The Unwanted Princess Chapter 15

15 Chapter 15: The Dragons Golden Egg

As Luther's team of 19 entered the Dungeon, they used magic to light up the cave.

As Ivery was walking in the deep water she felt her leg get stuck, she tried to tug her leg out but to no avail her leg would not come free. She wanted to call for Luther, but she didn't want to seem too dependant on him and his power...she didn't want him to think she was weak and need's a knight in shining armor to save her from every little thing, as if she's some damsel in distress that can't fend for herself.

Ivery tried to pull on her leg, but it hurt even more every time she tried.

"Inanna?" Beatrice looked around and didn't see Ivery anywhere

"Crown Prince!" Beatrice ran up to Luther

"Hm?" Luther looked over at Beatrice as they continued walking forward

"Where's Inanna?" Beatrice asked him, thinking he might know

"Wasn't she with you?" Luther looked around and didn't see Ivery

Luther turned back around and looked around for Ivery, Luther walked back down the path they came from and he heard splashing sounds nearby. Luther followed the sounds and saw Ivery trying to pull her leg out of something in the water.

"Ivery, what's wrong?" Luther looked at Ivery struggling

"My foot is stuck in something and I can't get it out" Ivery pulled on her leg a few more times

"Let me help" Luther's eyes glowed and he scanned the water for what could have Ivery's leg trapped

"...!" Luther's eyes widened

"What?" Ivery saw the shock on Luther's face

"Stop moving Ivery.." Luther said

"Why..?" Ivery asked

"Your leg is not stuck in something..a poisonous tentacle monster is holding you down" Luther told Ivery

"A...T-Tentacle m-monster?!" Ivery started freaking out, Ivery always hated octopuses and squids because of how disgusting they felt and looked to her, and now a bigger and evolved version of an octopus is holding her leg...

"Ivery, calm down" Luther touched Ivery's shoulder's

The monster grew agitated and pulled on Ivery's leg,

"Luther..." Ivery felt her leg being tugged downwards

"What's wrong?!" Luther looked around and saw a giant hole under the water

"Ivery.." Luther was afraid of losing Ivery...

"Hold onto me!" Luther quickly demanded

Ivery squeezed Luther's arms as soon as she did, the monster tugged her leg harder and her body went further inside of the water. Luther tried his best to at least keep her head above the surface. The monster pulled Ivery again and Ivery lost her grip on Luther's arms and was fully pulled under the water and through the giant hole that the monster was hiding in.

"Ivery!" Luther dived down and swam into the hole

Luther swam deeper into the hole and saw Ivery in front of the humongous monster.

Luther increased his swimming speed and accelerated himself as he swam towards Ivery.

The monster's tongue extended out and wrapped around Ivery's waist. The monster pulled his tongue back and pulled Ivery in his mouth.

Luther stopped swimming...Luther looked at the monster, expressionless.


Luther bolted at the monster, full empowered, boiling, overflowing, heated, rage. His eyes burned furiously with killing intent, Luther was ready to destroy the world, it already felt pointless the live without her...who could ever replace her? No one else in this world could ever fill the position Ivery had in his heart.

He'd rather kill this monster, and die in the same water that she died in, just to be close to her again.



The monster exploded into pieces before Luther could touch it. Bubbles clouded his eyes, he couldn't see looked as if someone was swimming towards the figure became closer, the face of the girl he would gladly die for swam up close to him before he lost consciousness.







Ivery gasped for air and she lifted Luther out of the water, didn't know what to do, she was panicking, she didn't want to lose Luther, she didn't want him to die because of her. Ivery used her power of creation and created a raft. The raft materialized on top of the water, Ivery threw Luther on the raft and climbed onto it herself.

"Luther!" Ivery touched his cheeks, he's cold...

Ivery put her ear on his chest to hear a heartbeat...there was nothing..

"No!'re not're not dead.." Ivery pushed her hands on his chest and tried to start cpr on him

Ivery realized this method of cpr wasn't working, she pinched Luther's nose and put her mouth over his, Ivery blew air into his mouth and hoped that this would work..



Minutes later of cpr, Luther opened his eyes and coughed up water. Ivery smiled and patted his back as Luther came to.

"A-are you okay?" Luther looked at Ivery and made sure she suffered no wounds

"I'm fine" Ivery hugged Luther, relieved that he didn't die on her

Luther hugged Ivery back and kissed her head. He thanked fate for not letting Ivery die by that monster...he didn't know how he could've lived without him seeing her in his future...


Luther and Ivery caught up to the rest of the team and continued their progression through the cave and it's dangers. They traveled through lava jumps, other raider's tried to kill them on the way to the dragon's nest, they swam through deep waters, battled elite monsters that guard the dragon's nest. They dodged traps and climbed up walls of spikes, they started off as 19 when they entered the Dungeon Of Hell, so far they were left with 16 people, there were so many more deadly obstacles, they thought they'd never make it.

Finally they arrived at the door of the dragon's nest...Luther opened the giant heavy golden doors and everyone went inside of the dark room.

Just as they entered, the giant door's behind them swung shut. And torches began to light up on the walls, all round them. And in the center of the grand area laid a 150 feet tall sleeping, light blue crystal dragon. All over the floor's were scattered bones of the people who tried to defeat this dragon. The floor's were stained with so much blood, you would've thought it was originally red.

Just as the door slammed shut, steam came out of the dragons opened it's beautiful crystal golden eyes and looked at the sudden intruders. It roared at the sight of them and jumped up in the air and flapped its wings and flew up, blowing intense wind around the whole area.

Everyone spread out and surrounded all area's the dragon was most likely going to land at. Everyone prepared their magic infused bows and shot them aimlessly at the dragon.

While everyone was attacking, Ivery was searching the room for any possible places the dragon's golden egg could be. Ivery ran beside the dragon's nest and saw regular dragon egg's...but no golden egg..

Ivery had no clue where else to look, Ivery looked up at the flying dragon, and her attention shifted to the giant chandelier with a giant golden ball in the center...


It couldn't be.....could it?

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