The Unwanted Princess Chapter 11

11 Chapter 11: Evaluation Tests

[Luther warning] [Blood & Gore] [Guts?]

A medical team was sent down to the cafeteria, they checked on the pink haired girl and detected a slight pulse. They even rushed over to Princess Xia who was unconscious on the other side of the cafeteria. The medical team used healing magic to stop the bleeding of the pink haired girls severed arm, they weren't able to reattach her arm because that type of healing magic is extremely difficult and a long forgotten practice. They scanned the state of her body and concluded that her whole body was permanently paralyzed from neck-down, the cause being an broken spine, she had no way to recover from this.

Ivery watched them carry Xia and the pink haired girl out of the cafeteria.

"Excuse me..." Ivery felt as if someone was tapping her shoulder

Ivery turned around and saw the blue haired girl standing behind her, her big yellow eyes looked as if they were tearing.

"Thank you for helping me..." The blue haired girl bowed down in front of Ivery

"You don't have to thank me" Ivery smiled

"...This is just the first time anyone has ever defended me...people always just watched and laughed.." The blue haired girl started crying

"Don't cry.." Ivery pulled the blue haired girl in for a hug, she knew all too well how this girl felt...all she ever wanted was for someone to hold her and tell her everything was going to get better, she wanted someone to care, just at least one person

But there was no one like that in her life, no one cared, no one held her, no one told her everything was going to get better, not one person. When she was bullied at her school, everyone watched and laughed as she was pushed, hit, had her belongings vandalized, had food thrown at her and so much more suffering she was put through..

Her own father who once adored her, soon hated her for existing. Her adoptive parents treated her like she was trash in the dirt that you stand on, her "sisters" made her sleep on the floor outside the bedroom, they made her eat the leftovers on their plates and purposefully made messes and had her clean it up.

She was pushed down the stairs and suffered from a concussion, she wasn't taken to the hospital because no one in the house cared, they just left her there on the floor, left to recover by her own will to live. She always wondered why did they adopt her if they didn't even want another child, why did they adopt her if they weren't planning on treating her like a living person? They were horrible people, all four of them were the monsters under her bed at night, the people who caused her misery and depression.

The blue haired girl cried in Ivery's arms and Ivery just held her, she held her the same way she wanted to be held...

"My name is Inanna, what might your name be?" Ivery asked the girl

"Beatrice..." The girl wiped the tears with her sleeves

"Let's be friends" Ivery smiled at Beatrice

"R-Really?" Beatrice's eyes watered again

"Yes" Ivery rubbed her back

"How about you two go to the lavatory.." Luther said to Ivery

"Alright..." Ivery nodded and took Beatrice outside of the cafeteria



"Why do people dislike you?" Ivery asked

"I suppose it's because my mother was a commoner but she died from an since my father is a duke and my mother was a commoner, that makes me an illegitimate child...and everyone mistreats me, even the maids of my household don't hold respect for brother and sister don't even want to look at me, and my father's wife hates me..." Beatrice sulked

"I see..." Ivery now understood the reason, a noble and a commoner having affairs and children wasn't as chaotic and despicable as a royal and a commoner having affairs and children but it was still looked down upon by many

"Just stand by me and I promise no one will hurt you again on my watch" Ivery rubbed her back

"Thank you..." Beatrice wiped her tears from her face



After Ivery comforted Beatrice, they walked out of the 'bathroom'. Ivery saw that lunch had ended and the students were leaving the cafeteria.

"Where is everyone going?" Ivery asked

"Didn't you hear?" Beatrice looked at Ivery

"No, hear what?" Ivery shook her head

"Today is the magic prowess evaluation, everyone is tested on the strength of their magical prowess and then it's decided whether or not if they can be promoted to go to a higher classroom to learn upper level magic, all of the people here strive to go for [Class S]"

"[Class S]?" Ivery asked

"It's the class only reserved for the MVP's, no student has ever seen what [Class S] looks like, it's also been proven that the MVP's kill the teachers that they think aren't suited to teach them, but since they're all more powerful than all of the teachers here, not many teachers survive after going into [Class S]" Beatrice said

"How much do you know about the MVP's?" Ivery asked as she and Beatrice walked to the evaluation center

for visiting.

