The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1 Chapter 43 Just Another Harem Member..

Despite the wave of protests from the angry spectators, Sophie seemed unbothered by all the noise and hurriedly walked back to the hospital with an uncontrollable grin threatening to spread across her face.

She checked in again much to the shock of the receptionist at the desk and went back to the same ward she had left earlier. Before she fell asleep, she quickly sent a message to her father about the good news.

Sophie's head had just hit the pillow when sleep overcame her, and she fell into a blissful slumber.and did not reply to a single one of the poor duke's messages that were blowing up her tablet.

(Royal Academy Arena)

"Alright students we will now begin the final round of the class evaluation!" the principal stood up and loudly declared.

"Can all the combatants please make your way to the stage indicated on your wristbands?"

The qualifying participants immediately headed to the central stage which had the most space and was hence suited for a battle royale.

Nine figures stood apart on different points of the stage which made the lack of the tenth person particularly noticeable.

Some of the teachers were clearly unhappy about the apparent disrespect shown by Sophie but their looks of dissatisfaction seemed to fall onto empty eyes as the principal just gave the signal to begin the match.

"Aiden darlingwho do you think will win?" a classmate smiled flirtatiously while hoping desperately to catch the attention of the school prince.

Aiden ignored the girl while casually running his hands through the hair of the two girls sitting firmly on his lap. It was not peculiar for young geniuses such as himself to be highly sought after by members of the opposite s.e.x so Aiden indulged himself in some l.u.s.t on an occasion or two.

But for some reason the image of the hybrid girl kept on running through his mind her proud and unbending image made him feel a desire to conquer.

It would be a simple matter to make any girl fall for his charms, so he was looking forward to getting closer to the hybrid within the coming weeks.

He was fortunate that Sophie could not read these thoughts because genius or not. she would have launched a fierce kick towards his manhood to cripple his tool.

She felt no need to become a backyard beauty in a vast harem. Not to mention she didn't like guys!

The other genius of the class finally put down her unspeakable novel and answered the question in a soft tone,

"I would have bet on the hybrid girl if she had entered but those twins, Su Rou and Su Mei both have an advantage if they team up."

"Although. there is that reckless idiot in the arena as well."

Aiden was not too pleased that his opportunity to give his analysis was gone so he shot a fierce look towards Qiana in hopes of intimidating her.

She responded by sending him a strange look towards himself and the boy in front of him which caused Aiden to suddenly feel some shivers running down his spine.

Qiana had a rather infamous reputation as notorious boy-love fanfic author and he felt no need to become the main character of her next novel.

Where would his precious reputation go?!

Fortunately, their small quarrel did not escalate any further as a familiar mechanical voice boomed out,

[ Stage 016 Final Match]


There was a small lull in violence as each combatant looked warily at one another as no one was willing to make the first move. The stage mimicked the environment of a forest so large trees broke up the sight lines while thick undergrowth slowed down movement.

A few of the students dashed into the underbrush of the forest as they tried to shift positions to make themselves less vulnerable. Leona quietly stood in one spot while making no gestures to prepare as if daring someone to attack her.

Flame Snake Art!

"F.u.c.k that madman!" one of the twins roared while frantically dashing away from the wall of flame.

The student who used such a powerful attack was a thin and lanky boy whose figure seemed more akin to a scholar than a martial artist. Often called the unofficial third genius of the senior year, initially he was also offered one of the guaranteed spots but refused due to his love of violence and battle.

Rambes Lekatre was the heir to a noble clan with extraordinary flame physiques and a long history of producing powerful martial artists.

He was only in the seventh stage of the qi body but could unleash powerful flame attacks well beyond his level thanks to his special bloodline.

Why bother with petty games of hide and seek when one could simply burn down the entire forest!

The flames spread out in the shape of a serpent and soon devoured all the plant and vegetation hidden in the forest. Thick smoky fog billowed outwards and caused a smokescreen which blinded the view of all the participants inside.

A few unlucky participants had been caught up in the fire and were swiftly rescued by the referee who was keeping a careful eye on the situation.

In the span of two minutes. five participants had already been eliminated! Leona was able to avoid the attack by forming a qi barrier and tanking the attack head on.

She was still slightly worried as the image of the twins had blurred and vanished as soon as the battle begun but their locations could not be found no matter how hard she looked.

Only four participants were left but now the true battle was only just beginning

(Meanwhile at Hospital Wards - No. 4)

Sophie was calmly sleeping on a bed while hugging a pillow with small amounts of drool dripping down the side of her mouth which made a sizzling noise as small holes appeared on the mattress.

She was having the most pleasant dream of spending a romantic date with a mysterious lady.

"Pretty eyes," Sophie muttered cheerfully in her sleep.