The Unwanted Princess Chapter 10

10 Chapter 10: Crescent Academy

"I'm going to an academy?" Ivery asked

"Of course, you've never been to an academy before and you're already thirteen" Cassandra ordered the maids to get Ivery ready

"What academy am I going to?" Ivery wasn't happy to hear she was going to school again

"Crescent Academy" Cassandra answered

for visiting.

"What type of academy is it?" Ivery let the maids put on her uniform

"It's an exclusive academy for nobles and royals only" Cassandra took a brush from Ivery's vanity and ran the brush through her long, soft hair

"I anyone else going too?" Ivery asked her mother

"Every royal child in this castle attends Crescent Academy" Cassandra continued to brush Ivery's hair

"By any chance...does Luther attend Crescent Academy..?" Ivery blushed at the thought of seeing Luther probably everyday

"He does" Cassandra laughed, she was over the moon that Ivery liked Luther, she didn't want to put her only daughter in an arranged marriage she didn't want to be in and have her be miserable for the rest of her life

Ivery felt as if she understood Luther better after having a long conversation with Hades a few days ago.

Ivery smiled as her mother brushed through her hair. Cassandra fixed Ivery's collar and dusted off her shirt, she slid a golden butterfly pin in Ivery's hair.

"Isn't this a little too short..?" Ivery looked down at the length of her skirt, it was the exact same length of the skirts in her world, the skirt didn't even pass her knees

"It's fine darling, Luther will look if you wear it" Cassandra winked

"M-Mother!" Ivery blushed

"What? Luther isn't any different from any other pubescent boy, he won't be able to help himself and catch a little glance at the very least" Cassandra chuckled as she adjusted Ivery's skirt

"...." The only reason Ivery was looking forward to school was the fact that she was going to see Luther



Ivery sat in her carriage as it followed the several other carriages that her other siblings were riding in. Loki sat in his place on her lap and relaxed on the way to Crescent Academy.

'We're lucky that they allow familiar's in the Academy or else you couldn't come with me.." Ivery told Loki

"I'm not a familiar, because familiar's in this world can't speak the human language like I can.." Loki explained to Ivery

"Then how do people communicate with their familiar's?" Ivery asked

"Humans have to use magic spells to be able to speak and understand their familiar's language, familiar's are almost no different than most animals, they're just more intelligent and they're able to help humans with their magical prowess" Loki said

"Wait, if you're not a familiar...then what are you?" Ivery asked

"I'm a fallen God" Loki looked at Ivery

"..A fallen God? What do you mean..?" Ivery looked down at Loki with confusion

"I committed too many sins and I was kicked out of the Heavens and I was sent to roam the Earth for ten thousand years as punishment...but Hecate offered me a deal, she would renew my God status in the Heavens if I could guide a special human and hold half of your powers inside of me" Loki said

"So...wait you're not really a cat?" Ivery couldn't believe that Loki was a God...

"No, I just took this form because I figured that it would be easier to travel around with you instead of my original form.." Loki sighed

"What is your original form?" Ivery asked

"You'll see it one day" Loki wasn't planning on showing her his true form

"Why can't I see it now?" Ivery poked his back

"Because I said so" Loki closed his eyes

"Fine..." Ivery sighed and looked out of the window



Ivery was amazed at the sight of the giant but glorious building in front of her eyes. She opened the door to her carriage and stepped out. Loki hopped out of the carriage and followed behind Ivery as she walked towards the Academy.

"Loki, whatever happens...don't speak, since it's not possible for familiar's to talk as Humans do, people will become suspicious" Ivery said

"Alright.." Loki agreed

Ivery picked Loki up from the ground and walked up the long stairs. Around her were hundreds of nobles and royals walking up the stairs, she felt intimidated by the nobility and gracefulness everyone had. These kids were nothing like the ones in her world, they walked up the stairs with beautiful posture and dignity.

The giant silver doors swung open and everyone entered. Ivery looked all around the halls and there was not a speck of dirt anywhere, everything was kept in pristine condition. She could see her reflection in the floors and the lockers.

Ivery looked at her papers, her homeroom was 2-2 C, she walked around the halls aimlessly searching for class 2-2 C.

She walked up another flight of stairs and walked around on the second floor and looked for her class. She saw the golden numbers on the door match the numbers on her paper, she opened the door and entered her classroom. Everyone's eyes were on her as she walked into the room.

