The Unwanted Princess Chapter 12

12 Chapter 12: Her Deadly Mistake


After a long day of school, Ivery sat on her couch and laid down on the soft pillow. After she took a bath and got off all of the dirt and quicksand off of her skin and out of her hair, she needed some rest. She recalled the events from her day and replayed them in her head, she didn't know how to thank Luther properly for all that he did for her. Even though he wasn't supposed to intervene with her assessments, no one would dare question his decisions or punish him for not following through with the protocall, people that failed the evaluations were to be put to immediate death for not being strong enough. But Ivery was an apparent exception to that rule.

Was it because she was his fiance? No..that couldn't be it....

When she was sinking in the quicksand, for some odd reason she couldn't teleport or use her magic, she sensed that the sand was fused with a strong magical block, making sure whoever fell in the quicksand wouldn't be able to escape by any means. Being that her magical prowess was able to be blocked, it had to have been Luther who set up the magic block. It makes sense that the only person who could match up to her infinite abilities, could block it off. If it was anyone else who set the magic block, she would've had a chance to get out of the quicksand.

Ivery soon fell asleep, all she wanted was to sleep after her 'eventful' day.


Luther sat in a chair without the slightest ounce of care within him,

"Why did my daughter have to die!" A noble woman from a respected household shouted at Luther as she was held back by the guards

"A lot of people died, I'll tell you why she died if you state a name" Luther smiled

"Her name was Ellis!" The woman gritted her teeth

"Ellis?...Oh no, I'm sorry I don't remember..I just simply killed whoever failed, I didn't care for the names" Luther shrugged

"How dare you!" She pointed her finger directly at Luther and a blue light shone from her finger and shot straight for Luther

He held a single hand up and caught the attack with his bare hand, the woman stood there with fear when she saw that he single handedly caught her strongest offensive attack. With no words further said, Luther suddenly appeared in front of her, the guards stepped back within his presence.

He put his hands on both of her exposed shoulders, her skin under his hands started to rot, she screamed as she felt the pain of her body rotting to the bone. Soon enough the rot spread across her body and spread from limb to limb. Her body was reduced to the state of a corpse that had been dead for several years, her rotting body fell to the ground, the stench of the decaying body made the guards in the room gag.

"Have someone clean that up" Luther told the guards before he left the room


Ivery's eyes slowly opened when she felt her nose being tickled. She rubbed her nose to relieve the irritation.

"Are you up now?" Loki looked down at Ivery as he moved his tail from her face

"What's so important that you have to wake me up?" Ivery sat up and stretched

"It's about time that you learn some more abilities.." Loki said

"Really?" Ivery was wide awake now

"Yes" Loki nodded

"Let's go outside" Loki hopped down from the couch


Ivery stood in the middle of a nearby forest with Loki,

"Why do you keep taking me to forests to practice?" Ivery asked as she looked around the dark forest

"It's an open space and you don't have to worry about the destruction that you'll definitely cause to the castle" Loki stated

"And monsters are commonly found in this particular forest" Loki smiled

"M-Monsters...?" Ivery looked around

"What's the best way to improve your fighting abilities than to battle a living creature?" Loki said

"What type of monsters...are in this forest?" Ivery felt uneasy, as if she was being watched

"Humanoids" Loki grinned

"Humanoids...? Does that mean.." Ivery's uneasiness rose from a ten to a solid fifty

"Yes, these monsters take the form of humans" Loki confirmed her assumption



"You....smell....delicious.." A raspy deep voice said from a near distance

"Who's there?!" Ivery looked all around her

A woman stepped out of the darkness, her messy long green hair touched the ground, her eyes glowing with a bright orange color. Her teeth and nails were as sharp as razor blades, her skin was extremely pale. Behind her stepped out another, his appearance highly resembled her's, the only difference between them was their gender.

"We're you mind sparing a leg or two...?" The man growled

"I'd rather keep all of my body parts.." Ivery stepped back

"Then we'll just take it by killing you!" The woman charged straight for Ivery

"Ivery..try to connect to your infinite abilities, you'll know how to use most of them once you connect to them, this is so I don't have to keep telling you about the abilities you already have access to" Loki said as he looked at the humanoid running straight for Ivery

"How!?" Ivery dodged the woman as she swung at her

"Close your eyes and put a lot of magical energy towards your brain!" Loki shouted

"That sounds dangerous!" Ivery continued to dodge the woman's attacks

"Just do it!" Loki shouted out

Ivery closed her eyes and just as she closed her eyes, the woman managed to hit Ivery, and Ivery was launched back into a tree behind her. Her back was in intense pain,

Ivery focused the flow of her magical energy towards her brain, all within her, the magic flow of her infinite ability traveling through her entire brain's system, her magic entered the system of her brain and rewired her brain to open access the door to her infinite abilities.

