The Unwanted Princess Chapter 14

14 Chapter 14: The Dungeon

[ Blood, Violence & Gore Warning ]

The students of Crescent Academy were preparing for a huge mission that was requested by the Emperor of Fresia, Emperor Erdel Lucretia DelCrest Vandell.

Everyone was preparing in the training room and getting geared up for this mission given by the Emperor of Fresia.

The highest weapons and gear that ranked grade A+ swords and Grade A++ or grade B+ and grade B++ armor were only given to the highest ranking classes, Classes A and B. Any classes lower than A and B were to be given gear according to their classes. Class C students were given C+ and C++ gear and weapons.

The MVP's were to assign teams. And only the strongest among the classes could be on the same team as one of the MVP's.

Classes C, D and E were to decide their own teams, classes A and B were assigned to teams according to the MVP's demands. And the MVP's started choosing people from Class A to be on their teams.

"Inanna let's be a team!" Beatrice hugged Ivery from behind

"Okay" Ivery laughed

Suddenly other students who saw Ivery's strength and abilities at the evaluation tests started swarming Ivery and were asking her to be on her team. Ivery didn't know what to say, she was obviously flattered that so many people wanted to be on her team..

"Crown Princess, Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell and that girl next to her! You're with me!" Luther Vandell shouted out

Ivery heard her full name that was given to her by her father, and it was Luther's voice that said it..

"Us!?" Ivery and Beatrice didn't want to believe Crown Prince Luther was choosing two students from Class C to be apart of his Class A only team

"Yes, come here" Luther nodded

Ivery and Beatrice pushed their way through the crowds of people and walked towards Luther Vandell.

"Did you think I would let you go on this mission without my supervision? Who knows what kind of problems you'll face without me, you're more dangerous to yourself than anyone or anything's best if you stay with me" Luther smiled at her

"And I figured you didn't want to leave her behind so she can come with as well, as long as she doesn't hold my team back" Luther coldly glared at Beatrice, seeing her as only an accessory that Ivery was carrying around with her, she was no importance to him but since Ivery seemed to care about her, he'll make another exception

"Thank you" Ivery smiled at him

"Now, let's start.." Luther was more than ready to begin this mission


"Attention! I know most of you here are wondering what this mission is and where are we heading to!" Luther used magic to project his voice louder and farther for everyone to hear

"Crescent Academy was requested to venture to the Dungeon of Hell, to find the legendary golden dragon egg, the journey will not be easy, and there will most definitely be some casualties if you do not prove strong enough to brave through the Forest Of Nightmares" Luther said

"We shall waste no more time, ready your weapons and prepare your magic to face the monsters of this territory" In Luther's hand materialized a black long sword with a purple amethyst in the center


The giant portal glowed as all of the students jumped inside, after everyone went inside the portal, they were transported to the entrance of the Forest Of Nightmares, the dark gloomy contrast of the forest made Classes C, D and E feel uneasy and unsure about going into the forest.

"Let's go, anyone that may get left behind has their own magic tracker to find the Dungeon themselves if they're capable enough to fight against the monsters in this forest" Luther told his team as they moved forward into the forest

Luther's team trudged through all of the bloody mud and dirt and walked past hundreds of dead trees.

A sudden scream was heard, everyone in Luther's team turned around and saw a giant green Orc with glowing yellow eyes was standing in front of a brown haired girl who was on their team.

Her hands shone with a dim red glow and her attack left her hands and shot at the Orc.

The Orc grunted and was pushed back before it stumbled and fell on it's back. The girl felt extremely proud of herself and turned around after she knocked the Orc down.

"What are you doing!? Kill it!" Ivery shouted

"What? It's down isn't it? Why do I have to waste magic and energy to kill such a pathetic creature that went down with my weakest attack?" The girl shrugged

"But-" Ivery couldn't believe this girl

"Don't help her..." Luther smiled

"Let's keep going" The girl was ready to walk

"Gurghh!" She spit up blood

"Oh my god..." Beatrice covered her mouth

The Orc grabbed the girl and squeezed her in his hand, he squeezed her harder and harder, blood slushed out of her mouth and her ribs cracked, and her organs were squashed. He threw her on the ground and her body slid in front of Luther's feet.

Her head lifted up and she tried to gasp for air as she looked up at Luther, her teary eyes were a sign that she was obviously regretting not killing that savage beast. Luther sighed.

