The Unwanted Princess Chapter 13

13 Chapter 13: Her Blood

Ivery collapsed on the ground and fell into a deep sleep...

"I'll take her back to the castle.." Luther picked Ivery up from the ground and looked at her sleeping face as she was peacefully resting in his arms

"Thank you..Luther" Julian's appearance reverted back and he looked at Luther with full hearted appreciation

"It's my pleasure" Luther responded

"Take care of her for me.." Julian said

"You don't need to tell me that, I'll take care of her regardless of who says it or who doesn't" Luther and Ivery disappeared into a black mist along with Erebus and Loki

"Good boy" Julian smiled


Luther laid Ivery down on her bed, he gently kissed her head as he sat down on the bed.

His eyes were stuck on the black cross mark imprinted on her forehead....She's definitely going to have questions when she sees it....what could he tell her? How could he tell her what he learned..?Telling her what happened today seemed like something she should hear from her father.

"Devil's blood..." Luther sat and thought to himself...




Luther laid in the bed right beside Ivery, his hands played in her soft silky blonde hair, enchanted by every strand that glowed under the white moonlight. He looked at her peaceful face as she was in a deep sleep, after what happened today, it is normal for her to be tired out. They could always continue training tomorrow.

Luther couldn't erase the way Ivery looked and acted out of his head. She didn't necessarily scare him, it was because she looked as if she was in pain...the thought deeply saddened him. Luther's mind was running all throughout the night before he finally fell asleep, holding Ivery in his warm embrace.



Ivery blinked awake, before she sat up and looked around at her surroundings. Ivery suddenly felt hot, very hot, as if her blood was on fire. She looked at her hand and the veins inside of her hand and arm were beaming red with a fiery glow, and looked drastically inflamed. The fiery glow in her veins traveled up her arm and throughout her whole body system.

The black cross mark on her forehead, slowly beamed red and the roots of her hair began filling with a red color.

Ivery looked over at Luther who was sleeping beside her. She hastily shook him awake.

Luther opened his eyes and saw the state that Ivery was in. Her veins were burning red through her skin, her hair was slowly rooting red and her red eyes glowed furiously.

Luther quickly sat up and held Ivery in his arms as she writhed in pain. Tears started rolling down Ivery's face as the pain soon became unbearable.

"It burns!" Ivery squeezed Luther's arms and clenched her teeth together

"I'll make it better...don't worry" Luther put his hand over her eyes, and within an instant Ivery fell back into a deep sleep, a painless sleep

Her symptoms were still progressing even though he put her in a peaceful dream, an artificial dreamland made by him, just for her.

Luther gently laid Ivery down on the bed and his body turned into a black mist.

Luther ended up in the Emperor's quarters and saw Julian and Empress Cassandra sleeping in bed. Luther walked over to Julian's side and shook Julian awake with absurd speed. Julian jolted awake after being intensely shaked like a rattle.

"Crown Prince Luther?" Julian rubbed his eyes and sat up in his bed

"Somethings wrong with Inanna" Luther got straight to the point and had no time to waste

"Where is she?!" Julian quickly got out of bed

"In her room.." Luther said

Julian's body turned into a cloud of red mist, mixed with a hint of gold, Luther followed him and his body disappeared into a black cloud of mist.

Julian appeared in Ivery's bedroom and walked towards the bed that Ivery was peacefully sleeping on. Julian lifted up her arm and saw her inflamed veins and the roots of her hair was turning red, and the demon seal he placed on her forehead was activated.

"What's happening?" Luther asked Julian

"This is normal...the demon within is trying to break through the seal I placed" Julian said as he examined Ivery's body

"Can you help her?" Luther asked

"Yes, but Inanna has to overcome the demon within by her own power, not mine, I can only suppress the demon's full power, not the demon itself, if Inanna gives into the demon and falls into the darkness...the demon will fully take over her body and she will cease to exist, she needs to learn how to take over the demon instead of letting it take over her, the key to taking over the body that a demon possesses is learning the name of the human they inhabit...once they learn the name of the human they possess, they can fully take over..." Julian said as he touched the red cross mark seal on her forehead

"Is that what you did?" Luther looked at Julian

"Yes, that's what all of us had to do to survive, only two of my siblings out of fifty, inherited 'Devil's Blood', they both told their demon's their names and they died in transition and so the demon's took over their corpses, my father had to put them down..." Julian feared Ivery would end up the same way, he hoped this girl had enough will and strength to overcome her demon inside
for visiting.