"Welcome, introduce yourself" The teacher saw Ivery and smiled at her new student

"My name is Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell, thank you for having me" Ivery slightly bowed her head

Everyone gasped as they heard her name, they instantly recognized that name and knew she was the newly Crowned Princess of the Lilith Kingdom and the second infinite attribute holder and she's also the rumored true blood successor to the throne of the powerful Lilith Kingdom.

Ivery walked to an empty seat by the windows and sat down, she placed Loki on her desk and watched the teacher as she explained the lesson.



..... .......

Loki fell asleep on Ivery's desk, Ivery opened her book and wrote down notes from the lesson. As time progressed, Ivery was about to doze off until she heard screaming from outside.

She looked out of the window and saw crowds of people outside, everyone got up from their seats and looked out of the window. The girls that looked out of the window screamed and ran out of the classroom, the boys just stared down at the chaos outside.

"What's going on?" Ivery looked outside and saw all of the nobles and royals screaming by the front gates

"It's the MVP's" A noble boy told Ivery who was looking out the window

"The MVP's?" Ivery didn't understand

"They're the most intelligent, and the powerfulest, and influential people in the Academy" Another noble boy said

"And they're all really good looking" Another boy added

Ivery looked more closer and saw five people walking in the middle of the crowd. They all ignored the screaming and shouting people around them and walked to the Academy gracefully and elegantly as if nothing and no one in the world mattered to them. They didn't make any eye contact with anyone and continued to walk.

Ivery's eyes were in a state of shock when she saw Luther in the middle of the five of the MVP's.

"I-Isn't that Crown Prince Luther Vandell?" Ivery pointed

"Yeah..he's the coldest and merciless out of all of the MVP's, anyone that offended the MVP's either had their families go bankrupt or caused their families to die" A boy said

"One word from that Crown Prince, you and your family will be dead or you'd lose all of your families nobility and wealth, no matter what country you're from...his status in the world is so powerful, he can make you and your families life a living hell" Another boy added in

"He's also the leader of the MVP's, only he chooses who's able to be a MVP and so far there's only four people so far that met his standards and were able to impress him"

"Who are the members of the MVP's?" Ivery asked

"The only female MVP so far is Juliana Lecres the daughter of King Orel Lecres, and then there's Stewell Norel the son of a Marquis, Piere Cortette the son of a Duke, and Sariell Hesteria the son of a Duke" A boy answered Ivery's question

"I see..." Ivery nodded

"I suggest you stay away from those MVP's, especially Crown Prince Luther...he's not against killing women, and he doesn't hesitate to kill, even in the Academy....he and Stewell Norel just killed two boys on the spot for accidentally spilling their food on the MVP table in the cafeteria, it happened last week"

"All five of them are ruthless killers, Prince Luther is just the worst one of them all, if you join the MVP's, he'll mold you to be a killer and merciless...they all have no sympathy for the living and see us all as insects ready to be squished, one wrong move in front of them, you're dead" Another boy sighed

"They're really that bad...?" Ivery already knew that Luther had a small temper and always resorted to killing anyone that slightly offended him

"They're worse than monsters, don't do what those other girls do and run up to'll die like the rest that tried talking to them" A boy warned Ivery

"Didn't he kill a girl who tried to confess to him before?" A boy asked

"All of them kill people who confess to them, that's nothing new, but that Crown Prince Luther kills them like he's a savage animal, the other four at least give them an instant, painless death..." The boy shook his head

Ivery took in everything the boys said to her and to each other, even though she knew Luther wouldn't hurt her, she wasn't too sure about the other MVP's, she decided she'd stay away from Luther and his saddened her to make this decision...Luther was the main reason she was looking forward to going back to school again.

Ivery sighed and leaned back in her chair.



When it was time for lunch, Ivery simply followed the other kids downstairs to the cafeteria. When she entered the cafeteria, the room was grand, all of the tables were black marble and shining, the ceiling was pure clear glass, you could see the clear blue sky from inside of the enormous cafeteria.

There was already a line for the food, Ivery stood on line and waited until the line moved. As soon as Ivery grabbed a tray, screaming was heard in the room, she turned around and saw the MVP's enter through the doors.

