The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1 Chapter 41 The Final Duel Of Group Five

"What possible reason would convince us to do that?" one of her opponents replied.

Sophie stiffened as a bad feeling surfaced and another student followed up with,

"Yeahyou just want to face all of us before the time runs out!"

"HmmI thought that it would be easy to provoke them," Sophie muttered softly under her breath.

This made no sense! Why were these young masters so calm and nonchalant?

Shouldn't at least one of them have an attitude of seeking death?

She may be standing confidently in the arena, but the time restraints and low qi reserves would put her at a great disadvantage if she were required to face them one at a time. A series of plans raced across her mind as she tried to figure out how to force them to accept her challenge.

Appeal to the teacher? Using my movement art to launch lighting fast attacks?

Peer pressure with public shaming??

. That is the one!

"I had no idea that the so called 'prodigal class' was filled with cowards!" she yelled out.

Sophie's loud voiced echoed around the arena and caused her three opponents' faces to flush red with anger. The mocking jeers of the students spectating the match as well as the looks of shame from their elite classmates made these poor youths fall right into Sophie's trap.

Nobles have to pay particularly strong attention to their image as it concerned the pride of their clan and standings among their peers.

The violent nature of the galaxy meant that those with a reputation of being cowards were scorned by the general population.

Even if they still chose to decline the match now, then their reputation would be in shambles as the label of being afraid of battle would stick with them.

The ridiculous noble sense of pride would not allow these proud sons and daughters of heaven to face such mockery without protest.

This fact did not escape their notice and the trio cursed internally about the shamelessness of this hybrid trash.

"Fine we agree!" snarled Seth with an aggressive tone.

Brian kept feeling that something was wrong with this situation but logically a cultivator in the qi body stage would not be able to face three opponents even with a slight difference in level.

He nodded in consent and Stacy also followed suit with a reluctant look on her face.

The referee looked at the willing students and secretly stole a glance towards the principal but saw no noticeable reaction so he took that as silent consent .

Principal Yang leaned back in his chair and stared silently in contemplation at the events unfolding before him.

That wretched girl was shameless just like her father and he could tell that her attitude and personality seemed to be problematic.

The only issue was that strong students in the past had chosen to face their entire group at once so there was no way to justify a series of one on one duels once consent from both parties was given.

Sophie's black wristband gave out a faint hum and a series of information lines appeared.

[Group 5 Final Duel: Sophie Peterlor vs Stacy Greene/ Brian Cyan/ Seth Flanigan]

[Randomly Selecting Stage...]

[Stage 018 Chosen]

There was only eleven minutes left now, so Sophie rushed towards the stage and started to perform a few deep breath exercises to calm down while waiting for her opponents.

Stage 018 was a simulation of a grassy plain so Sophie felt a gentle breeze sweep across her face while the small plants tickled her feet.

The referee saw that all the participants had arrived in the stage, so he spoke with a commanding tone,

"This group match will begin with a time limit of ten minutes"


Sophie shot forward like an arrow the very moment that the words escaped the referee's lips. The last place boy was her first target and Seth let out a small gasp of surprise as Sophie appeared right before his eyes.

Before his teammates could react. the whip had already struck!

Seth's body flew backwards and crashed out of the stage boundary where he lay on the ground while clutching his chest in pain.

Ten seconds had passed!

Sophie unhesitatingly launched a series of fierce kicks towards Brian whose body turned into a crystalline structure and absorbed the blows. Sophie knitted her brows in frustration, but a small ball of flame zipped towards her, so she had to leap backwards to avoid it.

She opened up some distance between her and the duo while running potential strategies across her mind.

In group battles seek out the weakest target first for elimination. done.

One appears to have a long-ranged flame art while the other packs an impressive body fortification that can deal with normal attacks.

Those two opponents were not going to give her the luxury to think for long and Stacy soon interrupted her train of thought by beginning to fire one attack after another at her location.

Sophie ducked and weaved through the flames while trying to find an opening. Brian had given up targeting her and was silently standing in front of Stacy with a protective aura.

Sophie could already figure out their plan.

Stall for time!

She checked her wristband and realised that eight minutes had passed without her notice!

With only two minutes to go, both of her opponents were beginning to relax slightly while ensuring that Sophie could not get close.

An insane idea soon surfaced in her mind and Sophie gave a short bark of laughter before checking inwards on her qi reserves.

Just enough for two activations of the Cloud Treading Dragonshould be good enough.

Sophie's eyes sharpened and a terrifying golden glow stared menacingly at the duo across the stage. They could not help but feel a slight chill run down their spine

Under the watchful eyes of the enraptured spectators, the figure of Sophie vanished and reappeared several feet in the air above the two students.

First move!

Sophie rushed forward at Stacy with startling momentum and Brian stepped forward while activating his defensive art.

Two smalls flames flickered on Stacy's feet as she sprinted to the other side of the stage while Brian would hold down that demon.

Unfortunately for her. she was not the target.

Sophie ducked a wild haymaker from Brian and wrapped her arms around him in a bear hug. The bountiful mountains pressed against his chest and caused poor Brian to get momentarily distracted.

But that was all that Sophie needed as she smirked with a devilish grin.

Second move!

The figures of Brian and Sophie darted forward with inhuman speed and headed straight towards the boundary.