The Unwanted Princess Chapter 1

1 Chapter 1: Sent To Another World In A Novel

~ Princess Inanna of the Lilith Kingdom was born, the current Empress Cassandra put two fingers on her daughter's wrist as if she was checking for a pulse and used her magic to detect Inanna's magical prowess. Cassandra sensed that her daughter wasn't born with any magical prowess and her face turned a dark shade and immediently ordered that her daughter be sent to the Hollow's Castle, the Hollow's Castle is where princes and princesses are sent to if they are born with no magical prowess. The Hollow's Castle is low maintenanced and had little to no maids, it has enough maids to raise the children enough to be able to care for themselves.

The conditions of Hollow's Castle was lower than a commoner's living conditions, even though the children that lived in the Hollow's Castle had royal blood, they were equivalent to dirt in the Emperor and Empresses eyes if they had no magical prowess. The children that lives in the Hollow's Castle knew they were to be executed when they came of age, the Emperor issued a decree when the useless children that lived in the Hollow's Castle becomes the age of 18 years, they are to be sentenced to death.

In the Hollow's Castle the beds were dusty and never washed, the walls crumbled occasionally and mold formed in the cracks, the wooden floors creaked with every step, if you were to walk barefooted on the floors, you would most definitely get many splinters. Bugs were almost everywhere, cobwebs in every corner of the rooms, every mirror cracked and dirty, the windows were the same condition, you could barely see out of the windows with all of the smudges and dirt covering them, you'd be lucky if there was a hole in the window and you could see out of that.

With these horrible conditions, the children became ill and many died from infections and untreated illnesses. The maids were crueler than the living conditions, they saw no benefit in treating worthless children who were going to die in a few years as their masters, since there was no consequences in mistreating the children, they did as they pleased. The children were fed with one slice of bread and one cup of water for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they were made to wash their own clothes, wash their own dishes and sent to bathe in nearby ponds.

This life was all Inanna ever knew, even though the kids lived like this, they made the best out of it, all because of Inanna, she was the happiest of them all. She was the only one who enjoyed this life of theirs, she didn't care for the royal life she could've had and she didn't care about the powers she wasn't born with like everyone else. She loved doing things for herself, she didn't want things done for her as if she didn't have hands and feet of her own. Her hobbies were playing outside if the maids let them, cleaning, and playing games with her siblings.

Everyone else knew about the other princes and princesses who were born with magical prowess, since those princes and princesses were born with magic, they were able to live in the Lilith castle with the Emperor and Empress and be treated as royalty, but even if you were born with magic it didn't guarantee that you'd be able to get the Emperor and Empress's attention, you have to be able to stand out from all the other princes and princesses.

And there were three who did stand out, those three were, Prince Liam, Prince Carviel and Princess Xia. Those three hold powerful magic and are said to bring victory and prosper to the country, they are also the favored children among the hundreds of their siblings. Being born with magic is just a pass to royal life, but being born with powerful magic will get you to the Emperor and Empress's eyes and possibly favor.

Prince Liam is the crown prince who holds the powerfulest magic prowess among all the children, Prince Carviel is the second who holds the most power among them all, and is currently training to be the captain of the countries army. Princess Xia is the third who possesses the most power and is said to be engaged to the another powerful countries crown prince, Luther Vandell. He is said to be powerful, unmatched and ruthless to people he sees to be beneath him, he is a nightmare if you are his enemy, but if you are his ally, the benefits are unimaginable.

As for the the magic attributes of the three, Prince Liam holds the power of the Golden dragon, Prince Carviel holds the power of Golden fire, Princess Xia holds the power of Poisonous rath. All three of them fought in the previous battle between an enemy country, and the three of them aided in the victory of the Lilith Kingdom.

The children that lived in the Hollow's Castle were already forgotten by everyone who lived in the Lilith Castle, they were even forgotten by the Emperor and the Empress, labeled as useless and disposable trash that brought nothing but shame to their country.