The MVP's walked to the line and everyone who was in line stepped away, everyone but Ivery...

Ivery panicked when the five of them walked up to her, she quickly put her tray back and slowly walked away from their presence.

"Where are you going?" Luther asked

"To..sit down" Ivery answered

"Come back" Luther smiled

Everyone in the cafeteria were whispering to each other, they all knew that Ivery was going to be killed. They all pitied her and looked away before they could see such a beautiful girl that just started school die...

Ivery walked back with her head hung low, not daring to look any of them in the eye.

Luther grabbed Ivery's hand and he turned around to walk towards the doors. Ivery followed him, even though she was confused. He took her into the hallway and let go of her hand.



"Ivery..." Luther looked at Ivery

"Yes.." Ivery looked up at Luther

"W-Why are you wearing that?" Luther pointed down at her short skirt and turned away to blush

"My mother suggested that I wear it" Ivery smiled after figuring out that her mother was right about the skirt

"It's too revealing.." Luther pushed Ivery back on the wall and he closed in on her

"Luth-" Ivery was cut off when Luther kissed her

His hands tugged on her white shirt, frustratedly Luther started unbuttoning her shirt.

"L-Luther we can't!" Ivery pulled away from his soft lips and stopped him from unbuttoning her shirt any further

"I'm not doing whatever you think I'm doing..." Luther kissed her neck

"Then...what are you doing?" Ivery flinched at the tickling sensation of Luther kissing her neck

"I missed your scent..." Luther indulged in the scent that belonged to only her

Ivery blushed crimson red, she pulled Luther closer to her.

"I missed yours too..." Ivery felt comforted when Luther was with her


"Were you hungry..?" Luther asked Ivery

"A little" Ivery responded

"Let's go back..." Luther pulled himself away from her warm embrace and buttoned her shirt back up for her

He led her back to the cafeteria and let her walk back on line to get food...and everyone was surprised to see the fact that she was still alive.

She picked up a tray and looked at her food options, everything looked mouth watering...she couldn't choose everything so she just chose a chicken salad. She took her tray and looked for a place to sit.

She saw Luther and he gestured for her to sit over with him...

At the MVP table...

Ivery didn't know if she could or should sit with the infamous deadliest kids in the Academy....she couldn't really deny Luther, so she walked over to their table and sat down next to Luther, strangely...the five of them didn't seem all that threatening, they all just smiled at her. She guessed they weren't going to question Luther's decision, they probably never question or go against what he does.

Everyone in the cafeteria gasped when they saw Ivery sit down at the MVP table.

"So..she's the second infinite attribute holder?" Stewell asked

"Yes" Luther answered

"Can you show us your abilities to prove yourself?" Princess Juliana smirked

"What exactly do you want to see?" Ivery asked

"Anything" Sariell smiled

"Show us..." Piere said

Ivery's hands flickered with a golden pink flare and before she could do anything....a crash was heard in the middle of the room.


"Know your place as a commoner's daughter!" A pink haired girl laughed

"I...didn't even do anything.." A girl with short, light blue hair got up off of the floor and looked down at her messy clothes as they were stained and soaked with wasted food

"How dare you try to sit with us! A commoner's daughter?! Sitting with us royals, what a joke!" Princess Xia shouted out

Ivery watched her half sister act like she wasn't in the same position as the girl they were messing with, Xia's mother is from unknown origins, and most likely a commoner.

"I'll put you back in your place!" The pink haired girl's fist was surrounded with a yellow glow and she aimed to punch the blue haired girl's face

Ivery refused to sit back and watch someone be bullied and abused just as she was, her body was covered in a golden pink glow her body turned into a pink mist and disappeared from her spot at the MVP table.

Before she could land a hit on the blue haired girl, Ivery held the pink haired girl's fist in her hand.

"Who are you!?" The pink haired girl pulled her hand back

"She's my half sister.." Xia crossed her arms and looked at Ivery

"It doesn't matter who she is, how dare you interrupt me! It seems that you have to be put in your place as well!" The pink haired girl pointed her finger at Ivery and a yellow mist shot out of her finger and headed for Ivery's head

Ivery shifted her head to the side and the yellow mist hit the white pillar behind her. The yellow mist turned into acid and ate through the pillar's foundation.