"Everyone knows almost everything about the MVPs" Beatrice said

"What do you know?" Ivery was curious

"They have no mercy for the weak, they all kill with no hesitation, they were all trained by Crown Prince Luther Vandell..."

"Wait, Luther trained them?" Ivery was surprised

"It is said that he gives them more power if they are able to please him enough, he taught them how to use the powers he lent them" Beatrice told Ivery

"Luther Vandell and the other MVP's are also the evaluation masters" Beatrice informed

"Evaluation masters?" Ivery didn't understand what she meant...

"They're the ones who are in charge of evaluating the magical prowess of the other students, the students that are the weakest...die, the evaluation isn't really just a test to see how strong you are, it's to determine whether you can live or not" Beatrice started sweating

"And Luther Vandell is the one who kills and decides who is executed on the spot, the rest of the MVP's just note down who is most likely to pass" Beatrice said

"Really? Why do royalty and nobles send their children to this type of academy?" Ivery was in disbelief

"Good question....the royals and nobles all think the same about their children, if their children aren't strong enough then they might as well die, they can always have more children if another fails to meet their expectations, royals and nobles send their children to this academy just to see if they are strong enough to live" Beatrice answered

"So the MVP's decide what classes the students go to, depending on their prowess?" Ivery asked Beatrice

"Yes, today they decide if you get promoted, if you are to stay where you currently are, or if you die.." Beatrice felt nervous

"There is no such thing as demotion? Why are you killed if you fail an evaluation?" Ivery asked

"I don't know..." Beatrice said

"...." Ivery and Beatrice stood in front of the door that led to the evaluation center

"Lets go?" Ivery felt her heart beating fast

"Yeah..." Beatrice took a deep breath



They opened the two doors and saw an endless bunch of students, the room was extraordinarily huge, there was a track field area, trampoline area, quicksand jump area, a climbing area, a physical test area, and lastly magic test area.

The evaluations were starting and almost all of the students looked nerve-wrecked. Everyone in the evaluation center took seats and watched as the first batch of students prepared themselves, Ivery and Beatrice stood by a wall and watched from afar. The order went from the lowest class to the highest, the lowest class in the academy was [Class E], so [Class E] classes were the first to start the evaluation tests.

A name was suddenly called out.

A girl with short dark blonde hair started the evaluation first at the track field,

"You have 30 seconds to complete 100 laps around the field, start" Juliana held a small clock imbued with magic in her hand, she started the timer, as soon as her thumb hit the button, the time was displayed in giant numbers that hovered above the track field for everyone to see

The blonde girl instantly took off and used most of her magic prowess to increase her foot speed, with 20 seconds gone she only ran 2 laps around the whole track field, 2 laps were pretty impressive to most of the students, it was only impressive because of how wide and long the track field was stretched.

The timer made a loud beep and ended at 0:00. She was only able to complete 3 laps around the whole track field in 30 seconds.

Juliana wrote the time completed in her chart.

Everyone looked at the MVP's, they certainly did not look impressed. The blonde haired girl tried to catch her breath and wiped the sweat off of her forehead. The girl was sent back to her group and had to await her results, she either gets a promotion, she is made to stay in the class that she's in, or....death.

The next person in her class group was next for evaluation, another name was called, a boy with dark green hair stepped out from his group and stood on the track, he stretched before getting ready to run.

Juliana hit the button on her clock and the timer was started at 0:30. The boy ran off and used magic to increase his running speed. With 25 seconds down, he only ran a single lap, just as he was about to pass the line to make 2 full laps the timer went off and was at 0:00.

Juliana didn't even write the time he completed in her chart, she looked at Luther and smirked, none of the MVP's looked pleased.

In an instant the boy who was desperately catching his breath had his head separated from his neck, his body dropped to the ground and blood poured out from his gushing neck.

