The Spider Queen Book 1 Chapter 61

Volume 1 Chapter 61 A Friendly Challenge Qiana's Sense Of Trouble

(Level two cafeteria VIP section)

The cafeteria was buzzing with noise as many curious students like Sophie and Rachel headed down to explore and taste the food available.

Sophie saw students of all kinds of different races and even a few hybrids just like her!

There was a dark-haired boy with two extra arms protruding from the sides of his neck while another girl had scaly skin and dark yellow eyes that blinked lazily in the light.

Tiny Servies zipped around joyfully while chattering quietly among themselves and occasionally chanting spells to form colourful lights that lit up the room in a soft glow.

The huge Mendolesa warriors were tearing the wrappers off the meat packets and shovelling the food into their mouth.

Sophie could not spot any Quafes but considering that Rachel had adopted a human form, it was very likely that they were simply in disguise.

Food dispensary machines lined the sides of the wall with plenty of different options that Sophie had never seen before.

Luckily, there was a human food section, so Sophie decided to grab herself some delicious curry and rice.

The duo made their way to a small table at the far corner of the cafeteria and Sophie dug into her meal with relish while Rachel just leaned back and watched.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?" Sophie asked hesitantly.

Rachel shook her head sideways and gave a short laugh before replying, "Keep in mind that I might look human, but my species can't digest food like you all can."

It was a very touchy subject among the Quafes that although they could mimic the appearance of humanssome called them just a pale imitation.

They were unable to absorb solid foods and the act of eating was simply injecting themselves with energy solution to maintain their form.

"So, what type of cultivator are you?" Sophie decided to get closer to her new roommate as they would be spending three months with one another.

"I'm a sword cultivator!" Rachel proudly smiled.

"Ah! My dad is also a sword cultivator," Sophie responded with a prideful tone as well.

Sophie may sometimes get slightly annoyed with her father's overprotectiveness, but he was also someone that she admired quite deeply.

Sword cultivators were a branch of cultivation that focused entirely on the blade.

Some focused on external cultivation to enhance and coat the body of their sword with qi energy to slice through foes.

Others prioritised internal cultivation to turn their own body into a living weapon of sharpness that could imbue their limbs with aspects of the blade.

The qi energy used in both cases was called 'sword qi' and required specialised qi gathering manuals.

It was due to Sophie's inability to use any other qi gathering techniques that Duke Peterlor had to reluctantly give up his dream of having his daughter follow in his footsteps.

The two girls began to chat about their families and childhood which gave Rachel quite the shock to find out her new hybrid friend was a noble.

Quafes had no nobility but they were aware of the attitude that noble humans had towards mixed species members of their community.

"Do you want to have a spar before we sleep tonight?" Rachel suddenly inquired.

"I need a good training partner for these next couple of months."

Sophie's original plan was to go into the holodeck and fight a few simulated battles, but it was incomparable to an actual fight as holograms were unable to cause real physical harm.

"Sure, I'll be happy to go a few rounds," Sophie said with a competitive smirk.

"May the best girl win!"




(Housing Management Office)

"I'm sorry but changing rooms can only be done under special exceptions," the lady at the front desk spoke in a calm voice.

"I have reviewed your request and it does not qualify as a special exception."

"But" Qiana argued.

"Next please!"

Apparently, she was not the only one with the idea of changing her accommodations as the service room was filled to the brim with discontent candidates who formed a long line into the hall outside.

She had waited over two hours in that damn line.

Just for this useless receptionist to deny her request in under one minute!

Qiana gave a tired sigh and walked out of the room with a frustrated expression.

Her feelings of discontent were not due to becoming roommates with a hybrid.

Many of her fellow nobles saw hybrids as eyesores and they were isolated and mocked but Qiana was different from the rest

Qiana simply disliked everyone.

One would expect that the second most powerful cultivator at the Royal Academy to have a spotlight on their genius and skills but Qiana was content to just linger in the background.

No one knew what the full extent of her abilities and cultivation was as every test she would consistently be in second place and during spars she would only use basic skills to fight.

Qiana was the only daughter of Count Abazin and had higher expectations placed upon her when compared to her six older brothers who were all quite mediocre.

House Abazin was a neutral faction among the high nobles of the court and Qiana faced a strict upbringing and education on how to avoid conflict and form allies.

Whispers and gossipmongers called them the 'turtles nobles' but House Abazin had survived centuries among the upper class while countless other houses had fallen.

Their house motto of 'While men battle. the dragons sleep' was followed carefully by the descendants of the family.

Qiana's instincts warned her that interacting with the members of room 105 would lead to unnecessarily troublesome situations in the future.

She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that it took a surprise crash into a warm body to snap her out of the daze.

"Sorry about that." Qiana apologised before glancing upwards and trailing off in shock.

A Mendolesa girl stood in front of her with a menacing expression and scarlet red eyes that peered right into her soul.

The girl was at least seven feet tall with a vaguely humanoid figure that resembled more beast than man but yet stood upright on two powerful hind legs.

Her fur was a gentle shade of white with a few dark patches of brown scattered around her body with two long ears that twitched at the slightest sound.

What was most frightening about the girl were the sharp teeth that formed a twisted grin and the razor-sharp claws.

Qiana kept her head down and quickly hurried away back to the suite before the Mendolesa found any trouble with her.

"Heyhey!" a loud call was heard from behind.

"Do you know how to get to room 105?"

Qiana halted in her tracks before looking at the terrifying figure then pulling out her wristband to doublecheck her room address.

Yep. of course, this would be the final roommate.