"Even those lowly commoners are born with magical prowess, if royalty who are far above commoners can't obtain what mere commoners have, they should be regarded as the dirt that those commoners stand on" Said by the emperor himself

And thus how the current system came to be, Inanna and her siblings were made to live this way because they didn't have any magic and weren't capable of ever learning the practice of magical arts. Inanna soon realized the tragic fate everyone faced in the Hollow's Castle, when her 18 year old brother and sister was taken outside on their birthday by two of the maids and given to four royal guards outside of the Hollow's Castle, Inanna tried to run after them and yelled at them to give her older siblings back, in the end she was slapped by the head maid and forcefully dragged by her hair to her room.

The head maid threw Inanna on the floor and slammed the door shut, causing cracking sounds to come from the walls and pieces of the ceiling fell on the floor. Inanna ran to her window and saw blurry silhouettes walking towards the Lilith Castle. Inanna couldn't just sit and do nothing as her siblings get taken away from her, she waited until the maids had a meeting in their room. And snuck out of her room quietly, she stealthily snuck out of the front entrance of the Hollow's Castle and felt glad they didn't have much staff or else she would've been caught.

Inanna walked towards the beautifully shining Lilith Castle and climbed over the shining silver fence, Inanna then saw the four guards who had her brother and sister handcuffed, they walked to the unguarded front entrance of the castle. She tailed behind them and successfully entered the castle. Her eyes widened as she looked around the beautiful scenery around her, the clean marble floors showed her beautiful reflection and the clean air she wasn't used to filled her lungs.

Inanna almost forgot why she was there in the first place and saw the guards, she saw her brother and sister being pushed into a room by the guards. When the guards left the area, Inanna snuck over to the door that her brother and sister were in and slowly opened the two big doors. Inanna peaked inside and it wasn't just a was the center of the castle, the room was the about same size of the Hollow's Castle itself, she saw beautiful people all around her dressed in mesmerizing outfits. She then saw her brother and sister kneeling down at a tall handsome man's feet, the man had long blonde hair that stopped at his thighs and blazing red eyes, that could be compared to a demon's eyes. A gorgeous lady with light blonde hair and blue eyes stood behind him but her face was contorted with disgust as she looked at Inanna's older brother and sister.

"Do you both know why you're here?" The handsome man's voice rang out

"Yes, your majesty" The both of them said

"Good, then I hope you enjoy the afterlife just as much as you enjoyed this life" A golden sword with red mist around it materialized out of thin air into the handsome man's hand and he lifted the sword up and swung it down with no hesitation, the sword sliced through their necks seeming like butter and sent their heads flying off

Inanna's heart dropped to her stomach, and screamed out as she saw her brother and sister's head roll on the floor. Blood gushing out of their necks and their bodies falling lifelessly on the floor. Inanna ran into the huge room and threw her shoe at the handsome man, his eyes filling with murder as he looked at this dirty girl.

"How did she get in here?" The man asked out

"We don't know your majesty" Two guards kneeled down and responded

"It doesn't matter anyways" The man held the sword that was dripping with blood in his hand

"Where are you from? Whether you live or die depends on your answer" The man coldly said to Inanna

"Hollow's Castle..." Inanna was shivering with fear as it paralyzed her

The entire room gasped as they heard 'Hollow's Castle', the sounds of murmuring around the whole room. Inanna was confused as she saw that the beautiful lady standing behind the handsome man look at her with pure disgust.

"I see, it seems that you have to die early now" The handsome man said

"Send her to the dungeon, tomorrow she'll be executed by fire" The man turned away not looking at Inanna again

"No!" Inanna screamed

At this moment, she regretted coming here, if she could do it over again she would've stayed in her room. She didn't want to die now, she had so many things she wanted to do. She never thought this day would be her last.

Inanna was thrown in a dirty cell by the guards and they locked the cell and walked away as Inanna cried her eyes out. The silver cuffs around her wrists were painfully tight, each time she moved her hands she felt as if they were cutting her skin.