"This is what happens if you don't do well on even one evaluation, displease the MVP's in the slightest...and you die..." Beatrice felt her palms get sweaty

"Do well then Beatrice..." Ivery hoped Beatrice was strong enough to survive the evaluations


As [E] class students were called up for track field evaluations, no one from [Class E] got past 2 laps. About 15 students who made 1 lap and less than 1 lap were killed on the spot. 50 students remained in [Class E], they were to prepare for the next evaluation.

[D] class track field evaluations were next, students from [Class D] got up from their seats and lined up at the tracks. Names were called one by one for the track evaluation and a total of 20 students were killed in [Class D] and 80 remained, they were to prepare for the next evaluation.

[Class C] track field evaluation were next, Ivery and Beatrice were nervous, they were both in [C] classes. All [Class C] students lined up at the track field, Ivery and Beatrice both lined up at the tracks. Their hearts were racing, they thought their hearts were going to beat out of their chests.

A girl with yellow hair stepped out in front after her name was called, she prepared herself and readied herself to run. Just as Juliana hit the button, the timer beeped and started, she ran and put most of her magic in her feet and increased her speed as fast as she could. She wished she didn't play with her magic earlier...she used too much of it when she was showing off to her friends...

She felt her magic flow decreasing and her speed decelerated drastically, the timer went off and she didn't even get past 1 lap. When she realized she failed the evaluation...she dropped to the ground and cried...she didn't want to die...

"No!" Two girls ran out from class [B] they tried to run up to their friend who was certainly going to die for failing...

She looked at her best friends who were running to her, knowing her current an instant all three of their heads spiraled away from their bodies...

"Oh my god.." Beatrice covered her mouth as she saw all three of the girls drop dead on the track

"Never step foot in an evaluation if you're not being evaluated, no matter who is going to die, no matter how close you are to them, if they fail...they die, it's their fault for not being strong enough, our leader won't hesitate to end your lives, no matter who you are" Sariell Hesteria announced to everyone

The next students were called out for evaluation and so far 10 students were brutally killed by Luther Vandell, the other remaining students were to prepare for the next evaluation, soon enough Beatrice was called out...

Beatrice walked out and stood in front of the track, she took a deep breath and readied herself for running. The timer started and Beatrice took off, she put magical energy in her feet and increased her running speed, with 20 seconds down, Beatrice was able to complete 20 laps. When the timer completed and stopped at 0:00. Beatrice completed 23 laps, more than anyone had completed so far. Her time was noted down and she was allowed to prepare for the next evaluation.

Lastly Ivery was called out...Ivery stepped out and stood in front of the track field. Ivery took a deep breath and readied herself to run. Luther who was nonchalantly watching the evaluations and nonchalantly killing whoever failed the evaluation, was intently watching Ivery, even as she breathed, he closely watched with the utmost interest.

The timer started and Ivery was gone in a flash, dust was left in her trails, each lap that she completed left a windstorm, everyone's hair was flying back, people fell back in their chairs from the intense wind she created just by running, people that were standing up, were forcefully pushed back by the wind. Just with 10 seconds down, she completed 100 laps. Everyone could barely watch clearly, everyone but Luther, he was unfazed by the strong winds, even the other four MVP's had trouble withstanding the impactful wind.

Luther watched Ivery with astonishment, even though the other MVP's were trying to withstand the wind, they were all dramatically impressed with Ivery.

The timer beeped and stopped at 0:00, Ivery had completed a full 300 laps around the track field. Even though the timer had stopped, Ivery still kept running. People thought she was just showing off now, but truthfully..she just couldn't stop.

Ivery put too much magic in her feet and now she couldn't stop running. After awhile, Luther realized something was wrong when Ivery wouldn't stop running. He hastily but still elegantly and gracefully walked over to the track field. His body disappeared, and instantly appeared in front of Ivery, she saw him appear in front of her and tried her best to stop herself from running into him. His arms opened wide as if he was trying to catch her and it all seemed like it happened in an instant, Ivery crashed into Luther and they both slid across a small part of the track field, he held Ivery tightly in his arms, trying to prevent her from getting hurt.