"H-Heal...m-me..p-please.." The girl almost choked on her own blood

"Such audacity, to request me to heal you because you made the stupid decision to spare a disgusting monster, you should just die" Luther's cold purple eyes shot through her heart like an icepick needle

Luther stabbed his sword through her skull with no remorse and with zero hesitation.

"She was good as dead anyways.." Luther pulled his sword out of her head and turned around to walk away

"Someone, kill that monster so we can continue" Luther crossed his arms

In Ivery's hands materialized a golden bow, Ivery placed a golden arrow in the bow and aimed it at the Orc that everyone else was struggling to attack.

for visiting.

She pulled her hand back and released the arrow, the golden arrow pierced through the air and shot fast towards the Orc. The arrow hit the Orc's chest and the Orc looked down at the small arrow and laughed loudly.

"Little girl! Do you think this is a game? I'll slaughter every single one of you right here! Right now!" The Orc shouted out, his breath stunk as his mouth was filled with mold and decaying teeth

"Don't underestimate her" Luther smiled

"Boom" Ivery smirked



A large explosion sounded out in the forest.

"What the hell?" A boy from Class A got up from the ground and looked at the disastrous scene before his eyes

Everyone managed to avoid the explosion with a few minor scratches, but as for the Orc....

Pieces of the Orc's limbs and organs were scattered all across the area, yellow blood was splattered almost everywhere.

"Just a single arrow..." Beatrice looked at Ivery with amazement

"Ivery! That was amazing! You killed that big monster with a single arrow!" Beatrice hugged Ivery

"That was my weakest attack" Ivery shrugged and smiled

"T-That was weak...?" A girl from Class A was dumbfounded

"Let's continue" Luther told the team as he grabbed Ivery's hand and walked ahead

So far out of 20 students chosen to be on Luther's team, 1 was killed so far.

The team set out for the Dungeon of Hell, and they all went through the forest and fought small monsters and elite monsters. When Luther had a hand in the kills, the monsters stood no chance against him, with a single attack the monster's were decapitated, disemboweled, or burnt alive.

Just as Luther's team was approaching the Dungeon of Hell, there was an unknown group already blocking the entrance. Making sure no one else was there to raid it just as they were.

"Excuse us, we're here to enter the Dungeon" Luther smiled

"You better turn back around, today it's occupied" The guy said to Luther

"I suggest you let us in, or you'll be a wall decoration before the day ends" Luther continued smiling at the guy

"Are you threatening me!? A little pretty boy like you wouldn't want any scars on your face, so I suggest you turn around and walk away so this won't get violent" The guy yelled in Luther's face

"I reassure you, I don't care for my face all that much, it's just a gift from my parents, but since the situation calls for it, your face won't be recognizable after this" Luther's smile took a turn for the worst when his demonically sadistic side tipped over

"W-What the hell!" The guy fell on the ground, Luther's face was terrifying...his smile kept widening and his glowing purple eyes looked as if Luther was a being far beyond monsters

The wind felt cold and Luther's team backed up away from him, they stepped away from his deadly threatening aura. If they stepped any closer, they'd surely die, Luther was 10,000 times more dangerous than this Forest Of Nightmares and the Dungeon of Hell combined!

Luther slightly touched the man's face. And in an instant the man started screaming in pain as his face began to be ripped off by Luther. Blood splatted and poured everywhere as Luther dug into the man's face, tearing out tendons and muscles. Luther's fingers poked into the man's eyeballs and they burst into blood and goo after enough pressure was added.

Luther broke and pried open his skull and pulled out his brain, Luther looked up at a woman who was peeing herself after being terrified by the soul shattering scene before her eyes.

Ivery covered Beatrice's eyes when she saw Beatrice was about to faint.

Ivery sighed when she watched Luther lose his temper. She felt like there was going to be a lot of death in her future as long as she was with Luther. One day, she'll help him control his savage temperament.

Luther's body suddenly disappeared and immediently appeared in front of the shaking woman. Luther turned the woman around and bent her over his knee, cracking her spine in the process. She screamed loud as she felt extreme pain in her back. Luther put more strength and pressure and the woman's body snapped in half like a twig.

Luther threw both pieces of her corpse on the ground as if she was trash.

"Let's go inside" Luther tried to suppress his giddiness, killing people made him too happy

"O-Okay..." Everyone was now more scared of Luther than the Dungeon Of Hell