As the time went by, Inanna knew that she wasn't going to saved or spared. She swore in her next life, she'll get revenge on these people. She'll rise to the top and crush them all one by one. She'll be so powerful, no one would be able to push her around and step on her. She cried herself to sleep as her mind was filled with vengeance.

She was rudely awakened by two guards who grabbed her by her arm and pulled her out of her cell. She was taken outside and tied to a wooden pole and they put wooden logs around her feet. The same handsome man sat on a chair above and there next to him sat the same beautiful lady from yesterday. The thought never crossed her mind that the two beautiful people who were about to watch her death were her parents.

"Egnite" The Emperor said

As he said this, a fire was lit at her feet slowly growing larger, her screams of fear sounded out around the whole area. She saw the fire travel up her white dress and her feet were swallowed by the fire, burning through her skin, the pain made her screams louder. The fire traveled up her body and eventually covered her whole body, her screams stopped when the flames engulfed her head and then she was pronounced dead.

~ END ~




"What the hell!? The book ends like that?" Ivery closed the book, enraged with the terrible ending

"That damn emperor is a piece of shit, Inanna didn't deserve any of that, who wrote this damn book!?" Ivery threw the book across her room

"Her mother was no better than him, how could they do that do their own children? Those monsters don't even deserve to be called monsters" Ivery laid her head on her pillows

Ivery closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. As Ivery slept, little did she know that the book she threw glowed on the floor and a bright light covered the whole room.

Ivery opened her eyes and her room was covered in a light purple shade, Ivery looked up and her eyes widened and her pupils got smaller as she saw a floating girl surrounded by a purple light in the middle of her room.

"W-Who are you!?" Ivery panicked as she started throwing any object she could find at the girl

All of the objects froze in mid air before they hit the girl and fell to the floor. Ivery rubbed her eyes, and pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. The pinch hurt and her eyes weren't playing tricks on her.

"Change Princess Inanna's fate" The girl said

"Princess...Inanna? That girl in the book?" Ivery was confused at this strange request

"When you change Princess Inanna's fate, you can return to your world" The girl said

"How can I change her fate....? If she has no magic, she won't be acknowledged by her parents if she doesn't have any magical prowess" Ivery stated as she still tried to pinch herself to wake herself up from this dream

"That can be arranged" The mysterious girls voice sounded out as a bright light flashed and blinded Ivery in the process







Ivery opened her eyes and she coughed as she could barely breathe. She rubbed her eyes as she came to and looked around,

"Oh my god!" Ivery shouted as she saw the disgusting conditions of the room she was in

Ivery got up from the dirty bed and the wooden floors creaked underneath of feet, Ivery looked around some more and saw bugs crawling on the floor and the cracked walls with mold filling in the cracks. Ivery looked at a mirror in front of her, the mirror was dirty and cracked, but she was able to see herself in the mirror, she gasped in horror as she saw her whole face had changed, and she had a little girls beautiful face, she ran her little fingers through her light blonde hair, and she looked at her ruby gem eyes that shone with brilliance.

"Wow, what a beautiful little girl" Ivery touched her face

Ivery sighed and wondered how she could change Inanna's fate, in a world where power defines you, she inhabited the body of a powerless girl, what luck. Ivery felt a tingling power surge coming from her hands and saw that golden pink mist were emitting from her hands, suddenly a burst of golden pink flared from her hands and as the golden pink mist faded away a snow white cat with golden pink eyes appeared from the mist.

"Wha..." Ivery looked at the floating cat that landed on the dirty table

"What a dirty room" The cat licked his paw

"Y-You can talk!?" Ivery shouted

"Calm down girl, is it that shocking I can talk?" The cat narrowed it's eyes as it looked at Ivery

"It isn't something that's possible in my world..." Ivery was frozen with shock

"Get used to it because I'm your guide in this world, or think of me as your magical companion if you will" The cat stretched

"My guide?" Ivery was confused

"Yes, I'm here to help you with your goal, and I'm also here to help you to control your magic" The cat jumped up and floated in mid air, the cat landed on Ivery's shoulder and put its paw on her forehead

A golden pink flower mark appeared on her forehead and suddenly she knew how to make use of her powers. She held her left hand out and her hand glowed with a golden flare, she held her right hand out and her hand glowed with a pink flare. She touched her bed and the bed slowly changed to a clean blue bed, she was amazed of this ability. She touched the wall and the wall healed all the cracks it had, the mold faded away and the dirty walls changed from a dirty and dusty brown color to a pure clean white.