"Are you okay?" Luther asked Ivery

"Y-Yeah" Ivery coughed as she could barely breathe

"Never put too much of your magic in your hands or feet, as infinite attribute holders we have no limit to power, you'll end up getting hurt if you do this again" Luther stroked her hair

"I-I didn't mean to..." Ivery tried to regulate her breathing and heartbeat

"Go get ready for the next evaluation" Luther helped her stand up

Before he walked away he kissed her forehead.



No one from any class above [Class C] was able to pass Ivery's new record of 300 laps, [Class A] students were only able to reach at least 130 laps. [Class B] students only completed at least 100 laps.

The next evaluation was the 'trampoline' area. Students had to jump at least 90 feet high up, anything less than 30 was a fail. A total of 20 students were killed for jumping less than 20 feet from [Class E]. [Class D] students all jumped at least 30 feet up high after putting magic into their legs. [Class C] students all jumped about 45 feet up high.

Beatrice jumped up about 65-70 feet up.

As for Ivery who was last to go, she remembered what Luther had said and tried to decrease the amount of magical energy she put in her legs than before.

"Ivery, don't use too much magic" Ivery heard Luther's voice come out of her communication bracelet

"I'll try" Ivery said into the communication bracelet on her wrist

Ivery jumped up and unfortunately, even though she didn't use that much magical energy she still jumped up way too high, her body launched up about 200 feet up in the air. Ivery began to fall back down to the ground, she sighed as she continued to fall back down, Luther facepalmed himself before jumping on the trampoline and jumping up high enough to catch Ivery.

"I thought I said not to use too much magic" Luther held Ivery in his arms as he hovered in the air

"I did! I decreased the amount of magical energy in my legs..." Ivery crossed her arms

"I told you there is no limit to how much power we can use, our magical energy flow can never be exhausted, it seems I'll have to teach you how to make use of your abilities soon..." Luther sighed

"I'm sorry...could you forgive me?" Ivery hooked her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek

"Only if it's you..." Luther blushed and lightly kissed her lips



The next evaluation was the climbing area, students had to climb up to the top of the 400 feet tall building that was somehow miraculously placed in the evaluation center, in under 30 seconds. Anything less than 60 feet was a fail.

[Class E] Students made it up to exactly 60 feet, all but 3 people, those 3 only made it up to 40 feet before the timer went off, their bodies instantaneously exploded and blood spilled everywhere around the climbing area, the blood dripped down 40 feet and below.

[Class D] students made it up to 70 feet and only 2 people weren't able to pass 30 feet, the 2 people who failed the evaluation, they screamed as they had their bodies twisted, it was as if someone were wringing out a wet rag to drain the water out, in this case their bodies were twisted around and blood oozed out of their bodies, bones crushed, their organs were twisted and squashed, their bodies fell down to the ground and their contorted bodies were left at the bottom of the climbing area.

"I love it when he kills like this.." Stewell blushed at Luther's masterpiece

"I know.." Piere agreed



[Class C] students made it up to 80 feet before the timer went off, but Beatrice was able to reach 100 feet high up before the timer went off.

Lastly, Ivery was up next, she went around the contorted bodies at the bottom, the problem she faced was the thick, wet blood dripping off of the handles that she was supposed to use to climb up, meaning she had to touch the blood and hopefully not slip...who knows what would happen if she made a mistake and failed to reach at least 60 feet.

When the timer went off, Ivery put magical energy in her hands and feet to increase her climbing speed. As Ivery went up the wall, her hands were too slippery from all of the blood and she lost her grip of the handles and fell down from 80 feet, as she was falling, Luther's heart dropped.

She quickly gained control of her situation and instantly grabbed a handle with her right hand to stop herself from falling. She had 15 seconds left...she fell down to 20 feet, at this rate she was going to fail...

Beatrice's face went pale when she saw the timer and where Ivery was currently at. Tears rolled down her face when she saw the situation Ivery was in.

Ivery refused to fail, she didn't know what would happen if she did fail...would Luther kill her for failing..? She didn't know, and she certainly wasn't going to find out.



