The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1 Chapter 42 Reputation? I'm Just Too Sleepy

How could her plan work so easily?

Brian realised something was wrong immediately when the scenery started to wrap and shift around him. He started punching Sophie's stomach with vigorous force that caused her to start coughing out blood.

Sophie tried her best to ignore the blows, but the constant barrage of attacks caused her vision to begin to blur.

Twenty meters. ten metersfive meters

Damn it!

Unfortunately, her other opponent was not willing to sit ideally by and allow Sophie to gain victory easily. A fireball swelled in size in Stacy's hands and she launched it towards the back of the retreating figure.

Sophie could feel the scorching heat approaching her rapidly and quickened the pace while frantically rushing towards the boundary.

One more meter.

With a fierce throw, she hurled Brian just over the boundary line and turned to face the fireball threatening to explode. Sophie just managed to raise her arms in self defense before the flaming mass hit her squarely in the chest.

Sophie stumbled back slightly, and her body landed right over the edge with a resounding thud before a mechanical voice boomed throughout the arena.

[Match Complete]

[Calculating Results.]

[Elimination Winners: Sophie Peterlor- 2 points, Stacy Greene 1 point]

There was an inaudible sigh of relief from under Sophie's breath when she realised that with three points, she had claimed the qualification spot for the university entrance exams.

Leona and she had tied for first place!

Cheers loudly rang out from the spectators around the stadium and Sophie beamed while soaking in the glorious applause with a look of satisfaction.

Until she saw her image on the projection screen.

The fireball had charred her exposed skin into a sooty colour and certain section of her gorgeous hair was now on fire!

Instead of the image of a championshe more resembled a dishevelled beggar.

Sophie could only thank the heavens that the battle uniform was flame resistant otherwise she would have been in quite the awkward situation.

"You don't deserve the win! It was my spot stupid bitch!" a frustrated yell came from Brian laying down on the ground with a sulk.

"Better luck next time darling," Sophie replied with a wink.

She did initially have some sympathy for this boy who had been previously qualified before the match, but no one insulted her without receiving a sharp-tongued reply.

It was a waste of time exchanging words with her former opponent, so Sophie just gave a wave and trudged off slowly towards the infirmary.

Truthfullyshe should have packed healing serums

Her qi reserves were now completely empty, and Sophie would need to either take a qi replenishing pill or spend a couple of hours cultivating to rapidly recover her strength.

It was not nighttime yet, so the second option was not viable.


The wineglass inside Principal Yang's hand shattered with a loud bam. That wretched man's daughter had actually managed to snag a spot under his very nose.

His small tricks to place her in a guaranteed death group resulted in his prided class turning into stepping stones.

He looked on with a frown at the cheering students who celebrated the hybrid girl who impressively beat two of the three opponents in a timed elimination match.

This was not right!

As pure-blooded humansit was a great shame to lose to filthy half breeds.

Principal Yang was an old-fashioned man who had risen up the ranks by making connections with several high nobility households who wished to send their children to the exclusive elementary and high school branches of the Royal Academy.

Several of these noble houses looked down on hybrids and Principal Yang shared their opinion on more radical ideologies such as banishment from class one planets of the federation and revoking the right to participate in governmental work.

Of course, these ideas were merely empty talk with no actual plans for implementation in the foreseeable future. Humanity was only one of the four races of the Earth Federation and even though they were the most abundant

....that did not mean that they were the strongest.

The other races held a neutral stance towards hybrids and mostly considered them part of humanity.

"But what if she gets heavily injured during the finals?" Principal Yang muttered to himself while mulling over the situation.

The university entrance exam was only two weeks after the class evaluation with the qualifying students receiving the location of their testing site as early as three days from now. This was to allow students to research in advance the location of the planet to plan ahead.

Preparation and readiness were also important factors that would give students an early advantage in the beginning stages of the exam.

The hybrid girl had just fought a hard battle and was still suffering from internal injuries from her first match. She was guaranteed to lose badly if she participated in the finals.

With these thoughts in mind, the principal stood up and addressed the crowd,

"Students of the Royal Academydue to the delay in the first stage of the class evaluation, we will begin the final immediately!"

Sophie looked up at the principal who now had the appearance of a kind elderly man and knew for sure that she had been targeted.

There were just too many coincidences from the high cultivation level group members to rushing the start of the finals before she had recovered.

The referee was about to input a few commands to summon the other finalists, but Sophie tapped him gently on his shoulder.

"Yeah I'll just withdraw from the finals and get some sleep," Sophie said in a calm tone.

Principal Yang heard her request due to his cultivation level and tightened his hands into fists, before then just leaning back in his chair with an exasperated sigh.

Why did this young lady not follow the rules of common sense?

He had survived in the position of principal for many years and knew when to retreat if no benefits could be found.

It would do him no good to keep pressing the matter. The last thing he wanted was for his anti- hybrid views to come to light.

Mocking laughter rang out from her previous three opponents and Sophie c.o.c.ked her eyebrow in amus.e.m.e.nt at the sight.

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen. did you not mock us for being cowards earlier?" Brian said smugly

"Wellthere is one difference between then and now" Sophie replied cheekily.

"What is it?" Seth asked curiously.

"You didn't qualify for an exam slot. I did" Sophie continue with an arrogant tone.

This pushed a sensitive nerve in Brian's heart and his companions hung their heads with slight tears running down their cheeks.

It was a great shame that members of the prestigious class had not reached the finals.

The applause for Sophie had stopped and was now replaced with boos as the audience realised that she intended not to participate.

Certain members started to scold Sophie for her ruthless attitude and comments. Loud yells of disapproval rained down from the spectators who expressed their displeasure,

"Are you even a warrior?"

"Only capable of winning with cheap tactics!"

"You prey on the weak and fear the strong!"

"Step on me queen!"

Sophie was listening with a gradually rising temper before the last comment gave her a heartfelt chuckle.

The last line seemed to come from a female student who waved frantically at Sophie from one of the seats in the back.

Sophie blew a kiss towards her which caused screams of excitement from infatuated female student and those around her as well.

Her popularity seemed to have increased until she said a few lines that caused everyone to just be utterly dumbfounded,

"Why would I care about reputation?"

"My dad would just beat up anyone who dared to insult me!"