Ivery jumped up and suddenly her feet hovered above the floor, she floated to the ceiling and stretched her arm out and touched the dusty and crumbling ceiling and then suddenly the ceiling healed itself of all cracks and pieces missing and turned a clean white and the broken light above flickered and turned on and casted a bright and warm light in the room.

Ivery floated back down and as her feet touched the floor, the wood beneath her feet turned into a smooth and polished wooden floor, the pieces of wood that stuck up from the floor laid down flat and smoothed out into the smooth wood. Ivery walked over to the dirty and cracked windows, she lightly touched the window and the glass sparkled clean and the cracks healed and she could clearly see out of the window.

The cat jumped on the dirty and worn out table, the table sparkled clean as if it was just waxed down and scrubbed clean. The cat leaped down on a broken chair and the chair that was broken floated up and the legs that were broken off sealed back onto the chair.

"What is this?" Ivery looked at her glowing hands

"Reversion" The cat floated up to the dresser and the dresser slowly became clean and the wood shone as if it was polished and he cat touched the broken mirror above the dresser with its paw and the mirror's cracks disappeared and and dirt faded away from the mirror, making the mirror glisten as if it was brand new. The cat leaped down from the dresser and it's eyes were covered with a golden glow and all the bugs in the room melted into liquid and then evaporated into the air.

"Reversion?" Ivery sat on her newly cleaned bed

"It turns objects into the same state they were in when they were first made" The cat said

"Do you have a name?" Ivery asked the cat

"Yes" The cat looked at Ivery

"If you tell me your name, I'll tell you mine" Ivery smiled

"I don't want to know your name" The cat turned away from Ivery

"Oh come on, we're going to be together for awhile right? What's the harm in knowing each other's names?" Ivery crossed her arms

"Loki" The cat turned around to look at Ivery

"I'm Ivery" She smiled at Loki

"Whatever" Loki rolled his eyes

"Wait, the maids are going to wonder why and how the room is like this...what do I do?" Ivery panicked

"You can use reversion in two ways, you can change it to the state when it was made and you can change it to the way it was before you changed it" Loki said

"Okay, how to I do it faster?" Ivery asked

"I'll help you do it quicker, since you're still learning your magic" Loki's eyes glowed with a gold light and the gold light flashed in the room

Ivery looked around, the room changed back to the way it once was, dirty and dingy, she suddenly found it hard to breathe again. The bed she sat on full of disgusting stains and covered in dust. The floors broken down with pieces of wood sticking out and the walls covers in cracks and mold.

"Someone's coming, summon me if you need me" Loki faded away with a bright glow, no traces of him to be found

Suddenly the door opened and a maid opened the door, her hair was mainly brown but had strands of grey hair forming from her roots, her face had a few wrinkles forming. She walked over to Ivery without a word and grabbed Ivery by her arm, Ivery was confused and wondered who this old hag was, and where was she taking her.

"Where are we going?" Ivery asked the maid

"None of your business" The maid said as she forcefully dragged Ivery down the stairs

"If you're taking me somewhere, it is my business, lady" Ivery pulled her arm back

"You dare talk to me like that? It seems we've been lacking discipline" The maid lifted up her hand and intended to slap Ivery

Ivery's red eyes mixed with a golden shade and she immediently blocked the hand that intended to do her harm. Ivery went around the maid and ran down the stairs, the maid was furious and chased after Ivery. She summoned Loki and she ran as if she was running for her life.