Ivery apologized to Luther in her head and put a lot of magical energy in her hands and feet, Under 5 seconds she climbed up to 200 feet, she continued to climb up the wall at an impossible speed, her hands blazed with a golden pink glow and her feet left a glowing pink trail as she climbed up the wall. Ivery pulled herself up to the top of the building and just as she dragged herself to the top, the timer went off and was at 0:00.

Everyone who saw the amazing display and power Ivery had, they all cheered as they successfully made it up to the top and managed to reach 400 feet in under 15 seconds, even after she slipped and fell down 60 feet she was still able to reach 400 feet and complete the climbing evaluation.

Ivery laid down at the top of the building and her arms and legs burned furiously,both of her hands stung with intense pain and her feet ached even more and the blood on her hands had already faded away and both of her hands turned a pale blue. She looked at her hands and sighed. She wiped the sweat from her face with her sleeve,

"You really don't listen..." Luther held Ivery's hand in his palm

"I had no choice..." Ivery coughed

"You used too much magical energy in your hands and ended up overworking your veins and blood vessels..." Luther grabbed her other hand

"I-I didn't want to fail..." Ivery's face was flushed but she still smiled at him

"...Ivery...even if you fail even one evaluation...I would never let anything happen to you, you can even fail them all if you wanted.." Luther pulled Ivery up and hugged her

Luther squeezed Ivery's hands and she flinched in pain, she started to lose all sensations in her hands, even the pain started to fade away

"Your hands are dying..." Luther's heart twisted up, he hated seeing her in pain






Luther's hands glowed with a bright green light and the color of her hands changed from a pale blue to a healthy rosey shade. Her fingers moved the pain she felt was completely gone and her sensations slowly came back and she felt warmth flood through her arms and hands.

Luther's hands slid down her legs and touched both of her feet. Her feet felt cold before but soon after Luther's hands touched her feet, warmth took over and erased the cold chill she was feeling.

"One're going to give me a heart attack.." Luther hugged Ivery tighter in his arms

Ivery was could Luther heal her hands and feet? She thought Loki said none of his powers were good or could be used for good, he said that Luther's powers were only meant to kill and cause destruction...maybe Loki was wrong...Luther's powers are just as infinite as hers.

"Please don't use too much magic anymore..your body right now can't handle most of the power you have access to now.." Luther kissed the top of her head

"Okay..." Ivery blushed and nodded

"Good girl.."



After both classes [A] and [B] all passed the climbing evaluation but none of them were able to reach 400 feet like Ivery had. Next was the physical evaluation test, where students had to punch through 20 magically enforced iron walls. Anything less than 3 was a fail. They had 50 seconds to complete the evaluation. But the only classes that were exceptions were [E] and [D] since they weren't expected to be able to break through even one magically enforced wall had to at least make 5 deep dents in the wall.

[Class E] students were able to make 5 decently deep dents in the walls, only 4 students ended up breaking bones in their hands and didn't leave one scratch on the wall. For failing the evaluation, their skeletons were slowly ripped out of their bodies, they were forced to feel the pain of their bones being ripped out of the bodies, their skin and organs dropped on the ground and their skeletons crumbled within seconds.

"Luther is amazing..." Juliana blushed when she watched Luther casually and mercilessly kill, he sat in his chair with his leg crossed over the other, his head was leaned on his hand as he looked bored with the students who were obviously ants in his eyes



[Class D] students were able to break through only 3 walls, they all had to punch the walls with both hands and they had no choice but to use a bit of magical energy in their punches to break through the magical barrier in the walls. But two girls were only able to break through one wall before the timer went off.

They both suffered the same death as they both continuously threw up blood, one girl choked on her own blood, and she died of suffocation before she could die from excessive blood loss. The other girl threw up more blood than her body contained and died in a puddle of her own ejected blood.


[Class C] students were able to successfully break through 4-6 walls, but one boy only left one dent in a wall before the timer ran out, before he knew it, his head had instantly twisted around in a painful angle. His body dropped dead on the ground.

Beatrice managed to punch through only 5 walls, she had to also use two fists to break through the walls and use some magical energy to break through the magic barriers.

