The Teacher Is A Lazy Tramp Chapter 1

2 Looking For A Reason To Live
It had been several hours since I woke up, the pajama monster was snoring, It did not look like I was going to wake up, my younger classmates stood in a corner, with a look that indicated they did not know what was going to happen to them, I felt empty , I lost everything, relatives, friends, acquaintances, compatriots, everything; The beings that caused my pain were killed like that, without more. I did not even have a goal of revenge. What was my reason for living? I wanted to die, I wanted to meet my loved ones, although deep down I knew that they wanted me to live. But what is the meaning of life without a purpose? While debating my existence The monster woke up.

-Good day brats, because they look at me like that, it's not like I'm devouring them. (Demons being a nanny my age is something stressful), Hey you, if you the one with the crazy eyes, are you the oldest here, it's lunch time ...

I felt my heart stop, even though I wanted to die, I did not want my death to lack meaning. Driven by rage, he attacked him as he shouted to others to flee, he knew he was going to die, but he would fight. In a second my world darkened, this is the death I thought, I do not know how long after my nose caught a smell, my stomach growled and my neck was sore. When I opened my eyes everyone is eating.

-I see you've woken up, I just wanted to ask you if you knew how to cook, I know that the hormones of adolescence make it difficult, but you should relax.

I watched him closely, the food in front of us was quite sumptuous, did he plan to put on weight and then devour us? Anyway, I wanted to have energy for my next move, so I started eating. We all ate in silence, finally a sigh broke the tension.

-I know you have questions, I know you do not want to talk about what happened to you, but we all need answers, my name is " $% & / () And until two days ago I lived like a normal human. They found me and how they could summon me.

A normal human, do not play with me, even the immortals of the world were no more than ants before those beings, and you say normal human? It's a mockery, do not fuck me there's no way I'm a normal human fucking !!!!, We're all silent, miss knuckles creak And just as I was preparing to hit him, Leah tried to slap him.

-A normal human !!, Stop stupid things, I saw wizards capable of manipulating the weather, warriors destroy mountains with their fists, knights with swords cut the sea, watch the top of humanity be devastated as nothing but worms, You are a damn monster, there is no way for a human to defeat them.

Leah joined my torment shortly after my world was destroyed, just as I lost everything, I only learned his name when it was learned with his mother, who calling him by his name told him that he must survive at any cost, before be decapitated Leah and I never spoke, there were no words of comfort or sympathy for the other, we both knew that the only thing that kept us alive was revenge.

-It would surprise you what humanity is capable of, in short, you will understand, going back to the subject, who know about "them". As they managed to unlock the seal, believe me what happened to their worlds is just the tip of the iceberg, if they are not stopped the creation will disappear.

For a moment my mind was blank, who was going to stop ?, He killed them all, Or maybe I'm wrong. "They" are still alive? The hate that seemed extinct began to burn once more, I had to know, who were "them", because they started that massacre and more importantly, I wanted to suffer billions of times the pain that they caused me Now I knew why I had survived, no matter what, how, when or where they were hiding would make them shatter !!!!!!!!!

-For their expressions I see that they do not know too much, "they" are too strong for you as they are now, a glance would be enough to kill them. If they want to survive they must tell me everything they know.

For a moment nobody spoke, finally without any other option, pronounce:

-The only thing we know is that they called us children of calamity, all of us here are the only survivors of our respective worlds, each one has been tattooed with a symbol, written with the blood of our race. (Between sobs) I want to be able, I implore you, allow me to avenge my loved ones. I want them to pay, but I know that before their eyes I'm not even an ant, I do not mind selling my soul, just give me power.

His silent gaze fell on all of us.

- He had intention to erase his memories and to allow them to live a happy life in other worlds, but it seems that things are more complicated. To think that they would do something like that, but how would they break the seal if not? For now we must suppress the cursed marks, there could not be much time, if the other forces find out ... It will be painful to resist. When we finish, I'll answer
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