She can't die today...she's destined to do too much. She is the sole hope for their country to prosper to greater heights, her and Luther's marriage will be monumental and just imagining their future heirs and how strong they'll be... If Ivery were to die, everything as they know it will perish within time, and leaving the castle and country in Liam's hands would be no good for anyone, he only made Liam Crown Prince because he was the strongest among all of his children and he needed someone to succeed the throne.

But now that the royal infinite attribute holder was born in the Castiell family line, she was certainly here to make a change and difference to this country, if Ivery jumps over this obstacle...she will become the only Queen in history to reign over two countries, The Fresia Kingdom who's country she shall marry into, and The Lilith Kingdom who's country she shall inherit from her father by birthright and blood right.

Liam has no chance of getting the throne if Ivery lives on and becomes stronger within each day,


"It's dark..." Ivery floated in what seemed like black water....

"Hello child..." A deep seductive demonic voice said within the darkness

"Who's..there?" Ivery squeezed her eyes closed...she didn't know where she was or why she was there...she just wanted to go back home and see Luther again...but apart of her felt guilty of what happened to Loki and didn't want to return to a world without him...

"I am Azanigin, what is your name human child?" The demon said in Ivery's ear

"I..don't know you" Ivery didn't trust this ominous voice

"You can trust me human child...I won't hurt you..what is your name?" Azanigin asked again

"Why do you want to know?" Ivery asked her

"You're such a beautiful'll be such a waste not to know your name.." Azanigin smiled, showing off her sharp blood stained teeth

"...." Why the hell would Ivery trust a demon, all of the movies and books shes read about demons and how they're not to be trusted, they're slick and deceiving and most importantly evil, they'll do anything to get a flesh body and be able to walk the earth again

It's said that once a demon takes over your body, it consumes your soul. And walks around the earth in your body, pretending to be human, pretending to be you....

"My name is Fiona, who are you?..Even though you told me your name already" Ivery said to the demoness woman

"I am Azanigin, the Mother of demons...I've been locked inside of your body for so's about time I get out now.." Azanigin evilly grinned

"Whatever do you mean?" Ivery sarcastically asked, knowing what the demon was planning

"Since I now know your name human, I can now take over your body completely now! Thank you for this gift, I promise I won't let it go to waste!" Azanigin flew up into the darkness, and stopped in front of a bloody red chained door with a black cross

"Fiona" Azanigin said to the door

The Black chains around the door glowed red, and the chains broke and the red door opened.

"Finally! Finally!"Azanigin flew through the open door and glided into the red light


"Wha...?" Azanigin's eyes widened when she saw Ivery standing in front of her

"You thought I'd trust a demon? Think again" Ivery smiled and her red eyes glowed deeply before the darkness around the two of them shattered

"No! This can't be! This wasn't supposed to happen!" Azanigin was blinded by the golden pink light that replaced the darkness around them

"On the was supposed to happen, now stay down and don't come back up again" Ivery floated closer to Azanigin and put both of her hands on Azanigin's face, Azanigin looked at Ivery in horror as she stared into Ivery's ruby red eyes

"Arrhgghhhh! No! No! No!" Azanigin screamed as her face started cracking and her body started cracking until it shattered completely


Ivery opened her eyes and saw her father and Luther looking down at her.

The red in Ivery's hair faded back into the light blonde it originally was, the burning sensation in her veins cooled down before it completely stopped. The red fiery veins were no longer visible through her skin and the black cross on Ivery's forehead faded away.

"You did it.." Julian smiled

"Why...who was she..?" Ivery's head started hurting

"What what the demon's name?" Julian asked

"She said her name was 'Azanigin'" Ivery said

"....!" Julian's expression looked terrified as soon as he heard that name

"What's wrong father?" Ivery asked

"N-Nothing, just get some did well today, I'm proud of you" Julian patted Ivery's head and smiled


"Are you feeling okay?" Luther asked Ivery as he checked her body for any abnormalities

"Yes, I'm just confused..." Ivery laid on Luther's shoulder

"I'll tell you everything when the time is right...for now just rest" Julian stood up and walked out of the room


"Luther! Where's Loki?!" Ivery looked around and saw Loki curled in a ball at the foot of her bed

"He's fine, he's just sleeping" Luther put his arm around Ivery and rubbed her shoulder

"Thank you..." Ivery fell asleep on Luther's shoulder

"You don't need to thank me, it's my pleasure.." Luther let Ivery lay on his lap as he ran his fingers through her hair


"It's about time you've showed up again Azanigin..." Julian walked down the hall

"But you made a big mistake choosing my daughter"