"It seems you're in a bad situation" Loki floated beside Ivery as she was running away

"Never mind that! What do I do?!" Ivery looked back and saw the maid tailing her

"Teleport" Loki casually said

"If I could, I would've done that by now!" Ivery shouted

"You can do it, just think about where you want to go and focus hard on that place" Loki told her

"I don't know about this world to be able to picture a place!" Ivery whined

"You read the book, imagine a place that the book described and focus on that" Loki explained

"Okay..." Ivery tried to think about the story and accidentally thought of the Lilith Palace

"Crap" Ivery's body glowed with a golden pink and disappeared

She suddenly found herself in the halls of the Lilith Castle, she cursed herself as she remembered the part of the story when Princess Inanna snuck into the Lilith Castle to try and save her brother and sister from execution.

"You came straight to the enemies den, you're a smart one" Loki sighed

"Loki, I messed up!" Ivery cried as she pulled her hair

"Just teleport back to the Hollow's Castle" Loki floated down at Ivery's feet

"It's just as dangerous there as it is here!" Ivery cried

"Ivery, someone is coming, hurry!" Loki heard footsteps approaching

"I can't focus!" Ivery started panicking






A tall handsome man with long blonde hair that stopped at his thighs came around the corner, his red eyes looked at Ivery who stood a few feet away from him. Her heart dropped to her feet at his eyes met hers.

"Loki..." Ivery started sweating as she knew all too well who the man standing in front of her was

" have to run, that man...he's thinking about killing you" Loki narrowed his eyes

"How can you tell..?" Ivery slowly backed up

"I can read his mind, this man is pure evil" Loki was worried

Ivery picked up Loki from the floor and ran away from the Emperor. Ivery messed up, Princess Inanna didn't even meet the emperor this soon! Ivery used her power to boost the speed of her feet and left powerful wind behind her as she ran down the endless halls of the castle. Inanna stopped dead in her tracks as she saw a red and golden mist appear in front of her, the Emperor suddenly stepped out of that mist and walked towards Ivery.

"He can teleport too?!" Ivery shouted out

"It seems so..." Loki looked at the terrifying Emperor that coming towards them

" have to teleport to the Hollow's Castle, it's better than here, that man will definitely kill you if you stay here" Loki warned her

"I'll try..." Ivery focused on the thought of the Hollow's Castle and her body again was surrounded by a golden pink glow and she and Loki disappeared as a pink mist was left behind

She teleported just in time, the Emperor was just about to grab her until he saw her disappear into a golden pink mist in front of his own eyes. He evilly smiled and his body surrounded with a golden red glow and he disappeared as red mist was left behind.

Ivery appeared right in front of the Hollow's Castle and sighed with relief that she was back. She thought she was going to die, that damn Emperor is someone she doesn't want to see ever again in her lifetime.

"Ivery!" Loki shouted as he sensed something powerful behind them

Just as Ivery was about to ask Loki what was wrong, large strong hands grabbed her and golden red mist surrounded her as her vision was clouded by the red mist as she dropped Loki and he fell out of her hands and she suddenly found herself in a giant and spacious room, she looked around the room and saw a giant golden bed that looked as if it belonged to a king and the room was so well cleaned where not a speck of dust or dirt was seen, the air of the room felt too elegant for her to breathe in. The marble floors showed her reflection and most of the room was full of expensive looking items and golden encrusted furniture.

"Where..?" Ivery looked up at the tall Emperor who looked down at her

"You're a child from the Hollow's Castle, aren't you" His eyes looked menacing

"No..?" Ivery stepped back

"Why did you go there then?" His coldly asked

"I don't know.." Ivery didn't dare to look him directly in the eyes

"Don't lie to me child, now answer me truthfully and I might spare you for trespassing this Lilith Castle" His red eyes burned with ferocity

"I didn't brought me here" Ivery nervously looked at the Emperor

"Don't try and play games with me child, you were in this castle before I personally brought you back, now answer me, are you from the Hollow's Castle?" The Emperor's aura was suffocating