"..So you tried to kill me...?" Ivery narrowed her eyes

"So?! What if I did!" The pink haired girl laughed

"Then don't expect me to hold back" Ivery lifted her hand up and sent the pink haired girl flying backwards many feet away, her body fell on a table and everyone that was seated got up and moved back

"Loki.." Ivery gently called out

Loki hopped down from the MVP table and ran over to Ivery,

"What's the best punishment suited for her?" Ivery asked

"Remove her magical prowess, so that she'll never be able to use magic again in her lifetime" Loki smiled

"And how do I do that?"

"Call for 'Excalibur'" Loki grinned

"Excalibur!" Ivery shouted out

Suddenly a bright light flashed in the room and a giant golden long sword wrapped in a golden pink glow, materialized in Ivery's hand. Ivery held the legendary sword in her hand and looked at the pink haired girl.

Everyone gasped as they saw the legendary God rank S weapon in Ivery's hand.

"You think that's supposed to scare me!?" The pink haired girl got up from off of the table, her uniform was covered with different types of food

She ran over to Ivery in a flash, everyone didn't know what to expect from this fight.

Ivery swung her sword down, not with the intent to kill but with the intent to destroy the center of her magical prowess. A golden light shot out of Excalibur and turned into a golden saucer, the golden saucer went through the pink haired girls chest and sent her flying back once again.

Ivery's eyes flashed with a bright golden glow, and she saw with her own eyes the damage done to the pink haired girls prowess...she'll never be able to use magic again.

"Loki..what is this..?" Ivery looked around her and she could see the center of everyone's magical prowess, she saw the flow of magical energy through everyone's bodies

"Golden eyes.." Loki told her

"What did you do!?" The pink haired girl shouted at Ivery when she couldn't feel her magical prowess anymore

"I cut the center of your magical prowess, you'll never be able to use magic again, this is your punishment" Ivery smiled at her

"You bitch!" The pink haired girl felt extremely weakened but still had enough strength to walk back over to Ivery with intentions to do her harm

"Kneel" Ivery's voice sounded out in the room

The pink haired girl dropped to her knees against her own will. She didn't understand what just happened or how it happened, but she couldn't move her legs no matter how hard she tried.

"Punch yourself" Ivery said

She held up a fist and continuously punched her face just as Ivery demanded. Every time she punched herself, damage was done to her face, she punched her nose too hard and dislocated the bone, blood ran down out of both of her nostrils. Her cheek was swollen and she gave herself a bruised eye. She busted her lip and knocked out one of her front teeth.

"Inanna, stop! That's enough! You're going too far!" Xia shouted and ran to her friend to make her stop hitting herself

"You wouldn't have said anything if she beat this girl, so don't act as if you have any sense of justice" Ivery pointed to the blue haired girl who was standing behind her

"I..." Xia couldn't make up any lie for something that was all too true, she definitely would've watched and laughed if someone was being hit in front of her


"Alright enough of this.." Luther appeared behind Xia

"Luthe-" Xia smiled until Luther back slapped her and sent her body flying to the side

"Shut up.." Luther didn't want to hear another word out of Xia's mouth

The impact that Xia suffered was too much for her and it rendered her unconscious. Her nose bled a lot and the blood dripped on the floor. A red mark was visible on the side of her face.

"Xia!" The pink haired girl watched her friend fly across the room like a ragdoll

"You dared to try and hurt her, a princess of a lowly country? Your mother was a concubine, and your father is an illegitimate child between a maid and his father, your blood is disgusting, more so than a commoners, so who are you to be able to judge another person when your blood is more filthier" Luther pulled her hair and said in her ear

"Bastard..." Her eyes were bloodshot red, she was filled with anger

"Such foul language.." Luther stopped her from punching herself again and unexpectedly, he pulled off her arm in the most painfullest way possible, blood gushed out of her wound...

She was about to scream until he pulled on her hair harder he then kicked her back and cracked her spine. She collapsed on the floor and was motionless. He threw the arm in his hand down on the floor before stepping over her body.

"Are you okay?" Luther put his hand on Ivery's soft cheek

"Yeah..." Ivery blushed and nodded

The Excalibur in her hand slowly faded away into a golden pink mist and disappeared without a trace. Ivery looked over to the table of the shocked MVP's. She casually smiled and walked over to their table.


"Don't underestimate me" She said to the four of them with a bright smile