When Ivery opened her eyes, she was floating in a dark room, with no ground, walls or ceiling to be seen. In front of her was a glowing pink door wrapped with golden chains. A giant golden lock was in the center of the door and in Ivery's hands was a giant golden key.

Ivery inserted the key in the lock and turned the key. In a flash, the chains around the door shattered and scattered into pieces. The door swung open and pulled Ivery inside.


Ivery's eyes opened again and her back ached, she saw the woman walk up to her and her nails grew longer and the veins in her hands bulged out and her mouth dripped with saliva.

Ivery's head was filled with incredible knowledge, she currently knew all of the abilities she had access to and all of the ones she needed to gain access to. Ivery disappeared from her spot into a golden pink mist, and within seconds, she was in front of the humanoid woman.

"....Golden palm" Ivery held her right hand back

Ivery's hands glowed and her hand forcefully pushed against the woman's chest and sent her body flying straight back into a far away tree.

Green blood spilled out of her mouth as she fell unconscious.

"Sister!" The male humanoid yelled out

"You'll pay for that!" He ran straight for Ivery with his sharp nails elongated

"Golden lightning..." Ivery held her hand up and pointed at the charging humanoid

A bright golden light struck down and struck the unexpecting humanoid. His screams were heard throughout the forest, definitely alarming all of the other sleeping or roaming monsters.

The lightning continued to strike him down, no matter where he ran off to.

"Wind control" Ivery pointed at the humanoid who was lying on the ground

The air around them became stronger with every minute that past, like a brutal wind storm. The leaves on the trees began to rip off from the branches. Animals ran out from the forest, and monsters that were lurking nearby came out of hiding.

The male humanoid was lifted up in the air and suddenly the powerful wind spun until it formed into a tornado. The humanoid was sucked into the tornado along with his unconscious sister.

The tornado shot them out up high into the sky, they shot up so far that you'd mistake them for a pair of shooting stars.

The tornado wafted away and the destruction of the forest was unimaginable.

The monsters all surrounded Ivery and Loki, they all growled and hissed, their mouths all watering for the delicious meal in front of their eyes.

"Blood moon" A voice sounded out behind Ivery

The bright white moon filled with a bloody red color, the dark sky slowly turned a bright red shade, reflecting off of the moon. The blood red glow of the moon shone down on the forest and casted a brilliant red shade across the whole area.

Before they could realize what was happening to them they were all instantly reduced to steaming blobs of their own blood under the red moonlight. As soon as the red moonlight hit them, their fates were sealed.

Ivery quickly turned around and saw the face she knew all too well.

"Luther.." Ivery felt complete when she saw the only person in this world that she yearned for

"What are you doing here?" Luther walked over to her

"I brought her here to train" Loki answered Luther's question

"This forest is dangerous..for people with low magical prowess" Luther said as his eyes scanned Ivery for any wounds

"I don't have low magical prowess" Ivery said

"But your powers are limited, there are powerful hungry monsters waiting and searching for prey" Luther put both of his hands on her cheeks

He looked into her glowing golden red eyes, and was instantly captivated by their beauty.

The golden tint in her eyes flickered until it disappeared completely, leaving pure crimson red that shone like a freshly polished ruby, the red moonlight made her eyes even more beautiful.

"I'll train you" Luther kissed her forehead

"Train me..?" Ivery asked

"Yes, prepare your best attack and aim it at me" Luther instantly disappeared from his spot in front of her and appeared several feet away from her

"If you say so" Ivery searched her brain for a good attack to prove to Luther that she wasn't weak

"Mother nature" Ivery held her hands out

The wind around her twisted and lifted her up in the air, and with a single snap all of the tree's surrounding the area grew larger in size and the root's of the tree's broke and teared out from the ground and headed straight for Luther, the ground underneath Luther cracked and created the sense of an earthquake. The root's of the tree's twisted and entwined in each other and before the root's could touch him, they turned to dust.

"You can do better than this Ivery, what else do you have" Luther grinned

"Animation.." Ivery's eyes glowed brighter and the tree's slowly grew arms and legs and ripped themselves out of the ground and they all rushed towards Luther

Luther smiled and jumped up, cracking and shattering the ground beneath him even more. He hovered above all of the incoming tree's and clapped his hands three times and suddenly the red moon above everything opened it's single eye, blood dripped down out of the giant red eye that menacingly looked down upon the forest.

All of the walking and running tree's were incinerated into ash under the moon's eye.