"If I say I am a child from the Hollow's Castle, what will happen?" Ivery asked

"Then you'd die, right here" He coldy answered

"Then I'm not from the Hollow's Castle.." Ivery started sweating pinballs

"Then where are you from?" The Emperor crossed his arms

"I'm from..far far away" Ivery took the name of the place from the movie shrek

"Far far away?" The Emperor narrowed his eyes

"What is your name, little girl?" He asked

"Ive....Inanna" Ivery responded

"I see" The name sounded familiar to him

"Now, I'll be taking my leave.." Ivery turned around and walked straight to the door

"Did I say you could leave?" The Emperor raised his hand up and suddenly Ivery was paralyzed

He walked over to her and held her face up by her chin, he smirked as he looked into her ruby eyes. His eyes looked at her light blonde hair and then he wanted to prove his assumption. He leaned forward and put his forehead against hers, Ivery was mentally panicking, she wanted to summon Loki to help her but she needed the use her hands to do that.

"It seems that you lied" The Emperor moved away from her and released her from his spell

Finally being freed from her sudden paralysis she looked at the Emperor with confusion..what did he mean by she lied...?

"I just checked the blood running through your veins, you are my blood daughter and you were sent to the Hollow's Castle because you had no magical prowess, correct?" The Emperor devilishly smiled

Ivery sucked her teeth, she's been found out. She refused to die just as Inanna did, she won't die by the hands of this man. Ivery's hands glowed with a golden pink flare and a burst of gold mist came from her hands and a snow white cat with golden pink eyes appeared out of the mist and floated in mid air.

"So this is where you where?" Loki looked around the room and his eyes locked on the Emperor

"Loki, what should I do? If I go back to the Hollow's Castle, he'll follow me there" Ivery whispered

"If he plans to attack you, I'll set up a shield" Loki said as he floated down and landed on the floor, hissing at the Emperor

"If you plan to kill her, expect no mercy from me!" Loki body surrounded by a golden pink glow, he unexpectedly grew larger and transformed into a huge snow white panther. The Emperor's eyes were shocked as he saw Ivery hop on the white panther that was once the little cat. Loki roared and set a golden shield around them, blocking the Emperor from Ivery.

"That cat can talk?" The Emperor asked

"I was surprised by it too" Ivery said as she mounted herself on Loki's back

"That's still what you humans are surprised by?" Loki sighed



"Ivery" Loki whispered

"What?" Ivery whispered back

"You're heavy" Loki shook Ivery off of his back

"Hey!" Ivery cried as she got up from the floor

"I won't kill her" The Emperor sighed

"Really?" Ivery was surprised but relieved

"Yes, so you can calm down now cat.." The Emperor looked at the growling white panther

Loki let down his shield and his body shrunk back to his original state and he ran over to Ivery and she picked him up. Ivery looked at the Emperor with caution, one false move he'll quickly change his mind and end her life.

"Come here" The Emperor ordered

Ivery was stunned by his request and slowly approached him. She stood a few feet away from him, still cautious of him, after reading the book, he is not a man to be trusted nor someone she wants to be close to.

"Closer" He ordered again

She felt like she had no choice and stood right in front of him. He grabbed her hand and put two fingers on her wrist as if he was checking for a pulse. He used his magic to check her magical prowess, his eyes widened as he sensed an infinite magic prowess, for this little girl to have the prophesied infinite magical was said by the saintess that only one among his children would be able to possess this infinite magical attribute, the saintess gave this attribute a name, Golden Infinity.

"Alright, I am one of the children of Hollow's Castle...but I promise that I won't return here or show my face in front of you ever again, I'll quietly return to the Hollow's Castle and await my fate there" Ivery backed away from the Emperor and focused her mind on her room in the Hollow's Castle. Her body surrounded by a golden pink glow and before she teleported back she swore she heard the Emperor say...


Before she could stop the teleportation she found herself on her dingy bed and looked around and successfully she had returned to her room in the Hollow's Castle. She wanted to sleep but the last thing she wanted to sleep on was this dirty bed that had the stench of mold, she'd rather sleep on the dirt outside than on this bed.

