The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1 Chapter 39 Call Me..sophie

"II don't understand!" Sui Meng stammered as she hurriedly tried to explain.

"When I arrived in this bodydiddid we not fuse into one persona?"

She had always thought that Sophie's memories and personality had combined with her own during the first day of her sudden transmigration. The only reason that she felt so comfortable living this new life was because she felt that there was no difference between the original host and herself.

If that was a lieshe dared not even entertain the thought for a moment.

Had she been living the lie of an innocent child?

Stolen her identity, parents and even the very essence of her existence.

A short peal of laughter burst out from the little girl standing in front of her which was tinged with a faint trace of bitterness.

"No, you were right. Sophie no longer exists in this world," the child spoke with a contorted grin.

"I am nothing more than an echo. The faintest trace of a life that has been slowly disappearing with the passage of time."

Sui Meng gasped in disbelief, she had been so distracted by the shocking turn of events that she failed to notice the changes in the little girl.

Sophie's form began to flicker and sway like a mirage about to vanish.

She dashed forward and tried to hold young Sophie, but her hands passed through the figure that gazed at her with a sorrowful and heart wrenching look.

"Please tell me how can I help you?" Sui Meng desperately cried.

The child peered deeply into her face as if searching for something and softly spoke,

"You have absorbed most of my memories and soul. you are basically the entire person that I was."

"I am simply the parts you chose not to take."

Sui Meng felt a pang of guilt in her chest and her hands fell lifelessly to the ground.

It was true.

Back when she had chosen to assimilate Sophie's personality, she had intentionally not absorbed the parts that she had deemed harmful to her mental state.

The original host was nave, helpless, and fiercely loyal even to people that did not deserve it. Sui Meng saw no need to take in these traits, so she simply ignored them.

But this might be the reason that caused her personality to split into two parts

She had only absorbed part of the memories of the original host so that Sui Meng would remain the dominate personality after the fusion. This caused the child before her to be created and live in a dream like state in the recesses of her mind.

She knew in her heart what was the right thing to do but a little voice in her head kept telling her to let the child disappear. Sui Meng squatted down to the level of Sophie and made a serious promise,

"I promise that I will fully accept everything that you are and will ever be."

"The day I woke up in your body was a complete surprise to me as well but I. I was wrong to not accept all aspects of your personality."

"Unlike me you have kindness. Unlike me you can forgive. I don't know who we will become after the fusion, but I promise you to keep your family safe with all my power."

Sophie looked at the big sister who had mysteriously entered her life and fell into a contemplative silence. She had hated this mean lady who had stolen everything from her on that fateful day but through the influx of memoriesshe had come to realise that it was a mystery to Sui Meng as well.

Sophie could feel that in a few more minutesthe last vestiges of her forgotten personality would vanish permanently.

She was scared and frightened of the darkness but still mustered up her courage to earnestly warn Sui Meng.

"If you full absorb me then both of us will no longer exist separately but as one entity," the child said with a solemn tone.

"What if Sui Meng no longer exists?"

Truthfully, there was a shameful part of Sui Meng's heart that wanted to just abandon the girl to oblivion and just continue living as she had before.

Sophie's loved ones would not be able to tell the difference as she had the majority of the original host's memories and could maintain the disguise.

The act of transmigration was an accident but to reject the original host was a conscious choice that Sui Meng refused to make. The experience of being a passenger in her own body scarred her deeply and she if the decision was made to abandon Sophie...what right did she have to live her life?

"I understand," she replied.

Sophie nodded and soon vanished into sparkles of blue light that floated merrily around the empty space before entering into Sui Meng's head.

Sui Meng did not know what would happen once she opened her eyes but strangely felt a warm sense of relief and gratitude from the remnant soul of Sophie.

Who would be the person that woke up?

(Arena Hospital Ward)

The nurse was doing the daily rounds of patrolling the hospital wards when she noticed that the patient at the far end of the room had awoken.

The class evaluation typically led to some students being heavily injured, so the workload of the doctors was greatly increased.

Fortunately, none of the injuries so far were fatal and most simply suffered from qi exhaustion.

She walked up to the patient and saw a beautiful hybrid girl lazily sitting up on the bed with a hazy look of confusion in her eyes. The student was peering out of the windows of the ward to observe the flower garden planted outside.

"Glad to see that you are up and awake miss!" the nurse called out.

She fumbled around and brought up her tablet to check the identity of the patient.

Darn it!

One of the interns in charge of the data entry had messed up the registration of the patients in this particular ward so all the students' names were just question marks.

"My apologies miss but the data record has a bit of a malfunction. Would you mind telling me your name?" the nurse asked cheerfully.

The girl turned around and the nurse could not help but be captivated by her stunning appearance and seductive gaze that seemed to see into the depths of her very soul.

"My name?" she called out hesitantly.

A radiant smile blossomed from the sides of her mouth and she replied after a short minute of thinking,

"You can call me Sophie!"

Underneath the bright appearance of the teenager. the nurse failed to recognise the small teardrops falling gently down the sides of her cheek.