Ivery stood in front of her first wall and when the timer started, with a single blow she punched straight through the first wall, she didn't use any magical energy at all. She was surprised by her strength and she continued to punch the walls down, she stepped through the giant holes she made and only used one fist to punch through the iron and the magic barriers.

She punched through her 20th wall before she ran out of walls to break. She had 40 seconds left and waited for the timer to go off. Everyone's mouth's were wide open when she took only 10 seconds to break through all 20 strong walls....with one hand!

When the timer went off she walked back to her class and they all praised her for her brilliant display.

Classes [A] and [B] all passed their evaluations but neither classes were able to punch through all 20 walls.

Next was the magical evaluation, the students had to shoot their powerfulest magical attack at a moving target, the targets were circular but they were made of the same material that the walls were made of, and they all had a stronger magical barrier, making them harder to destroy.

They had to destroy 30 targets before the 60 second timer went off. Anything less than 30 was a fail.

[Class E] students struggled and some were able to destroy exactly 30, no more than 30 were destroyed by [Class E], the students that failed to destroy 30 targets had their heads explode, and their bodies had turned into dust before they hit the ground.

[Class D] students also had a hard time but most of them destroyed 30-35 targets, the students that didn't reach 30 or almost reached 30, had their hearts literally crushed inside of their chests. Each of them dropped dead on the ground.

[Class C] students managed to destroy 50 targets before the timer hit 0:00. Beatrice destroyed 59 targets. And as for Ivery....

Ivery held her hand out and a giant golden blow materialized in her hand, a golden arrow appeared in her other hand and she put the arrow in her bow and pulled the arrow back and launched it. The golden arrow separated into 20 arrows and hit exactly 20 targets, the targets were instantly destroyed with one hit by the arrows, Ivery continued to shoot her arrows until the timer ran out.

Ivery's total was 248 targets, she would have shot more if there was anymore to shoot...but since she shot and destroyed them all, she couldn't increase her score.



The last evaluation was the quicksand jump evaluation. Everyone so far surprisingly didn't fail the quicksand jump, because it was simple, don't fall into the quicksand. If you do fall in the quicksand, you will die, no one will save you and you'll slowly sink inside.

Ivery was the last of [Class C] to finish the quicksand jump.

A beautiful girl from a royal family, her name was Freyah Lestargia. Her white hair laid fairly down her back and her icy blue eyes were narrowed as she looked at Ivery get ready to jump across the quicksand. So far she hated Ivery, because when she saw Luther rushing to her aid whenever she was in a tough situation, she felt extremely envious. Luther Vandell was always known for never being interested in girls, he killed all of his previous fiances, he kills all of the girls who confess to him, he's ruthless, heartless, cold blooded and he's the existence that even the scariest blood thirstiest monsters fear.

She wasn't going to let this wannabe princess take Luther from her. For the longest of time she admired him, she longed to be his woman, she aimed to become an MVP just so she could stay beside him. So she and her friend Gretchen, combined a magic spell to temporarily paralyze Ivery's legs for a few hours, they shot the spell at Ivery's legs and before Ivery could counteract the attack, she was hit. Without the use of her legs, Ivery fell straight into the quicksand, she started to sink in the quicksand.

Surprisingly she wasn't scared as she was sinking.

"Inanna!" Beatrice threw a glowing blue rope at Ivery

"Beatrice..." Ivery's eyes widened

"No..." Ivery remembered what happened to those two girls that ran over to their friend at the track field

Ivery grabbed the rope and threw it back at Beatrice.

"W-What...?" Beatrice's eyes started to tear, she didn't understand why Ivery threw the rope back...

Ivery refused to let Beatrice die because of her, and if Luther killed Beatrice...she didn't think she could forgive him for that...

Ivery continued to sink in the quicksand and sighed again, she didn't know what was going to happen next...she just failed this evaluation, so far...Luther hasn't come to save her, did he lie about not letting anything happen to her even if she failed even one evaluation..?

Ivery's head sunk into the quicksand, and she disappeared in the quicksand.

Minutes later, Luther who was sleeping in his chair was awoken by Sariell.