Ivery sucked her teeth and dropped down to the ground, landing on her two feet.

Luther's hands were covered in a black mist, he snapped his fingers and the black mist shot towards Ivery.

"Deflection" Ivery held her hand up and a golden pink glow covered her hand

As soon as the mist hit Ivery, it was immediently sent back towards Luther. Luther's hands absorbed the black mist and he gradually came back down to the ground and stood several feet away from Ivery.

Ivery ran towards Luther and swung her fist down at him, he dodged her attack and her fist hit the ground. The cracked ground was crushed from her punch, the grass and dirt flew everywhere, the solid rock was crushed into many chunks or it was shattered into shards. The ground also vibrated and the sound of the crushing ground could be heard a hundreds mile away.

for visiting.

"Impressive.." Luther commended her

"Please stay still.." A long golden pink whip materialized in Ivery's hand

"I'll have to deny your request" Luther smiled

Ivery swung the whip down at Luther, he moved away from the whip and as he did, the whips impact with the ground was devastating, the whip was so powerful, it cracked the ground and split it in half, the ground continued to split through the forest and the tree's and everything around it fell in the continuously splitting ground.

"Interesting" Luther looked down into the new giant crack that Ivery just made in the world

The whip in Ivery's hand's faded away into a golden pink mist,

"Golden ball" A huge gold floating ball was in Ivery's hand

She threw it at Luther and as it made contact with the ground it exploded five times, before it made one enormous explosion that expanded throughout the entirety of the forest.

Ivery and Loki was blown away by the explosion and a thick cloud of gray smoke surrounded the area.


"Ivery!" Luther shouted out in the cloud of smoke

There was no response.

Luther's purple eyes glowed and an intense wind blew all around him, the wind blew the smoke away and cleared the area.

Luther's eyes widened when he saw the wasteland before him, he stood in the crater of the explosion and all around him was a waste of burned trees and the burnt pieces of monster corpses scattered throughout the terrain. There was no sign of life anywhere to be found, Luther's eyes glowed more furiously when he enabled the curse mark he put on Ivery's palm.

Just as he accessed Ivery's sight, her eyes opened.

She looked around the area and gasped, she looked at Loki who was beside her and he was out cold and his snow white hair was dirtied and patched with dirt stains.

Even though she didn't realize it or feel it until she saw it, her left arm was dislocated and both of her ankles were shattered, her neck was stiff, she couldn't turn her head fully because it almost would lock if she turned her head too far, and just felt as if something was out of place. Her chest hurt...a lot. Three of her ribs were broken and one was cracked, her right leg bone was fractured and Ivery just laid on her side quietly on the ground, basking in the brilliance of her failure.

She didn't know the scale power of her attacks, and she didn't think the golden ball would've been that powerful. She just hoped Luther was alright. She prayed that she didn't hurt him.


"You need to be more careful, I told you before there is no limit to how much power we can hold, meaning your attacks are also limitless, they can be as powerful as you want them to be, that ball you threw at me...if you put more power into could probably destroy half of the world, or all of it" Luther pulled Ivery towards him, he laid her head on his lap and he looked at her injured body

"This might hurt.." Luther hated seeing her this way

" it" Ivery closed her eyes and braced herself for the pain waves to come

Luther's glowing eyes scanned the problems in her body, first he held her neck and snapped the dislocated bones back in its right place. Ivery thought she would want to scream but it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would, instead it felt like relieved pressure.

Luther took her left arm in his hands and he popped and pushed her arm back in it's right location. He placed his hands on her chest and his palms glowed with a green light, all of Ivery's broken ribs sealed back together as if they were never broken and cracked, and she felt as if she could breathe better than before.

He laid her down on the ground and his hands held her right leg tightly, the fractured bone healed in an instant. His hands slid down her legs and he put both of his hands on both of her shattered ankles, the pieces of bone came back together and seemed as if they were never broken in the first place.

"Your back..." Luther helped Ivery sit up

He forcefully pushed his hand on her back and she felt something pop and move within her back, after he did that, her back felt much better, her back was injured when she hit that tree as she was fighting with that humanoid woman.

"Shall we continue?" Luther helped her stand up

"You'll let me continue? After what just happened?" Ivery thought he would've sent her back to the castle after this rather...unfortunate incident..

"I said I'd train you, count this as a lesson that's apart of your training" Luther smiled at her

"Alright" Ivery smiled back


"Loki!" Ivery totally forgot that Loki was probably hurt during the explosion

She bent down and picked Loki up from the ground, she checked for a sign of breathing or his tail moving, and she saw nothing...

