her started to laugh but Sophie just shot them a casual glance and resumed checking her tablet for information on the competitors in her bracket.

Leona scowled and walked away feeling as if she had lost face in front of her noble friends.

How dare that trash ignore her!