"Inanna! No! No!" Beatrice tried to run over to Ivery until she saw Luther instantly appear by the pool of quicksand

Luther unhesitantly dug his hands into the quicksand and effortlessly pulled Ivery out, her head popped out of the quicksand and her body followed. He pulled her out and laid her down on the ground, he quickly checked her pulse and there was none, he began to panic. His heart started racing and his face turned pale, his body shivered with fear..fear..was an emotion he never felt...

He patted her both of her cheeks and there was no response. He put his palm on her chest and a flow of black mist entered her chest.

Beatrice ran over to Ivery in a haste and cried as she held Ivery's cold hand in her's. Her first and only friend...the only person who seemingly cared about her....









Ivery's eyes flared wide open and she coughed out a lot of watery quicksand and gasped for air, Luther patted her back as she tried to cough the remainder of what was in her lungs out.

Her body and clothes were soaked with the water under the quicksand. Luther and Beatrice hugged her when she came to. She smiled and took deep breaths to put the air back into her lungs.

"My legs.." Ivery couldn't move her legs no matter how hard she tried

"Legs..?" Luther touched her legs and felt a magical affliction residing in both of her legs

His eyes shone with deep, suffocating, suppressing murder. He sensed the origins of the magic used on Ivery and he connected the magical energy he sensed to two specific people...He scooped up Ivery and walked out of the evaluation center with her in his arms.

Freyah was outraged, she bit her bottom lip in frustration...she swore Ivery would die...but Luther had came to save her...just a few minutes more and Ivery would have been crossed off of her list of girls to get rid of....she was already struggling to get rid of Juliana she had to deal with another girl...





Freyah sat in her room with Gretchen as they planned on how to kill Ivery. They thought of several different methods and ended with three good possible ways.

Suddenly..the lights in her room started to flicker, she and Gretchen were scared beyond their wits. Freyah's face turned icy pale when she saw blood dripping down from her ceiling, the blood dripped on the floors and onto Freyah and Gretchen's faces, they screamed as they ran to the door.

The door handle melted into blood in Freyah's hands. The floor's were covered in thick blood, Gretchen slipped on the bloody floor and fell on the floor, she hit her head hard on the floor, the slip also made her get blood all over her pink nightgown.

Freyah jumped on her bed and a pool of blood spilled all over her, covering her entire body with blood. Her hair turned red from all of the blood, her blue nightgown soaked with blood, her bed drenched in red.

A loud thud was heard beside her bed and she looked over and saw her father's body, skinned, scalped and gutted. She screamed at the sight. She then saw her mother drop down in front of her and her mother was dangling down from her chandelier, instead of a rope around her neck, it was long intestines that she was choked to death by.

She cried hard as she saw both of her parents dead bodies in front of her. She felt as if a hard ball had hit her back and she turned around to see that it was not a ball but it was Gretchen's decapitated head. She screamed and kicked Gretchen's head away from her and Gretchen's head hit a wall.

"Is that any way to treat your friend?" A deep alluring voice said beside the door

"Who!?" Freyah looked at the person standing by the door and her eyes were stuck in deep shock

"You look surprised..." Luther walked over to Freyah

"W-Why did you do this!?" How could you do this!?" Freyah screamed and cried

"You almost caused the death of someone I care deeply about.." Luther smiled

"I loved you! So much!" Freyah cried

"So?" Luther raised an eyebrow

"She was going to get in the way of our future together! I had to get rid of her..." Freyah tried to wipe the blood off of her face

"Our future together? Bitch, I don't even know you" Luther laughed

" have to understand why I did what I did...." Freyah smiled at him

"I don't" Luther smiled back at her

Freyah's body started to sink in her bed, she struggled as she was sucked into the mattress. She screamed and cried out Luther's name, he smiled and stared as she was being sucked into her own bed.

Blood gushed out of the bed as the bed ate her alive, more blood spilled out of the bed and poured onto the floor.

Luther laughed loudly as he disappeared from the room, nowhere to be found or seen.

The door burst open and the maids screamed in terror as they saw the horrific scene, they ran away from the red room, wishing they could unsee what they had found.