"H-He..can't be..." Ivery's eyes started watering

"He'll heal right!?" Ivery desperately asked Luther, with tears running down her face

"I don't know..that explosion might've been too much for him..since he did take the form of a cat his durability was probably lowered and he probably suffered a fatal injury that couldn't heal fast enough..." Luther rubbed her head

"Does..that mean Loki's...really...dead?" Ivery didn't want to believe it

"I don't sense his spirit anymore...I'm sorry" Erebus appeared next to Luther and sighed

"Oh my god...what have I done...?" Ivery dropped on her knees and held Loki tight in her arms

"It's not your didn't mean for this to happen.." Luther tried to console her

"But it's all my fault that he's dead.." Ivery sobbed





"No!" Ivery shouted

Ivery's eyes turned red, even the whites of her eyes were red, Ivery suddenly stopped crying tears...she started crying real blood.

"Ivery?!" Luther looked at Ivery with intense worry

Blood ran down her face and dripped onto Loki, Ivery's face was as blank and emotionless, there was no sadness even though she was crying...blood.

Blood fell into Loki's mouth and instantaneously, Loki's eyes opened wide and he took a deep breath of air.

"W-What the hell happened?" Loki sat up and looked around the total wasteland


"Ivery!?" Loki looked at Ivery's face, her eyes were completely red, blood came out of her eyes and her emotionless face

"What's wrong with her!?" Loki asked, filled with worry

"You died...and then she started acting like this" Luther tried getting Ivery's attention

"I see.." Loki laughed to himself

"Break the earth" Ivery's emotionless voice rang out

All of the ground cracked after she said those words, even many many miles away the ground cracked.

"Ivery.." Luther felt a chillingly depressing aura coming from Ivery

"Wither and rot" Ivery said

With her words, the brown cracked dirt slowly turned black.

"The sky cries" Ivery said

Suddenly, droplets of blood fell down from the sky and fell onto the black dirt, the blood dropping on Luther, Loki and Erebus.

"Fall into despair..." Ivery's hair turned pure red, and bone like wings came out of her back

Ivery's bone wings flapped and created a powerful gust of wind.



Out of nowhere, a golden red mist surrounded the entire area, behind Ivery appeared a tall handsome man, with long blonde hair and eyes as red as a demons.

"So your blood has awakened.." Julian looked at Ivery

Ivery slowly turned around and she looked at Julian. She screamed at the sight of him, her scream was extremely loud and demonic as if something else...something purely evil had completely taken over Ivery's body.

"I'll have to seal it..." Julian never thought the day would come where he'd do the exact same thing his father did for him when his blood awakened

"Do you know what's happening to her?" Luther asked Julian

"Pure blooded Castiell's inherit not only red eyes and the right to the throne, we also inherit 'Devil's Blood'" Julian said

"Devil's Blood?" Luther didn't understand

"It's said to be a curse that runs through the purest bloodline of the Castiell's, my other children weren't compatible with my Castiell blood, so when they were still in utero they took 94% their mother's blood gene's and 6% of mine, but only pureblood Castiell's go through this transition..."

"I sensed 'Devil's Blood' coming from my own kin, so I came to check the's time for her sealing" Julian's eyes turned completely red

"Break the earth" The red was filling the whites of his eyes..

The ground cracked even more and deeper as Julian's words left his mouth.

"Wither and rot" Blood came running down out of Julian's eyes

The ground couldn't turn any blacker than it already was, so with each step or slight pressure, the ground started to crumble.

"The sky cries" Two sharp black horn's came out of his head

The bloody rain came down harder.

"Fall into despair" His hair slowly changed from blonde to a dark red color and bone like wings came out of his back, his bone wings flapped and a wind more stronger than Ivery's blew past

"Stay away!" Ivery's demon screamed out

"Get out of my daughter.." Julian flashed over to Ivery in a blink

He pressed his thumb on her forehead and a red cross shaped mark appeared on her forehead.

"No!" The demon screamed in pain







Ivery's eye's reverted back to normal and her bone wings cracked back into her back. The red cross on her forehead glowed before it turned a solid black.

Ivery collapsed on the ground and fell into a deep sleep...

"I'll take her back to the castle.." Luther picked Ivery up from the ground and looked at her sleeping face as she was peacefully resting in his arms

"Thank you..Luther" Julian's appearance reverted back and he looked at Luther with full hearted appreciation

"It's my pleasure" Luther responded

"Take care of her for me.." Julian said

"You don't need to tell me that, I'll take care of her regardless of who says it or who doesn't" Luther and Ivery disappeared into a black mist along with Erebus and Loki

"Good boy" Julian smiled