"Loki" Ivery glanced at Loki

"Got it" Loki knew what Ivery wanted and immediently changed the room to be in pristine condition

"If someone comes then change it back for me.." Ivery laid her head down on the white fluffy pillow and pulled the cover over her body, she closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep

Loki curled into a ball and laid at the end of the bed by Ivery's feet and carefully watched the door and listened out for any approaching footsteps.






"Inanna..." The Emperor sat in his chair and thought about the girl

The door's opened and the Empress entered the room and bowed down to the Emperor greeting him. She walked towards the seated Emperor and stood in front of him, waiting for his words.

"You gave birth to a child and named her Inanna, correct?" The Emperor asked

The Empress thought hard about it and did remember naming one of her daughters Inanna,

"Thirteen years ago, I gave birth to a daughter I named Inanna, she had no magical prowess so I had her sent to the Hollow's Castle" The Empress answered

"It seems she did have magical prowess, but it didn't develop until now, a newborn infant probably couldn't hold the attribute of Golden Infinity yet, but I guess a child can hold a portion of it" The Emperor crossed his longs legs

"Are you saying that the girl I gave birth to..." The Empress was shocked and her heart dropped when she realized

"She did have magical prowess but it was probably too faint to detect it, because her infant body couldn't contain the full power of Golden Infinity, if she was born with the full power of Golden Infinity then she would've died from the overwhelming power" The Emperor narrowed his eyes

"Julian...I made a mistake" The Empress rushed out of the room






"Are you sure you made the right decision, do you really believe that girl can handle that kind of power?" A man cloaked in black and surrounded by black mist asked

"It was Inanna's power to begin with, her parents didn't realize that she was the holder of Golden Infinity, all I did was unlock it for her a bit earlier, Loki will keep her power in balance and stop it from overwhelming her body and killing her" The girl surrounded with a golden purple light responded

"She would've been sentenced to death when she turned 18 years, the power of Golden Infinity was to be unlocked when she turned 20 years, I had no choice to unlock the power inside of her now, so now she'll do what Inanna was destined to do with her powers from the start" The girl smiled

"The girl you put into Inanna's body, is going to be upset when you tell her she can't return to her own world, that's the unknown price she paid to get her powers earlier, wasn't it" The man sighed

"She'll learn to accept this new world as her own, she has Loki and I to watch over her, nothing bad will happen to this girl, I'll make sure of that since I'm responsible for bringing her into this world" The girl said

"You can't judge me anyways, after you gave that deadly power of darkness to that boy" The girl sighed

"He's doing exactly what I want him to do with it, crushing his enemies and leaving nothing but blood in his trails, ruthless, with no mercy to his enemies, cold and unfeeling eyes, he reminds me of my early days, Luther Vandell....don't disappoint me" The man cloaked in black laughed

"But he's engaged to that worthless princess of the Lilith Kingdom, her magic is average, how dare they match him with that useless brat" The man cloaked in black scoffed

"To them her power's are above of that a child's, that's only because they haven't seen the real power that a child can possess" The girl smiled

"I'd rather him marry your girl, instead of that damn Princess Xia" The man cloaked in black said

"We can make that happen, don't worry, Hades" The girl smiles

"I'm not worrying Hecate, I'm just irritated?" Hades evilly grins

"We are the gods of this world, there is nothing we can't do" Hecate looks into a giant crystal ball and see's Ivery sleeping in her bed with Loki lying down by her feet

"I've been wondering, why did you put a girl from another world in Inanna's body when you could've reversed time and gave Inanna her power's earlier and gave Loki to her to help her control them?" Hades asked

"It's more interesting this way" Hecate answered

"Why don't you worry about that crown prince, Luther Vandell, who you gave the infinite attribute of Dark chaos to, since there are only two infinite attributes in this world and we gave it to those two kids, they'll need our supervision" Hecate smiled

"Whatever" Hades shrugged as he looked into his crystal ball and watched Luther kill an incompetent maid after she dropped the tea he asked for and broke the tea set he got from his father

"Good boy" Hades grinned